After the day’s events, Zhang Huilan was furious at the mention of Su Yuan’s name.
She scolded, “You’re such a child.
You clearly know that she’s an unruly and uneducated country girl, so why did you still provoke her? Keep your distance from her in the future.”

Bai Yurou was stunned.
She never expected the old lady to scold her.
When she came back to her senses, she said with tears in her eyes, “Granny…it’s my fault…don’t be angry…it’s all my fault…”

Seeing that her daughter was about to cry again, Fu Xinlian became anxious, but she did not dare to criticize the old lady.
She could only say, “Mom, Yurou’s face is still injured…”

The old lady looked at the bandage on Bai Yurou’s face and her aggrieved expression.
She sighed helplessly and said, “Okay, don’t cry anymore.
In three days, the inauguration ceremony for the new head of EL Group will be held at the International Trade Center.
Weiguang has received two invitations and will be home in a while.
I told him to let Yurou go to the ceremony too.”

Ever since she came out from the ward upstairs, Fu Xinlian had been suppressing her anger.
She had miscalculated when she failed to catch that little b*tch, Su Yuan.
However, she could not let her daughter suffer for nothing.
She wanted to go home and complain to Bai Weiguang, but she did not expect the old lady to ask Yurou to attend the inauguration ceremony of EL Group.
This was the old lady’s compensation to Yurou.
Fu Xinlian could not contain her excitement.
The inauguration ceremony of EL Group would be attended by many young masters from the top rich families.
With Yurou’s beauty, she would definitely be favored by many young masters.
By then, she would be able to marry into a top rich family easily!

Bai Yurou naturally knew that this inauguration ceremony was a great opportunity to socialize.
Just as she was about to agree, Fu Xinlian spoke first, “Mom, this is an important event.
Yurou is still so young.
Is it appropriate for her to go?”

Hearing her mother’s words, Bai Yurou changed her mind and said, “That’s right, grandma.
I’m not an adult yet.
There will be a lot of uncles and aunties at that event.
I…I’m scared…”

“What are you afraid of?

“Take care of your face and go see the world,” The old lady rebuked.
“How can you not go with such a good opportunity!” She did not like to see Bai Yurou being as petty as her mother.
The heiress of the bai family was actually afraid of this and that.
How could she be successful?

Bai Yurou quickly agreed.
She started to think about what kind of gown she would wear in three days to stun the audience.
She had long forgotten about Su Yuan.

Li Feifei and the other students were extremely envious and were discussing animatedly.

“I heard that the new boss of EL company is young and handsome!”

“No matter how young he is, he must be in his forties.
I really want to see what he looks like.
Sigh…but our families didn’t receive the invitation.”

“That’s right, Yurou, the Bai family is amazing.
You actually received two invitations at once.
When you go, you must take a few more photos and let us see the world.”

Bai Yurou was so happy that she almost floated in the air when she heard her classmates’ compliments.
Hmph! When she got to know the people from the top rich families, she would see how Su Yuan, that brat, could still be so arrogant in front of her!

Just as Bai Yurou was getting carried away, she suddenly noticed Pei Xifan hiding in a corner, looking upset.
She quickly asked, “Xifan, what’s wrong?”

In fact, she knew that Pei Xifan was panicking because she had to attend the inauguration ceremony.
After all, he would lose his chance if she really caught the eye of any rich man.

Although Bai Yurou was young, under Fu Xinlian’s careful nurturing, she was still capable of reading people’s minds, especially in the control of a man’s heart.
She could almost tell at a glance whether a man was interested in her or not.
She also knew that the reason why Pei Xifan did not confess to her was because of Su Yuan.
However, this was exactly what she wanted.
It would be easy to get Pei Xifan’s heart and agitate Su Yuan.

Bai Yurou’s mind was racing, but her expression remained innocent.
She blinked her big eyes and looked at Pei Xifan with concern.

Pei Xifan regained his senses and forced a smile.
“I’m fine.
I didn’t sleep last night, so I’m a little sleepy now.”

Bai Yurou’s heart ached when she heard that.
she said, “Mom, Brother Xifan stayed by my bedside the entire night.
I was too scared yesterday, and the bed was uncomfortable.
I kept waking up.
Luckily, Brother Xifan was with me.
He’s really good to me.”

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