Su Yuan’s expression was not very good.
As a doctor, she hated doctors who did not consider their patients the most, and Cui Feng had made her biggest taboo! When she was busy, she did not rush to look up and glare at him.
Her eyes were like daggers as if she wanted to cut Cui Feng alive.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Cui Feng was still stubborn.
even if you look at me like that, I will never acknowledge your medical skills.
I’ve already told him how to treat ting’s leg.
I only started the treatment after he agreed.”

“He has a bone injury.
If he doesn’t use my method, it’s simply a fool’s dream to stand up in three days!”

Hearing this, Su Yuan’s hands did not stop moving.
She quickly ground a herb root as thick as a baby’s arm into powder.
“One more word of nonsense and I’m going to cut off your tongue and soak it in medicinal wine!”

‘F*ck!’ Cui Feng was so shocked that he almost bit his tongue.
He inched closer to Mo Ting and tugged at the corner of his shirt.

However, Mo Ting acted like he could not see him.
He did not react at all as he leaned against the headboard and looked at Su Yuan.

Su Yuan did not say anything, so he stayed by her side.

Cui Feng was the only unnecessary one.
He looked at Su Yuan, then at Mo Ting.
He could not understand why his unparalleled Mo Ting would fall for this little girl.

Fortunately, when Fu Wen returned to the ward, the atmosphere in the ward finally was not so awkward.

“Madam, I’ve bought all the medicine.” Fu Wen said as he handed Su Yuan a large bag of medicinal herbs.

Su Yuan carefully looked at each herb, then found a few herbs from her bag and put them in.
She returned them to Fu Wen and said, “Boil the medicine yourself in a clay pot, five bowls of water in one bowl.
Boil it twice in total, thirty minutes each time, no more or less.
Bring it over as soon as it’s done.”

Hearing Su Yuan’s words, Fu Wen did not dare to delay and quickly left with the herbs.

“Hey, Fu Wen, wait a minute,” Cui Feng anxiously asked, “what medicine did she prescribe? did you take it to the director of the Chinese Medicine Department? Will it work?”

Fu Wen acted as if he could not hear him as he left the room.
He was Mo Ting’s assistant, so as long as his boss did not allow him to stay, he had no right to listen to anyone.

What was more, he had asked the director of the Chinese Medicine Department to prescribe the medicine.
The director’s eyes were wide open when he saw the prescription.
He said that the prescription was very clever and kept asking him who prescribed the medicine.

Cui Feng looked embarrassed as if he had become a sinner.
“Mo Ting, I’m doing this for your own good.
Why are you all looking at me like that? We’ve known each other for so many years, and you’ve only known this little girl for less than two days.
Now even Fu Wen listens to her and not me!”

Su Yuan laughed sarcastically.
She did not even raise her head and continued to brew the medicine.

Mo Ting’s expression remained the same, but he replied impatiently, “Cui Feng, you should leave.”

“I’m not leaving, Mo Ting.
I’m studying medicine for you! You’re injured now, how can I leave? You, you have a woman and don’t want your friend anymore!”

These words were a little too much.
Before Mo Ting could say anything, Su Yuan spoke first, “Doctor Cui, I think you don’t understand the situation.”

She glanced at Mo Ting, “You were there this morning, so you should know that Mo Ting and I are only married by contract.
To put it simply, our marriage is fake.
So, I’m not his woman, I’m just his doctor.

“He’s asking you to leave now.
Obviously, it’s because your medical skills are not as good as mine.

“Know how to make good use of people, understand? It’s such a simple logic.
You’re a top medical student, surely you can understand it?”

This was a pure provocation!

Cui Feng’s face turned red in an instant.
If Mo Ting was not present, he would have rushed up to this b*tch and ripped her mouth apart.

“Mo Ting, are you really going to chase me away?”

Su Yuan strode forward and stood between the two of them.
Then, she smiled and gestured for Cui Feng to enter.
“Doctor Cui, please.”

What he really meant was, now, immediately, get out!

Su Yuan’s actions were really elegant, but she was also really mocking him.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting’s gaze was focused on Su Yuan.
As for Cui Feng’s fate, he did not care.

“Mo Ting, don’t you regret it!” Cui Feng was so angry that he was trembling after being abandoned by his best friend.
Then, she left the ward in a rage.

The ward finally quieted down.
Su Yuan returned to her original position and continued to process the powder.

After a long time, she suddenly heard Mo Ting ask, “Fake marriage?”

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