Fu Wen looked at Cui Feng in a daze and thought, ‘But, their relationship was different now.
This was President Mo’s wife, they were family.
You were just a friend, so it was obvious who this outsider was.

‘But he didn’t dare to say these words.’

Seeing that Fu Wen was not helping him, Cui Feng had no choice but to complain to Mo Ting, “Mo Ting, I’ve already told you about this when I was treating you.
This is the only way to treat your leg for now.

“And my treatment plan has been approved by several experts.
You can’t believe her one-sided story!”

“The cast will only be used for three days.
There won’t be any serious consequences in three days.
You just have to wait until you’re done with the shop.
Then you can fix it.”

“Ha!” The more Su Yuan listened, the more ridiculous she felt.
She directly interrupted, “I thought you two were close since you called him Mo Ting.
Is this how you trick your patients?”

“You shut up!” Cui Feng was anxious.
He wished he could immediately sew Su Yuan’s mouth shut with a needle and thread.

“Cui Feng.” Mo Ting stopped her.

Cui Feng immediately shut his mouth.

“She’s my wife.
Apologize to her now.” Mo Ting replied coldly.

“Mo Ting, I’m sorry!” Cui Feng wanted to say something but was interrupted again.

“Otherwise, get out!” Mo Ting replied in a cold voice, it did not seem like he was joking.

Cui Feng was so angry that he almost went crazy.
All these years, Mo Ting had never treated him like this before.
And now, he was doing this for a little girl he had only known for two days!

Su Yuan, on the other hand, crossed her arms and laughed as she looked at Cui Feng’s sad but also desperate expression.

Cui Feng gritted his teeth and squeezed out a ‘sorry’ from between them, but he was indeed thinking, “I’ve let her grandma down!

Su Yuan knew that he did not mean what he said, but she was not angry at all.
She smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll forgive you.”

Since he had already apologized, she did not have to hide it anymore.
She pointed at Mo Ting’s leg and said to Cui Feng in a commanding tone, “Remove the cast now, I need to check his wound.”

Cui Feng’s body trembled in anger.
He did not want to cooperate with Su Yuan at all, but he was the only doctor in the room, and no one else knew how to do it.
He could not call another doctor from outside to laugh at him, right?

“Hmph, I’ll wait and see how you embarrass yourself later!” He muttered in a low voice.

However, Su Yuan heard everything.
She immediately pouted and blinked her eyes as she complained to Mo Ting, “Uncle, he’s scolding me!”

Cui Feng said, “F*ck you!”

Mo Ting glanced at Cui Feng indifferently.
Cui Feng immediately backed off and did his work obediently.

After the cast was removed, Su Yuan did not let Cui Feng do it anymore.
She asked for a pair of gloves and personally removed the dressing.
Throughout the entire process, Mo Ting did not say a word, just like that night.

Su Yuan glanced at him.
Her face was already pale, which showed how painful the wound was.

After the dressing was removed, Cui Feng looked at the wound and took a deep breath.

Mo Ting’s leg was completely swollen.
Although the wound had already been treated and stitched up, the terrible wound did not show any signs of recovery.
Moreover, the edges of the wound had already started to ooze pus.

Su Yuan had already expected this outcome.
She looked up at Cui Feng and said, “Wait for three days? It’s only been half a day and his wound is already festering!”

If Su Yuan and Cui Feng were just bickering earlier, then she was reprimanding him now.

He thought that he had learned some high-tech skills and was using patients’ lives as experimental subjects! Quack doctors really did a lot of harm!

As soon as Cui Feng saw the wound on Mo Ting’s leg, his expression turned ugly.
But, he still emphasized that he chose this treatment because he wanted Mo Ting to attend the ceremony while standing.

Su Yuan could not be bothered to argue with him.
She called Fu Wen over and told him to write down a few prescriptions and go to the hospital to find a Chinese medicine practitioner.

When Su Yuan was explaining the prescriptions, Cui Feng wanted to listen closely, but unfortunately, he did not know any of the Chinese medicines she was talking about.
He majored in Western medicine, and he had studied his master’s and Ph.D.
in the United Kingdom.
He had no foundation in Chinese medicine.
The names of these Chinese herbs were like a foreign language to him, and he could not understand them.

Su Yuan did not have time to bother with him.
She took out the precious herbs she had dug up in the morning from her bag, picked out a few, washed them, and then called for a nurse.
She asked for a knife and a tray, and carefully ground the herbs into powder.

The air pressure in the ward was very low, and only the sound of the knife hitting the tray could be heard.

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