Contract Accomplished

Su Yuan carefully observed the changes in Mo Ting’s expression.
After hearing these words, his expression darkened even more.
She was now even more certain of her suspicion, he had asked her to marry him to hide his true sexual orientation.

In her previous life, when she was running an entertainment company, in order to cover up a male celebrity’s sexual orientation, she found a female celebrity who had the same needs and had a marriage of convenience.
After a few years, the two broke up peacefully, and all kinds of rumors about their sexual orientation disappeared.
This was also a win-win situation.
After all, not everyone had the courage to come out of the closet, especially public figures.
Making their sexual orientation public was not only their own business, but also related to many problems, so some people had to choose to hide it.

Su Yuan was secretly happy.
As expected of a big boss, she was the perfect partner for a marriage of convenience.
She did not belong to their circle, and now she had no way out.
She needed his help, and in the end, she wanted a divorce.
As long as he gave her enough money, she would leave obediently and never pester him again.

Seeing that she could not make a decision, Mo Ting said calmly, “You can think about it.
I’ll come back in 24 hours…” He said.

“No need, no need.” Su Yuan quickly interrupted him and said, “I agree to a contractual marriage with you.”

Hearing this, Mo Ting’s eyes flashed with surprise.
He never expected the little girl to agree so quickly.

In this life, Su Yuan had no intention of marrying any man.
In her previous life, Pei Xifan had broken her heart.
When he needed her, he could be good to her without any principles.
However, after he hated her, he could push her into the abyss with his own hands.
She felt that men were all fickle and fickle-minded.
Even Mo Ting could not escape the eyes of the public.
He wanted to find a woman for a marriage of convenience.
They were all scumbags!

Fu Wen sensed that someone was looking at him and looked up to meet Su Yuan’s eyes.
Her eyes were filled with pity, and he shivered in fear.
He wanted to kneel down and beg Su Yuan.
He did not understand.
They did not know each other, so why was she looking at him? No matter what, his boss was proposing to him.
If he kept looking at him, his boss would kill him!

It was not clear if Su Yuan understood the pleading look in Fu Wen’s eyes, but she finally returned her gaze to Mo Ting.

Su Yuan no longer hesitated.
It did not matter if she married a jerk.
After all, their marriage was only a contract.
Plus, Mo Ting was the boss of the bosses.
She had basically found herself a golden leg and was going to be paid.
Where else could she find such a good deal? However…after thinking for a few seconds, she said again, “But, uncle, I have a request.
during our contractual marriage, you can’t force me to do anything that I’m not willing to do.
Also, after we get divorced two years later, give me 400 million yuan!” Since the big boss needed her, it would not be too much to ask for twice the amount.

These requests made Cui Feng’s mouth twitch.
400 million, this little girl really dared to ask for it!

Mo Ting remained calm, not surprised by her request.
He replied calmly, “I can promise you the money, but you can’t include my normal needs in the things you’re not willing to do.”

“Normal needs?” Su Yuan raised her eyebrows.
Was it not a marriage of convenience? Could it be that Mo Ting was bisexual?

Seeing the change in Su Yuan’s expression, Mo Ting’s lips secretly curved upwards as he said, “Any occasion that requires madam’s cooperation is a normal request of mine.” He deliberately emphasized the word ‘madam’, causing Su Yuan’s heart to skip a beat.

But, when Su Yuan peeked at Mo Ting, she noticed his expression was normal.
He had a serious look on his face, like he was seriously discussing the contract with her.
She heaved a sigh of relief.
She must have been overthinking.
She quickly said, “You can rest assured about this.
If I’m required to cooperate, I’ll definitely cooperate.”

“Will you cooperate no matter what the occasion is?” Mo Ting asked playfully.

Su Yuan nodded seriously and said, “As long as you ask, I will cooperate with you.”

Hearing this, Mo Ting let out a rare smile.
He looked into Su Yuan’s eyes and said affectionately, “I’ll keep madam’s words in mind.”

Su Yuan’s heart beat faster at his sudden affection, and her face started to blush.
In her previous life, she had interacted with so many male celebrities.
Logically speaking, she should have some resistance toward handsome men.
But, when it came to Mo Ting, why was she so nervous? “It must be because my body is too young and I haven’t seen enough handsome guys.
It must be because I’m nervous.
Yes, that must be the case,” Su Yuan comforted herself.

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