128 Got It

Ever since Mo Ting returned to the country, Mo Yi had been acting weird and doing all sorts of dirty tricks behind his back.
Although they could not confirm that Mo Yi was the culprit for the kidnapping incident 3 days ago, Mo Ting was certain that he was the one behind it.

Fu Wen cursed in his heart, “It’s really lucky for you that President Mo crippled your legs.
If it were me, I would’ve beaten you up so badly that you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for three months, so you wouldn’t have to come looking for trouble today!”

“Alright, then I’ll invite third uncle to be my witness today!” Mo Ting’s eyes swept across the guests below the stage.

Everyone’s hair stood on end under his gaze, especially the middle-aged man.
He could not lower his head, but he did not dare to look him in the eye, so he could only look elsewhere.

“Everyone’s words are very reasonable.
Without rules, nothing can be done.” Mo Ting spoke slowly, but with strength, “The Mo family’s rules have been established for a hundred years.
As a descendant of the Mo family, I must abide by them.”

Everyone was stunned.
What was going on? Was Mo Ting giving up on being EL’s heir?

“Ah Ting, you’re too cowardly!” Mo Yi was shocked.
He had done so much in the dark, yet he had not been able to kill Mo Ting.
Today, he had simply found a few random people to talk about the family rules and he had admitted defeat? But, as he looked into Mo Ting’s deep, dark eyes, his heart skipped a beat.
No, this was a trap! In the next moment, he watched as Mo Ting pulled out a red object from his pocket.

Mo Ting chuckled, “Originally, I wanted to share this good news with everyone after a while.
But, it seems like everyone is more concerned about my future than I am.” As soon as he finished speaking, he raised the red booklet in his hand and showed it to everyone.

The bright words ‘marriage certificate’ were like a torpedo that fell into the sea, directly stirring up a thousand waves! The faces of nearly half of the guests who were making trouble just now were colorful, white, black, red, green.

“Third uncle,” Mo Ting smiled as he looked at Mo Yi and said, “you have a niece-in-law now.
Aren’t you happy?”

Mo Yi’s face turned ashen as he thought to himself, ‘What the hell am I happy for! I want to kill you now!’

What was going on? He had clearly sent people to keep an eye on Mo Ting.
If he did not go to the office, he would go home.
When did he find a woman and get married? He even secretly registered his marriage! At this point, a figure appeared in his mind, “The bodyguard just now?”

Mo Ting’s expression darkened.
“What bodyguard? She’s my wife! My wife!”

Bai Yurou and Li Feifei stared at the sun and stood by the road in their high heels.
They could not get a taxi even after a long time.

Li Feifei sweated very easily.
Now, the makeup on her face was ruined, and the foundation was starting to shed.
She kept wiping her sweat with paper towels, and the scraps of paper were everywhere.
Fortunately, it was daytime.
If he watched it at night, he would look like a female ghost.

Bai Yurou rolled her eyes at her, her expression dark.
How did she end up with such an ugly friend? She did not know if there were any more reporters around.
She did not want to be photographed with this ugly thing.
It was embarrassing!

boxn ov el.
c o m

“Why isn’t there a single car?” Bai Yurou asked impatiently.
“Feifei, no matter what, you’re still a young lady now.
Where’s your car?”

“Yurou,” Li Feifei said helplessly, “I snuck here.
My family didn’t even know.”

Bai Yurou rolled her eyes, “I don’t care.
If you can’t let me get into the car immediately, I’ll ask my father to withdraw his investment in your Li family.
Without my dad’s help, I’d like to see how your family can survive in City A with your family’s background!”

Li Feifei’s expression froze, and she quickly lowered her head and said, “Yurou, don’t be angry.
Just wait a little longer.
There will definitely be an empty bus.
Trust me.”

Su Yuan was not very familiar with the area around Ginza and only found the exit after asking around.
When she reached the entrance, she only saw a sea of luxury cars.
Chen Yi and Mu Yuchen were nowhere to be seen.
She took out her phone to give Mu Yuchen a call, but the moment she took it out, more than 40 missed calls popped up on the screen, and they were all from the same number.

After Mo Ting had called her in front of everyone, she had muted her phone, but she did not pick up a single call.
Seeing that the number was familiar, she immediately knew who it was.
She quickly typed a message and sent it out, [Assistant Fu, I’m sorry, I have something to attend to so I’ll be taking my leave.
Please help me thank Mo Ting!]

After sending the message, she was about to exit the room when she saw the read message at the top.
When she opened it, she saw that Mu Yuchen had sent it to her last night.
Why did she have no impression of it at all? The message was sent in the early hours of the morning, when she was sleeping soundly.
Did the ghost help her read the message?

At this moment, an unknown number suddenly popped up on her phone screen.
She quickly picked it up.

“Hey, Little Yuan, I’ve helped you get Chen Yi.
Come quickly!” Mu Yuchen’s excited voice came from the microphone.


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