Don’t Blame Me for Not Warning You

Cui Feng’s mouth twitched as he looked at the pink color in the ward.
What was this scene? There were two beds in the ward, a regular hospital bed, and a round pink princess bed.
Those who did not know would think that this was a themed hotel room! It was really speechless to see her stay in such a high-profile hospital…he said helplessly, “Mo Ting, this is too…”

Mo Ting did not give Cui Feng a chance to finish speaking as he replied, “Fu Wen, send Doctor Cui away.” Then, Fu Wen pushed Cui Feng to the door.

Hearing this, Cui Feng was so angry that he almost exploded.
He stepped back and said angrily, “Hey, Mo Ting, I haven’t even said anything, and you’re already chasing me away.
Also, what the hell are you doing calling me Doctor Cui? You really have no conscience.
Besides, this is not how you court a girl.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
If you scare the girl, you’ll be single…”

In the end, Cui Feng could not win against the tall and strong Fu Wen and was directly shut out of the door.
He was so angry that he wanted to roll on the ground, but there were too many colleagues and patients in the corridor, so he could only leave in anger.

After Cui Feng left, Mo Ting’s ears felt more relaxed than ever.
He picked up the phone beside his pillow and dialed Su Yuan’s number.
After a few rings, a woman’s voice could be heard from the other end, “I’m sorry, the number you’ve dialed is not available…”

Mo Ting was speechless.

Su Yuan dragged her luggage alone and went to the bank to withdraw 10000 yuan and put it in her luggage.
Then, she took a taxi by the roadside and went straight to clear spring village.
In the car, Su Yuan had borrowed the car charger to charge it, but her phone was too old and did not work.

The driver looked at her phone and said, “Young lady, this phone of yours is quite old.”

Su Yuan replied with an ‘mhm’ and did not say much.

The driver was probably a talkative person, so he added, “There aren’t many young people as frugal as you these days.
I have a son who’s about the same age as you, but he changes his phone every two to three years.
He either loses it or wants to buy it when he sees a new model.
What a prodigal!”

Su Yuan smiled and did not say anything.
There were not many people who were really frugal nowadays.
In the end, it was all because they did not have money!

The driver talked about all sorts of things along the way, and Su Yuan also chatted with him.
The atmosphere was quite lively.

The car sped along the road.
She looked at the changes in the surrounding scenery and was a little excited.
She was finally going home.

There were four districts in City A, the North, South, East, and West.
The East and West districts were new town areas that had been developed later, so they were naturally well planned.
Most of the high-end residential areas were among them.
On the other hand, the North and South districts was called the Laocheng District from many years ago.
They were densely populated with many old buildings and residential areas.
They were saturated, and it took money and time to renovate them, so they slowly fell behind.
Su Yuan’s family’s clear spring village was located on the outskirts of the northern district.

When they finally arrived at their destination, Su Yuan got out of the car.
She looked at the familiar dirt road beneath her feet and the familiar surroundings.
For a moment, she did not know what to do and stood rooted to the ground.

“Young lady, let’s go now,” said the driver quickly.
“If we delay any longer, it’ll be dark when we get back.”

On the way, Su Yuan mentioned that she was going back to the village to take her sick mother to the city to recuperate.
The driver thought that she was a filial child and said that he would wait for her at the village entrance before taking her back to the city.

Su Yuan came back to her senses, picked up her bag, and jogged back to the village.
She had grown up in this small village and everything here was so familiar.
With great familiarity, she found a patch of tall grain land and crawled in.
When she came out, the patient’s garb was gone.
in its place was a set of white cotton clothes made by her mother, Su Qiumeng.

This set of clothes had a simple design, with only a few small flowers embroidered on the collar and sleeves.
However, this was Su Yuan’s most precious item, and she usually could not bear to wear it.
This was the second time she was wearing this set of clothes.
The last time she wore it was when her mother sent her to the Bai family.

In her previous life, she had also blamed her mother.
She did not understand why her mother sent her to the Bai family and made her suffer so much humiliation.
No matter how much she begged, her mother would not allow her to go home.
Her mother had not even seen her once, and she had never received a call from her mother.
After she went to university, there was one time when she sneaked home.
Not only was her mother not happy, but she also chased her away and told her not to come back.
Just like that, the mother and daughter never contacted each other again.

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