Keeping Your Word

Su Yuan was just about to check her messages and missed calls when a call came in.
It was Bai Weiguang’s number.
Bai Weiguang must have found out about her escape.
Su Yuan’s eyes flashed with a cold light.
After a while, she picked up the phone.
the next moment, a furious male voice came out from the phone, “You wretched girl, where the hell have you been? How dare you call the police to arrest your sister? Your sister has been so good to you, has your conscience been eaten by a dog? Su Yuan, I’m telling you, in 20 minutes, get the hell to the police station in the western district and explain everything.
Ask them to let your sister go, or else…”

Before Bai Weiguang could finish his threat, Su Yuan hung up the phone and blacklisted his phone number and all other contact details.
At this moment, she felt a little sad.
Although she did not have any feelings for her father, Bai Weiguang, she still felt uncomfortable hearing these words.
Bai Yurou was good to her? Had her conscience been eaten by a dog? She really did not understand how right and wrong could be reversed like this.
Although he did not know who had called the police, since Bai Yurou had already been taken away by the police, she might as well stay in there! It was best if you do not come out until you die!

However, how could the Bai family let Su Yuan off so easily? Su Yuan’s phone kept vibrating, and she could only hang up and block it.
One moment, it was Fu Xinlian’s number, the next moment, it was Zhang Huilan’s number.
She did not let any of them off and blacklisted them all.

Until an unfamiliar number suddenly appeared on the phone.
Su Yuan wanted to hang up, but her attention was caught by the string of numbers.
It was a very rare phone number.
It was an 11-digit number.
Other than the number 1 at the beginning, the rest of the numbers were 8, followed by 10 numbers of 8.
Such a number was worth a lot.
It could probably be put up for auction.
Such a domineering number, just like that person.
Su Yuan subconsciously picked it up, and a low, lazy male voice came from the phone.
“I thought that madam’s phone was just a decoration and that it couldn’t be used at all.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Su Yuan’s heart started to beat faster, and she froze on the spot.

“Madam? Are you listening?” Mo Ting asked in confusion.

Su Yuan came back to her senses and quickly asked, “Uncle, did you call the police?”

“Well, isn’t this what the madam wanted?” Mo Ting replied calmly.

Su Yuan did not understand.
If it was so easy to call the police, why was it so difficult to make a statement? Did they not always reveal the kidnapping to the public? Why was there a need for a contract marriage? But on second thought, she had already signed the contract and she was not at a disadvantage, so why was she still asking such nonsense? She could not break the contract anyway! In fact, calling the police was exactly what she wanted to see.
Mo Ting had indeed helped her.
So, she replied sincerely, “Thank you, uncle!”

On the other end of the phone, Mo Ting’s lips curved upwards as he said, “We’re husband and wife, there’s no need to thank me.”

Su Yuan immediately felt embarrassed and coughed lightly, “Ahem, uncle, but I’m only 18 years old.
If you call me that now, isn’t it a little…”

Mo Ting was silent for a few seconds as if he was seriously considering something.
After a while, he replied, “Then, how should I address you, madam? If I don’t call you madam, how about calling you wife?”

Su Yuan was speechless and could only compromise.
“No, no, no.
Please call me madam.”

Hearing this, Mo Ting’s lips curved up even more and even his eyes lit up.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll…” Just as Su Yuan was about to end the call, Mo Ting seemed to have sensed something and quickly interrupted, “Madam, if you don’t have anything else to do, please come over and have dinner with this patient.”

The word ‘dinner’ successfully roused Su Yuan’s appetite, and her stomach growled again.
She immediately covered the microphone, afraid that Mo Ting would hear her.
In order to cover up the sound of her stomach, she quickly asked, “Uncle, don’t you have a doctor with you?”

Mo Ting could not help but laugh.
This little girl sure held a grudge.
“With madam’s company, I don’t need a doctor.”

Su Yuan felt weird hearing that, and she did not know how to reply.

Mo Ting noticed the silence, so he acted pitifully and said, “Eating isn’t important.
The main thing is that my legs always hurt badly.
Madam said that she could cure my legs.
Will you keep your word?”

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