Su Yuan suddenly thought of the introduction she had read about Mo Ting in her previous life.
He seemed to have been living abroad before the 28th and came back on the 28th.
In that case, it made sense that his bodyguards were all of foreign descent.
However, he had just returned to the country, yet he could speak Mandarin so well?

Su Yuan chuckled.
There had to be a problem.

The bodyguard wanted to help her carry her suitcase, and she was happy to be idle.
There were still benefits to hugging onto a golden thigh, and it was already evident now.

Su Yuan happily handed the box to the bodyguard and leisurely walked in front of the group, like a big sister from the underworld.

At the door of the ward, the bodyguard returned the box to her and explained, “Without Sir’s order, we can’t enter the ward.”

Su Yuan waved her hand to show that she understood.
The bodyguards bowed to her in unison and quickly retreated, disappearing into the corridor.

Su Yuan could not help but sigh at how well-trained these people were!

Before she could knock on the door, the door was opened.
Fu Wen still did not dare to look directly at her.
He lowered his head and said, “Madam, President Mo has been waiting for you.”

Ever since she signed the contract with Mo Ting, Su Yuan felt like she had let Fu Wen down.
She was so full of love that she mistook the jerk for someone else.
Now, she had to endure her heartache.
The jerk’s contract wife was so pitiful! She really could not face Fu Wen, so she went directly into the house.
When she saw the room full of pastel pink outfits and the dazzling princess bed, she was stunned on the spot!

“What the hell is he doing?”

“Fuwen’s waist is injured and she has to keep watch for me, so I simply asked them to change this bed.
Madam doesn’t like it?” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan looked at him and blinked.
After a while, she finally reacted.
“When did I say I was going to keep watch for you?”

Mo Ting’s expression darkened but he did not say a word.

Su Yuan thought that President Mo was going to lose his temper, but in the next second, his expression changed and he suddenly revealed a pained expression.
“Sigh, Su Yuan, it hurts so much.
Madam, my leg hurts so much…Su Yuan.”

Fu Wen’s eyes twitched.
He could not stand it anymore and quickly lowered his head.

Su Yuan glared at him.
Why would he be in pain? Last night, he did not even cry out when his leg was broken.
Now that the bone was fixed, he finally cried out in pain!

She resigned herself to her fate and put down her luggage and bag.
She then walked over to Mo Ting’s side and removed the blanket from his legs.
But she forgot that patients with broken legs could not wear pants.
She did not control the strength of her hand and lifted the blanket completely.
Then, she was shocked by his size.
She was petrified on the spot.

However, Mo Ting was not embarrassed at all as he continued to show her.
Seeing that Su Yuan did not respond, he even beckoned her over and asked with raised brows, “Madam, are you satisfied?”

‘Satisfied my ass! Damn pervert!’

Su Yuan pulled up the blanket and placed it over Mo Ting’s legs.
Her face quickly turned red, even her ears turned red.
She had lived for two lifetimes, but this was the first time she had met such a shameless man! Crazy! That dog man! Scumbag!

Fu Wen was watching in the ward and he actually flirted with her in front of him! This was too much! She did not want to treat this leg anymore.
Whoever wanted to treat it, she did not care anymore!

Su Yuan turned around to leave.
Mo Ting did not expect the little girl to have such a big reaction.
He quickly stood up and grabbed her hand, pulling her back, “Where does Madam want to go?”

Mo Ting, let go of me.
You, you, you are shameless!

“What did I do?” Mo Ting asked in seriousness.

“You!” Su Yuan was so angry that she could not say a word to refute it.

Mo Ting squinted his eyes, “Madam was the one who wanted to see my legs.
So, I’m just going to show it to her.
How am I shameless?”

Su Nuan’s entire face turned red, like a ripe apple.
She had not expected the CEO of the EL company to be such a shameless person!

Just as the two of them were arguing, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, followed by an anxious voice, “Mo Ting, I heard that the little girl is here.
She’s not a doctor.
Don’t be scared.”

Before he could finish, Cui Feng saw Su Yuan’s cold eyes and immediately shut his mouth.
No matter how stupid he was, he could sense that the atmosphere in the ward was not right.
He stammered, “That, that, I don’t think I came at the right time, I’ll wait, I’ll wait for a while.”

“Stop!” Su Yuan shouted.

Cui Feng stopped and turned back to ask, “Is, is there a problem?”

She came at the right time.
She could not afford to offend President Mo, and Su Yuan did not care about a mere doctor.
Although she usually did not fight for anything and seemed to have a good temper, she did not want to hear anyone questioning her medical skills.

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