129 Unfaithful

What did he mean by getting it? Su Yuan frowned.
[I’m already out of the venue.
Send me the location.]

“You’re already out? Wow, Little Yuan, have you been secretly watching me just now? I just left, and you followed me out?”

Su Yuan walked to the intersection not far away as she talked on the phone.
She had noticed when she arrived that the car could only be parked there.
She was too lazy to explain to Mu Yuchen, so she opened a taxi app and called for a taxi.

Su Yuan did not answer, so Mu Yuchen asked, “Little Yuan, I asked Chen Yi, but he said that he doesn’t know you.
What’s the situation between you and him? And Mo Ting, why are you here with him? How can he hug you? I ran away yesterday.”

“Location.” Su Yuan interrupted him with an impatient look.

Mu Yuchen said, “Even Chen Yi was so gentle.
Why was Little Yuan so irritable?”

“Yurou, look! It’s an empty car! In the distance, a taxi with its green lights on was approaching.

Li Feifei was so excited that she seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw.
She lifted her skirt and ran in the direction of the taxi, afraid that the taxi would be snatched away.

Bai Yurou stood where she was, unmoving.
She was the heiress of the Bai family.
How could she do something as unrefined as Li Feifei?

After Li Feifei got into the car, she would come to pick her up.
This was the basic cultivation of a young lady.

In the end, Li Feifei’s hands were almost sore from shaking.
The taxi driver acted as if he did not see her and drove directly past her.
Then, he stopped beside a young girl in a black dress.

“Hey! We saw the car first!” Li Feifei rushed up and pulled the car door, not letting the car leave.

“Miss, this is the car that this lady ordered!” The driver explained.

Su Yuan sat in the back seat and looked out the window coldly before ordering the driver to start the car.

The driver ignored Li Feifei and stepped on the accelerator.

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Li Feifei was still holding the car door and almost fell down from the impact.

Behind them, Bai Yurou looked as if she had just seen a ghost.
“Li Feifei, was that Su Yuan in the car just now?”

Li Feifei was stunned for a moment.
She looked at the taxi that had already driven far away and showed a confused expression.
“Yurou, have you gone crazy from the heat? How could someone like Su Yuan come to this kind of event? Are you here to work while studying?”

That was right, she must have lost her mind from the fever.
How could that person be Su Yuan? She was the only one who was qualified to attend such a ceremony.
Su Yuan would be stuck at the bottom of society for the rest of her life, not even worthy of carrying her shoes!

With that thought, Bai Yurou finally relaxed and returned to her high and mighty demeanor.
She pointed at Li Feifei’s nose and scolded, “Li Feifei, you did it on purpose, right? Why couldn’t he even get a taxi? I’ve been exposed to the sun all this time, you idiot!”

“Huh,” Li Feifei said, “how can you blame her?”

The Orchid Club was the most high-end private club in City A.
It was a member-only club, and because of its good privacy, it was loved by the high-end people of City A.

In her previous life, Su Yuan had also brought celebrities here for business meetings, so she knew this place very well.
The lady at the front desk led her directly to room 888.
Before she could knock on the door, Su Yuan heard Mu Yuchen’s voice.

“Do you not understand human language? I’m a rich second generation, is my brain broken? Why do you want to be an artist?”

Hearing this, Su Yuan’s heart skipped a beat, and the door to the room suddenly opened.

“You’re crazy.
I’m not going to talk nonsense with you.
I’m going to pick up Little Yuan, Little Yuan!” Mu Yuchen’s eyes lit up and he opened his arms to hug her, but Su Yuan reached out to stop him.

Mu Yuchen’s expression changed, “Little Yuan, did you cheat on me? What’s up with you and Mo Ting!”

Su Yuan did not take him seriously at all.
Instead, she looked into the room and directly met Chen Yi’s eyes.
“President Chen, how have you been?”

Chen Yi was stunned for a moment, then carefully examined Su Yuan’s eyes that were exposed and said, “You’re the little girl from that night?”

“You didn’t introduce me to President Chen?” Su Yuan looked at Mu Yuchen coldly.

“I won’t say that!” Mu Yuchen said proudly.
“If I tell you, how am I supposed to find out about your relationship with him?”

Su Yuan took off her mask and walked in front of Chen Yi.
She extended her right hand.
“Hello, President Chen, I’m Su Yuan.”

Su Nuan had been wearing the mask for too long, and two faint red marks had appeared on her fair face.
However, that did not affect her looks.

Chen Yi was stunned again.
That night, it was dark and the lights in the bar were dim.
Other than remembering Su Yuan’s dark and bright eyes, he really did not get a good look at her face.
Now that he had a closer look, his eyes flashed with a hint of amazement.

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