“Let me see?” Su Yuan asked in confusion.
although she had fainted yesterday, it was only because she was exhausted and she was not injured.
Why did they call a doctor over?

Mo Ting’s eyes locked onto Su Yuan’s waist and said, “Yes, look at your waist.”

My waist? Su Yuan finally reacted.
She scratched her head and asked, “So you were in the garden too, uncle.”

The little girl’s clear eyes looked at Mo Ting, making him feel a little guilty.
But, he still replied without a change in expression, “I happened to pass by, so I took a look.”

Just a glance? Did he know that he had hit his waist with just one look? And he came right after Pei Xifan left? How could there be such a coincidence in this world? Only a ghost would believe that!

Su Yuan looked at Mo Ting suspiciously but did not say a word.

Mo Ting felt a little awkward as he quickly gave Cui Feng a look.
After receiving the signal, Cui Feng quickly walked in between the two and blocked Su Yuan’s line of sight, “Hello, I’m Mo Ting’s attending doctor.
My name is Cui Feng.
Please lie down on the bed.
I’ll check your back injury.”

Su Yuan’s lips twitched.
He must be feeling guilty.
The boss of EL company liked to eavesdrop and did not dare to admit it! However, she only dared to complain in her heart.
He was a big shot, and he could kill her as easily as killing an ant.
Even if he had really eavesdropped, she could not expose him in front of him.
What else could she do? She had to endure it! Besides, her boyfriend had been stolen by her sister.
She was the victim, so she was not afraid of others finding out.

Su Yuan retracted her thoughts and waved her hand.
“It’s just a small injury, there’s no need to check.”

Cui Feng was a little surprised as he turned to look at Mo Ting.
Mo Ting’s expression darkened and the atmosphere in the room turned awkward.

Su Yuan did not think it was a problem to refuse.
Even patients had the right to choose whether to treat or not, right? Besides, she was not even angry at him for eavesdropping on her private matters, so why was his face so black? However, she remembered that she still had a favor to ask of him, so she quickly chuckled and said, “Uncle, I actually wanted to go look for you just now.”

“Looking for me?” Mo Ting asked in surprise.
He did not expect the little girl to look for him.

“Yeah!” As Su Yuan spoke, she quickly walked over to Mo Ting’s side and knelt down.
Mo Ting’s eyes followed her movements as the light above his head fell directly on the little girl’s face, making her look a little dazzling.

“Uncle,” Su Yuan continued with a smile, “on account of the life and death experience we had yesterday, can you do me a favor?”

“Why me?” Mo Ting replied without any expression on his face.

“It can only be you, uncle.
Only you can help me.” Su Yuan said sincerely.

Mo Ting’s eyes fell on her face as he tried to size up her expression to determine if she was telling the truth.
After a moment, he seemed to believe her and asked again, “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

“I want you to help me release a statement to prove that I was kidnapped with you last night and that I escaped safely.” Su Yuan said seriously.
She had thought about it.
Yesterday’s situation was very complicated, and it was impossible to determine the life and death of the three criminals.
In such a situation, calling the police would not prove anything.
It was obviously impossible for her to go against the Bai family alone.
The only thing she could do was to use Mo Ting’s influence.
As long as he was willing to release a statement and be her witness, all the rumors about her would be wiped out!

Hearing this, Mo Ting’s expression remained calm.
On the other hand, Fu Wen and Cui Feng’s expressions were a little strange.

After waiting for Mo Ting’s response for a long time, Su Yuan suddenly had a bad feeling.
She suddenly remembered what the three criminals had said the day before.
Their employer had offered 70 million for her sex video and was not allowed to take his life.
In that case, the employer must be someone from their family! It’s over, it’s over.
She had found out the secret of the rich!

“You can request for anything else.” Mo Ting replied calmly, obviously rejecting her request.

Su Yuan raised her eyebrows.
If he rejected her, so be it.
Who asked for help in exchange for another matter?

Seeing that Su Yuan did not respond, Mo Ting continued coldly, “I can also give you money.
However much you want, I’m willing to give.”

Su Yuan’s lips twitched.
No matter how rich she was, there was no way to prove her innocence! She quickly explained, “I don’t want money.
Uncle, I saved your life yesterday.
It’s not too much to ask you to help me, right?”

Mo Ting’s eyes flickered as he looked at Su Yuan playfully and asked, “Are you sure you saved me?”

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