125 You’ll Definitely Regret This

“Dad…” Cui Feng clutched his aching butt and glanced at Mo Ting before he quietly retreated behind his father.

Since Cui Shouzhong had personally come out to be the peacemaker, the confrontation between the Mo family grandfather and grandson could only be put to a stop.

Even though Elder Mo’s expression was still dark, he did not cause any more trouble for Su Yuan.
He sent someone to take Mu Lanyi away, and the farce seemed to have subsided.

The guests who were watching the show also dispersed in all directions very cooperatively.
The hall instantly returned to its previous liveliness as if nothing had happened.

Cui Shouzhong gave Mo Ting a look before he coaxed Elder Mo into leaving.
He could only help up to this point.
He could only rely on himself in the future.

“Nephew Gu, you’re really good at this!” Mo Yi clapped as he walked through the crowd to Mo Ting.
There were dark circles under his eyes, like the wet and sticky marks left behind by poisonous insects.
He stared at Su Yuan without hiding it and teased, “Little girl, you’re not bad.
If you’re done playing, why don’t you come here to third uncle to play with?”

Mo Ting’s expression remained the same, but he shielded Su Yuan behind him, “It seems that third uncle’s broken leg is not enough.”

Mo Yi’s expression froze, the corner of his eyes twitching as he suppressed his anger.
“Mo Ting!”

Mo Ting suddenly took a step forward and leaned in front of Mo Yi.
He then removed his cold and aloof expression and his eyes were filled with maliciousness and madness.
He pressed both hands on the sides of the wheelchair and leaned close to Mo Yi, warning him in a low voice, “Previously, I only wanted your legs.
How dare you covet her?” As he said this, Mo Ting paused for a moment as a strong murderous intent appeared in his eyes, “Trust me, you will definitely regret this!”

Even though Su Yuan could not hear what Mo Ting said to his third uncle, she could tell from Mo Yi’s expression that it was not anything good.

At this time, the host of the ceremony walked over to Su Yuan’s side with a trembling body.
He asked her to inform Mo Ting that the ceremony was about to begin and to ask him to head backstage to prepare.

Compared to the scary President Mo, Su Yuan seemed much gentler.

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Just as Mo Ting finished his threat, he turned around to see a host in heavy makeup whispering something into his wife’s ear.
Although the other party was a woman, he still felt uncomfortable in his heart.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Ting asked coldly.

As soon as the host heard Mo Ting’s voice, he could not help but shiver as he quickly took a few steps back to distance himself from President Mo.
That Miss Mu’s head was bleeding a lot just now, and she was in a terrible state.

She said that the ceremony is about to begin and asked you to go backstage to prepare.
“You need to familiarize yourself with the script, right?” Su Yuan said.

Mo Ting glared at the host, causing her to tremble in fear.

“There’s no need to prepare.”

Su Yuan looked at him.

“I don’t have a script.”

Was he f*cking showing off? Improvisational? Or off-script?

The inauguration ceremony began on time.
Mo Ting indeed had the right to show off as he stood on stage and explained everything clearly.
Su Yuan listened for a while, and as if she was hypnotized, her eyelids fought and she fell asleep.
It was mainly because she really couldn’t listen to the industries he talked about, the internet, the laboratory, and so on.

Fu Wen had been following orders to stay by Su Yuan’s side.
Seeing his wife’s disinterest and almost falling asleep, he was worried for President Mo.
His President Mo was rich, good-looking, had a good figure, and was single.
He was clearly a peerless good man, so why was Madam not interested?

“Assistant Fu, can you get me a glass of red wine?” Su Yuan forced herself to stay awake and said to Fang Wen.
She needed some alcohol to stay awake.

“Madam, President Mo has ordered that you can’t drink,” Fu Wen said.

“Champagne then,” Su Yuan said.

“Madam, there’s also alcohol in the champagne,” Fu Wen said with difficulty.

Su Yuan rolled her eyes.
“Then I’ll get a glass of juice.
Is that okay?”

Fu Wen quickly nodded.
“Okay, okay.
Madam, please wait a moment.
I’ll get it for you.”

As soon as Fu Wen left, Mu Yuchen said something to the tall man from before.
Then, the two of them walked toward the door together.

Su Yuan looked at Mo Ting, who was giving an impassioned speech on stage.
After a few seconds of thought, she stood up and chased after him.

After a while, Fu Wen said, “Madam, this is your freshly squeezed orange juice.
Eh? Where’s my Madam?”

At the entrance of the silver throne, Bai Yurou and Li Feifei were still in shock from being thrown out by the bodyguards.

“It’s all your fault! You’re too ostentatious, that’s why you were discovered!” Bai Yurou’s face twisted in anger.
Such a good opportunity to get close to the top rich families was ruined by this little coquettish woman! She wished she could just tear her apart!

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