The Little Girl That Was Scammed

As soon as everyone left the ward, the door was slammed shut with a ‘bang’.
It was like a tight slap to the old lady’s face.

Fu Xinlian had never thought that she, the lady of the Bai family, would be chased out by a few servants.
She said unhappily, “Mom, look at them…”

“Shut up!” The old lady chided.

The atmosphere was freezing cold.
No one dared to say a word, especially Bai Yurou’s classmates.
They were all young students.
Seeing the old lady’s anger, their faces turned pale with fear.

Seeing that her daughter-in-law was not noisy, Zhang Huilan let out a long sigh.
She had lived for more than 60 years and had never lost her face like today! Her intuition was right, the person in this ward was not someone they could afford to offend.
something must have gone wrong, Su Yuan must be in another ward!

The more the old lady thought about it, the angrier she became.
She clutched her walking stick tightly, her wrinkled hands trembling slightly.
She glared at Fu Xinlian fiercely.
How could the Bai family find such a disgraceful daughter-in-law? Even her maid was more dignified than her.
Thinking of this, the old lady wanted to beat Fu Xinlian to death with her walking stick.
But in the end, she could only helplessly leave with her group.

After the middle-aged woman chased the crowd away, she quickly went to report the situation to Mo Ting.

Mo Ting raised an eyebrow.
“Did you just say that a group of people came to the hospital room to cause trouble for madam?”

After signing the contract, Mo Ting immediately handed over the marriage arrangements to his family.
The middle-aged woman was Mo Ting’s housekeeper, Du Fang, and everyone called her Auntie Du.

Auntie Du explained everything to Mo Ting in detail.

At this time, Mo Ting was leaning against the hospital bed, looking at his computer.
His expression did not change, it was as if he did not care about what Auntie Du was saying.

However, Fu Wen discovered that President Mo usually read through documents very quickly, flipping through the pages in a few moments.
However, after Auntie Du finished explaining the entire process, President Mo did not click on the mouse at all.
It was obvious that he had listened to Auntie Du’s words.

“Has everyone left?” Mo Ting asked calmly.

“I’ve already chased them away, but they might come back to make trouble.
It would be bad if madam returned to the ward and met them.” Auntie Du said slowly.
Even though she had not met Su Yuan, she was now his wife.
As the housekeeper, she had to think about her.
Moreover, her master had not found a girlfriend for so many years.
It was not easy for him to trick a little girl into being his wife.
She must take good care of this young madam and help her master keep a firm hold of her!

“They’ll come back to make trouble?” Mo Ting sneered as he closed his laptop.

Seeing Mo Ting’s anger, Fu Wen quickly said, “President Mo, they’ll be here in a moment.
What do you think…”

“Chase them away!” Mo Ting replied coldly.

“Yes!” Fu Wen quickly replied, his heart beating fast.
this day had been too exhausting…

After they left, Bai Yurou laid on the bed leisurely, fantasizing about Su Yuan being scolded by her mother and grandmother.
She chuckled from time to time, feeling great! Who asked Su Yuan, this country bumpkin, to be so blind as to slap her in the face? This was her fate! She fiddled with her phone and was getting impatient.
Li Feifei had said that she would broadcast the entire process of Su Yuan being scolded, so why was there still no news?

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.
Fu Xinlian helped Zhang Huilan into the house with a sullen face.
The students behind them were also dejected, like frosted eggplants.

Bai Yurou could not tell what was wrong, but when she saw everyone return, she sat up excitedly and asked, “Grandma, mom, you’re back.” But she was also a little puzzled.
Why did she come back so quickly? After the drunken scolding, why did they not broadcast her live?

The old lady’s expression was normal, but she did not look too good.

No one spoke, and the room was unusually quiet.
Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, Bai Yurou realized that something was wrong.
After some thought, she knew that something must have gone wrong.
She hurriedly gave Li Feifei a look, but Li Feifei shook her head to signal her not to ask.

Bai Yurou understood now.
Su Yuan must have dodged it again! Thinking about how she had suffered such a huge loss, she clenched her hospital gown in anger.
However, since things had come to this, she could only endure it for the time being.
She quickly adjusted her mood and said to the old lady pitifully, “Grandma, don’t blame sister.
Look, my face has been bandaged.
The doctor said that I’ll recover in a few days.”

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