126 The Ancient Teachings of the Mohist

Li Feifei lowered her head and did not dare to refute.
She did not know what was going on either.
There were so many people in the venue, so how did they get discovered so quickly? Now that they had been thrown out, it was impossible for them to go in again.

Bai Yurou clenched her fists, her face full of unwillingness.
Was her plan to hook up with a young master from a wealthy family, which she had been planning for days, going to end just like that? No! She could not give up just like that.
She would definitely find another chance!

“That Chen Yi you mentioned before, does he really have an invitation?” Bai Yurou suddenly asked.

At the mention of Chen Yi, Li Feifei’s pale face blushed.
“Yes, yes.
I was the one who helped him accept the invitation.”

“Are you sure that’s an invitation? Did you see the words inside?” Bai Yurou asked, squinting her eyes.

Fu Xinlian had already told her in advance that the two tickets in Zhang Huilan’s hands were not invitation cards at all.
They were only admission tickets.
That was why she wanted to give it a try when she heard the reporters say that she could sneak in from the North Gate.

Li Feifei recalled for a moment and said with certainty, “That’s right! I saw it with my own eyes.
It’s an invitation letter!”

Bai Yurou pursed her lips and fell silent for a moment.
To be able to open an entertainment company and receive an invitation from the Mo family, this person must have a powerful background.

She suddenly turned to Li Feifei and smiled.
“Little Fei, I’m tired.
Aren’t you going to bring me to your company to rest?”

Inside the venue, Mo Ting’s inauguration ceremony was nearing its end.
The applause of the guests became more and more intense, but in Fu Wen’s ears, it was like a curse.

What should he say when President Mo came down? President Mo would definitely notice that his wife was not around.
Was he going to say that he had lost his wife?

Fu Wen did not dare to imagine President Mo’s expression after hearing this.
He felt that he was going to die soon.
He had already sent out many people, but there was still no news of Su Yuan.
He paced back and forth at the entrance of the venue with his phone in hand, almost stepping on the carpet bald.

boxn ov el.
c o m

At this time, the host’s voice took over Mo Ting’s.
Fu Wen’s heart sank.
He was finished! President Mo’s speech was over! He used the last of his time to take out his phone and call all the people he had sent out, but he got the same result.
What should he do? Mo Ting had already walked down the stage.
Fu Wen nervously clutched his trousers.
Please save me!

But, at this time, someone suddenly questioned Mo Ting, “President Mo, please wait! Don’t you have anything to explain to us, your business partners, about what just happened?”

Mo Ting stopped in his tracks and turned around.
The person questioning him was a middle-aged man he did not recognize.
Moreover, this person had come with ill intentions and was clearly here to provoke them.

Upon hearing this person’s words, the crowd immediately began to discuss.

The foreign guests also heard the man’s words from the translator.
Their expressions turned ugly as they looked at Mo Ting.

The man seemed to be very satisfied with the crowd’s reaction.
He walked out of the crowd and said, “President Mo, I am just a small department head in EL Corporation, but as a member of EL Corporation, I have spent most of my life for the Mo family.
There are some things I must say.

“The Mo family was a wealthy family in City A a hundred years ago.
Every successor of the Mo family has to follow the family rules before they can take over the Mo family and become the head.
This has been the rule since ancient times!” The middle-aged man suddenly changed the topic as he pointed at Mo Ting and snapped, “But President Mo, you have not followed the Mo family’s rules and inherited EL group.
It is not a legitimate business!

“The Mo family values integrity so much.
What you’re doing is pure deception! Where do you place the ancestors of the Mo family? How do you want our business partners to view the Mo family?”

With just one sentence, he directly raised the question to the point of being unloyal and unfilial.
When the people present heard his words, the sound of their discussion became even louder.
Many people still had a lingering fear of Mu Lanyi’s pitiful state, so their impression of Mo Ting worsened.
The situation gradually got out of control.

Because of Mu Lanyi, Elder Mo had already been brought to the back hall by Cui Shouzhong and Cui Feng for tea.
Therefore, they were completely unaware of the changes in the venue.
He was the previous head of EL Corporation and had known many of the people present for many years.
As long as he stood up for Mo Ting, everyone would believe him.
However, he was not here at this time.

At this moment, Fu Wen suddenly ran back to the field and shouted, “The Mo family’s ancient teaching that you mentioned, isn’t it that the head of the Mo family must be married to become the head of the family?”

The middle-aged man looked excited and quickly echoed, “That’s right, that’s the rule!” He had not even said anything and someone was already cooperating with him.
Even the heavens were helping him!


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