Pei Xifan had wanted to reprimand Su Yuan, but looking at her stubborn and cold back, the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat.
After a while, he slowly said, “No matter what, it’s good that you came back safely.
Which ward are you in? I’ll go find you after I send Yurou back.”

Su Yuan’s lips curled up in self-mockery, and she left without saying anything.

“Little Nuan, you!” Pei Xifan saw that Su Yuan was ignoring him and was about to leave, so he angrily shouted.
He could not understand how Su Yuan, who used to be so obedient and submissive to him, had suddenly become like this today!

How could Bai Yurou let Pei Xifan go after Su Yuan? She hugged Pei Xifan’s arm and raised her head with tears in her eyes.
“Brother Xifan, don’t you think my sister hates me to death? Will she still forgive me? but I really didn’t do it on purpose.
How can I make her believe me? Huhu…mu face hurts.
Xifan, am I going to be disfigured?”

Pei Xifan could not leave as Bai Yurou held onto him.
he looked at Su Yuan’s back thoughtfully for a moment before he turned around and hugged Bai Yurou.
He comforted her softly, “Yurou, don’t be afraid.
I’ll take you to the doctor immediately.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting, who was not too far away, had witnessed everything that had just happened.
Although he could not hear their conversation, he could guess that the little girl had been wronged by someone through her body movements.

Fu Wen noticed that his president’s expression was turning uglier by the second.
Just as he was about to push his wheelchair away, Mo Ting suddenly said, “Fu Wen.”

Hearing this, Fu Wen quickly stopped and leaned over to ask, “President Mo, do you have any orders?”

Mo Ting looked in the direction Su Yuan had left and ordered in a deep voice, “Investigate thoroughly!”

On the other side, Su Yuan’s waist was hurting more and more as she walked.
Half of her body was affected.
Pei Xifan had used a lot of strength when he pushed her.
Now, she would feel pain with every step she took.
The short walk had almost exhausted all her energy.
Fortunately, there were many long benches in the hospital, and there was one in front of her.
She quickened her pace and walked over, wanting to recover her strength before leaving.
Who knew that not long after she sat down, the originally sunny weather suddenly turned gloomy.
A gust of cold wind blew past, and she could not help but shiver.

After a while, the dark clouds in the sky became denser, and it started to drizzle.

Su Yuan did not have an umbrella, and her body was still weak, so she could still get caught in the rain.
She helplessly pulled on her hospital gown, got up, and slowly walked toward the ward.
When she limped back to the ward, there was a man standing in the room.
Her face darkened.
It was Pei Xifan.
When she saw Pei Xifan, Su Yuan’s hunched back straightened up subconsciously.

Hearing the door open, Pei Xifan turned around and saw Su Yuan.
He smiled and said, “Su Yuan, you’re in a nice ward.” His voice was gentle, and his smile was especially gentle.
It was as if he was not the one who had insulted and pushed Su Yuan in the garden.
Seeing that Su Yuan did not respond, he strode over and tried to hold her hand.

Pei, please mind your manners!” Su Yuan quickly stopped him with a cold voice.

Upon hearing this, Pei Xifan stood awkwardly on the spot.
His hand also stopped in mid-air.

Su Yuan saw that he was not touching her anymore, so she walked past him without even looking at him, as if he was invisible.

Pei Xifan’s face darkened, but it was only for a moment before he regained his gentle expression.
he turned around and said, “Su Yuan, I know you’re angry.
I was wrong for pushing you just now.
I was too impulsive.
I’m sorry.
But yesterday, Yurou was really scared and cried for a long time.
It wasn’t easy for her to calm down.
You really shouldn’t have treated her…”

“Scared? Did she cry for a long time?” Su Yuan coldly interrupted him.
She paused for a moment before continuing, “If that’s the case, she really makes my heart ache.
If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that she was the one who was kidnapped yesterday!”

Pei Xifan was stunned.
He then realized that it was inappropriate to say that.
After all, Su Yuan was the one who had been kidnapped.
He quickly explained, “Su Yuan, that’s not what I meant.
I actually…”

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