Please Come In, Uncle

Pei Xifan would never have thought that this man, who looked like he could not afford to offend, was actually here to look for Su Yuan.
From what he knew, there were many big shots in City A, and his Pei family was only at the bottom of the social circle.
Moreover, an illegitimate child like him had no chance of coming into contact with the upper class.
As for this man, although he was wearing a patient’s garb, it could not hide the aura of a superior.
He could almost confirm that this man was a big boss in the upper circle that he could not get in touch with.
And he did not even know this kind of person, so how could he be related to Su Yuan?

In the ward, as the door closed, Su Yuan laughed sarcastically.
No one knew if she was laughing at Pei Xifan who had run away or at her pathetic self from her previous life.
However, she secretly swore in her heart that in this life, she would definitely make this adulterous couple regret their actions!

After calming down, Su Yuan could not take it anymore.
She collapsed on the bed, panting heavily, her hands constantly touching the back of her waist.

“Hiss…it really hurts!” Su Yuan mumbled to herself, “It hurts so much just from a bump.
Why am I still as useless as before…” She was disgusted with her current body.
She leaned against the bed and rested for a while.
When she felt better, she slowly got up with the help of the bed.
She knew that right now, she did not have the ability to fight against Bai Weiguang.
Now that Bai Yurou had found out that she had escaped from the kidnappers, if Bai Weiguang found out as well, she might end up being locked up like in her previous life.
Once she was locked up, she would have no chance.
The most important thing right now was to find Mo Ting as soon as possible, only he could save her.

Just as Su Yuan was slowly moving toward the door, there was a knock on the door.

“Dong dong dong.” Su Yuan’s heart skipped a beat.
could it be that the Bai family had already sent people to capture her? But after thinking for a few seconds, she did not think it was someone from the Bai family.
She was an illegitimate daughter.
If Bai Weiguang wanted to send someone to arrest her, how could he have knocked on the door politely? After confirming that it was not the Bai family, Su Yuan’s heart finally relaxed.
She slowly walked over and opened the door.

The moment the door opened, Su Yuan was stunned.
She had never thought that the person she had been looking for would deliver himself to her.

Mo Ting looked at the pale-faced girl in front of him and a dark look flashed across his eyes.
But, he quickly hid his emotions and replied with an unreadable expression, “What’s wrong? It’s only been one night and you don’t recognize me anymore?”

Hearing that, Su Yuan raised her eyebrows.
Was this big boss teasing her just now? However, he was right.
She did not really recognize the person in front of her.
Although they had spent a long time together last night, it was in a dark place.
Her impression of him was still from the photos she had seen in her previous life, the photos in magazines, and the hot search.
She felt a little dazed when she saw such a legendary big shot clearly in front of her.

The big boss in front of her was wearing an ordinary patient’s garb, but he still had an extraordinary temperament.
Even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, it was difficult to hide the noble aura around him.
As expected of a big boss, his aura was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

Perhaps Su Yuan’s gaze was a little too presumptuous, Mo Ting’s cold eyes glared at her.
Su Yuan felt the air around her turn colder, and she quickly retracted her gaze.
Her intuition was indeed wrong.
How could the big boss be teasing her?

Su Yuan quickly changed her expression and said sweetly, “Uncle, how could I not know you?”

Uncle? Fu Wen and Cui Feng looked at each other in confusion when they heard this strange name.

Although Mo Ting did not look too happy, he still replied with a simple, “Yes.”

Seeing that Su Yuan did not react, he continued, “Aren’t you going to invite me in to sit?”

“Oh, oh, right.
please come in, uncle.” Only then did Su Yuan react.
She quickly opened the door wide and made way for the wheelchair to enter.

Fu Wen pushed Mo Ting into the house.
Only then did Su Yuan realize that a male doctor was following behind them.
She turned on the light in the ward, and the dim room suddenly brightened up.
As she walked over to Mo Ting, she subconsciously looked at his legs.
A thin blanket was wrapped around his legs and only one leg in a cast was exposed.
She furrowed her brows.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting was also sizing up Su Yuan.
From last night’s interaction, he knew this little girl was a little beauty.
But, when he saw her delicate cute face, he was still a little shocked.
However, he did not show it on his face as he calmly replied, “I’ve found a doctor to take a look at you.”

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