Su Yuan looked at the empty bank card in her hand and thought about how to earn money.

After Su Qiumeng’s physical examination, she was enthusiastically brought to the ward by the medical staff.
Although it was called a ward, it was more comfortable than a hotel because of the complete household appliances and furniture.

Su Yuan was led to her mother’s ward by the medical staff, who were changing the bed sheets.
Su Qiumeng stood at the side, not knowing what to do.
When she saw her daughter return, she hurriedly pulled Su Yuan out of the door and asked with an exaggerated expression, “Su Yuan, why is this place so luxurious? I’ve never seen those medical equipment before, and they’re done after scanning my body.
And that nurse insisted on laying out the bed sheets for me.
I had no choice but to use them.
How much does this place cost per day?”

Su Yuan smiled and comforted her, “Mom, this is how a sanatorium works.
It’s dedicated to taking care of patients.
Although it looks a little exaggerated, it’s actually not that expensive.
Besides, look at how big this room is.
It’s actually for three people, not a single room.
Besides, i already have a job with a high salary, so you can stay here in peace.”

Su Qiumeng was a little suspicious of her daughter’s words, but her daughter had never lied to her since she was young, so she did not ask any more questions and stayed in the sanatorium with a peace of mind.

The ward was a three-person room, a little like a normal three-bedroom room.
There were three separate wards, sharing a living room, kitchen, and other areas.
There was a bathroom in each ward, which was very convenient and did not interfere with each other.

The mother and daughter had not seen each other for a long time.
They had not had a good chat at home just now.
Now that they finally had the chance, they had a lot to say to each other.
Especially Su Yuan, she had experienced a lot in the past two years, and she told her mother everything.
She told her mother how many friends she made, how many floors her school had, and everything else.
The only thing she did not mention was the humiliation she suffered at the Bai family.

But even if Su Yuan did not say it, Su Qiumeng knew in her heart that since her daughter did not want to talk about her life in the Bai family, she must have suffered a lot.
In order not to reveal her daughter’s scars, she did not ask and pretended not to know.
The mother and daughter talked and laughed, and soon it was time for dinner.

The sanatorium only provided meals for the patients.
Su Qiumeng had dreamed of having her daughter eat with her, but Su Yuan had rejected her.
She was afraid that her mother would be worried, so she had to lie and say that she had to go to work later, and the sanatorium would take care of her dinner.

Su Qiumeng frowned and asked, “Su Yuan, what kind of job did you find? Why do you have to work the night shift?”

Su Yuan knew that she had to smooth things over, or her mother would get suspicious.
She calmly said, “I’m teaching children how to dance, but I have to wait until the children are out of school before class can start.
That’s why i have time to pick you up in the day.”

Hearing this explanation, Su Qiumeng was relieved and replied, “Oh, I see.”

Su Yuan was afraid that her mother would ask for more details, so she quickly said, “Mom, it’s almost time for class.
You can stay here.
I’ll go to work first.
I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

Seeing that her daughter was about to leave, Su Qiumeng pulled on her sleeve and asked, “Where are you going to stay after class?”

Su Yuan replied, “I’m staying at my classmate’s house.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about me.
If you need anything, go find the nurse.
If you miss me, just give me a call.
Mom, if I don’t leave now, I’m going to be late!”

Su Qiumeng saw her daughter’s anxious look and quickly stuffed the peaches on the plate into her hands.
“You haven’t had dinner yet.
You must be starving.
Eat the peaches to fill your stomach on the way.”

“I know, mom.
you’re the best.” Su Yuan said with a sweet smile and quickly planted a kiss on Su Qiumeng’s face before running out of the ward with her luggage.

Su Qiumeng was a little dazed by her daughter’s kiss.
Even though the mother and daughter were quite close, they rarely expressed their feelings in such a way.
After a long time, she came back to her senses and touched her face, mumbling, “This child is really…”

After leaving the ward, Su Yuan looked at the peach in her hand and her stomach suddenly started to growl.
It was only then that she remembered that she had not eaten a single meal since she was reborn yesterday.
If she had not been injected with an IV drip in the hospital before she fainted, she would probably have fainted from hunger by now.
Fortunately, her mother did not hear her stomach growling.
Otherwise, she definitely would not be able to leave.
However, she was penniless now, and even eating had become a problem.
She thought about it and decided to ask her best friend for help first.
She quickly turned on her phone, and before she could react, her phone began to vibrate non-stop.
All kinds of messages and missed calls popped up one after another.

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