124 The Confrontation Between Grandfather and Grandson

“Ah!” Mu Lanyi cried out in pain, then she raised her head and glared at Su Yuan.
“You wild woman, do you know that you’ll get Brother Ting killed if you stop me from getting married to him? If he doesn’t marry me, he can’t officially take over EL.
You idiots, do you really think he is the president of EL? Don’t forget, if you want to be the head of the Mo family, you have to follow the rules of the Mo family!”

Mu Lanyi’s words caused an uproar in the venue.
The guests all had different expressions on their faces as they looked at Mo Ting.
The initial shock in their eyes had turned into deep curiosity.

Su Yuan furrowed her brows and looked at Mo Ting questioningly, “What are the rules of the Mo family? Why do I have to marry her to inherit the EL?”

Mo Ting chuckled as he tightened his embrace around Su Yuan, “There’s no need to worry too much, everyone.
No matter what the rules are, I’ve already done it.”

Su Yuan’s face was filled with confusion.
At this moment, Cui Feng suddenly came over with a group of bodyguards.
“I was wondering who was so bold to sneak into EL’s inauguration ceremony.
Mu Yuchen, you did a good job!”

Mu Yuchen looked up and sneered, “Heh, it’s Young Master Cui!”

“Are you going out by yourself or should I ask the security guards to escort you out?” asked Cui Feng rudely.

Mu Yuchen looked around and said, “Cui Feng, I’m here to find someone.
I’ll leave immediately after you talk to me.”

“No!” Cui Feng raised his hand and made a gesture to the bodyguard behind him.
“Bring Mu Yuchen and Mu Lanyi to the back hall for tea.”

“Yes!” The bodyguards in black rushed up and surrounded the two.

Mu Lanyi panicked.
“You can’t do this! I have an invitation! You can’t arrest me!”


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Two voices came from different directions at the same time.

Elder Mo’s face was filled with anger as he walked in with his dragon-headed walking stick, “What nonsense! Ah Ting, are you trying to rebel?”

When Mu Lanyi saw that Elder Mo had arrived, she could no longer hold it in and burst into tears.

Elder Mo’s heart softened, “Lanyi, what’s wrong? Did that boy Ah Ting bully you? Tell Grandpa Mo and I’ll help you!”

Mu Lanyi sobbed and said, “Waah, Brother Ting doesn’t want me.
He wants that wild woman! He, he said he only likes that, that wild woman!”

Su Yuan, who was called a ‘wild woman’, gave Mo Ting a push.
This is so annoying! There was really an endless show, and now she had even gotten the role of a wild woman!

Mo Ting could tell that Su Yuan was upset, so he patted her on the shoulder to comfort her and hugged her even tighter.

Su Yuan looked coldly at Mu Lanyi, who was crying and complaining.
Her gaze was so sharp that Mu Lanyi was so frightened that she immediately dodged Elder Mo.

“Why is it you again!” Seeing that it was Su Yuan again, Elder Mo slammed his walking stick on the ground.
“I should have just thrown you out!”

Su Yuan lazily raised her eyes and crossed her arms.
Although the agreement stated that she had to cooperate with Mo Ting to attend certain events, it did not say that she had to accommodate the Mo family.
Especially since this old man had threatened to throw her out twice today, she was not someone who would return good for evil.
And this Mu Lanyi who kept calling her a wild woman.

A sneer flashed across the young girl’s delicate face, and she said with a provocative expression, “Sure, I’ll wait here for you to throw me out.”

Elder Mo had dominated the military, political, and business world his entire life.
He had always been the one to provoke others, but now, he was being provoked by a young girl.
His face immediately darkened, “Someone, throw her out!”

The black-shirted bodyguards followed the order but were stopped by Fu Wen.

Mo Ting immediately stood in front of Su Yuan, obviously trying to protect her, “Grandpa, I’ve told you, she’s mine!” He did npt back down an inch, and the grandfather and grandson directly faced each other.

In an instant, the temperature of the entire venue dropped by several degrees.
The crowd that had been pushing forward earlier now quietly took a few steps back, afraid that they would be accidentally injured.

At this moment, a man’s voice broke the silence.
“I’m sorry to have disturbed Mo Ting’s inauguration ceremony.
I apologize on behalf of Young Master Mu.”

The crowd looked over and saw a well-built man standing beside Mu Yuchen.

The man was very tall and his facial features were well-defined.
His eyes, in particular, were so sharp that they seemed to see through everything.

Su Yuan exchanged a look with the man, and a light flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Cui Shouzhong was the first to welcome him.
“It’s all a misunderstanding, there’s no such thing as a disturbance.
Young Master Mu is a member of the Mu family, how can you sneak in? We’re all family!” Then, Cui Shouzhong raised his leg and kicked Cui Feng.
“Hurry up and apologize!”

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