Chapter 49: Police Announcement

Su Yuan was in Mo Ting’s room, so there were a lot of things she could not say.
Originally, she wanted to say a few perfunctory words before hanging up, but the words ‘police station’ caught her attention.

“Why do I have to be in the police station?”

“How would I know?” Gu Qin replied, “I’ll have to ask you!”

Su Yuan said, “Ugh.”

She was about to hang up when Gu Qin’s voice came again.
“Hey, did you lose your memory?”

“Your story has spread all over the internet.
Go to the hot search and see for yourself.
The top news on the list is about you.

“The police of City A announced that after you were kidnapped, not only did you return safely, but you also killed the kidnappers and arrested one of them.
You’re a sensation!”

Before he could finish, Su Yuan quickly hung up.

On the other end of the phone, Gu Qin was speechless.

Su Yuan immediately unlocked her phone, and just as Gu Qin had said, the top trending news was about her.
In her memory of both lives, this was the first time someone who was not a celebrity had taken the top spot.
She clicked on the news and read it from beginning to end.
She was a little confused.

After a long time, she suddenly laughed softly, “Haha, a warm-hearted girl.
With her super high IQ, she caught the kidnapper with her bare hands and protected the lives of millions of ordinary people in City A with her delicate body?”

Su Yuan read the news released by the police and turned to Mo Ting on the bed.
She raised her eyebrows, “Uncle, who did you get to write this? Isn’t it too much?”

Mo Ting’s face was not as pale as before, perhaps because he had already gotten used to the pain.

“It’s good that Madam is satisfied,” he said lightly.

Su Yuan seemed to be quite happy.

Mo Ting glanced at Fu Wen, his eyes were filled with encouragement and praise.

Fu Wen’s heart skipped a beat.
He had been working for Mo Ting for close to 10 years and this was the first time he had received praise from him.
He was suddenly extremely excited as he silently reminded himself that this young Madam had an extraordinary place in President Mo’s heart.
No matter what happened after the contract expired, as long as they were still in a relationship, he had to stay alert and not offend this young Madam.
Otherwise, even if he had ten heads, they would not be enough for President Mo to chop off.

“Madam, would you like to come over to my place to eat?” Mo Ting’s voice was different from his usual low and raspy voice.
It sounded like he was sick and pitiful.
Could it be that he was already starving?

“It’s not that I can’t,” Su Yuan replied.
“But in your condition, you can only watch me eat.
Are you sure you still want me to go?”

Fu Wen interjected, “Madam, President Mo hasn’t eaten for a day.
Can you please take a look?”

He wanted to say, ‘Do you really have the heart to do this? On account of everything President Mo has done for you, please let him have a meal.’

“I’ve already said that you can’t eat it.
Your leg wound is already festering, and you still don’t pay attention to your diet? If you’re really too hungry, get the kitchen to make some plain porridge.” Su Yuan said seriously.

However, this was a hospital, there was no kitchen.
All these dishes were brought from home by President Mo.
The hospital’s cafeteria had already closed.

Fu Wen quickly ordered the bodyguards to buy plain porridge.
The bodyguards searched for a long time near the hospital and finally found a porridge shop, but this porridge shop did not have plain porridge.
In the end, they had no choice but to buy all the porridge in the porridge shop.

Mo Ting’s face darkened as he looked at the colorful porridge in front of him.

Fu Wen knew how picky his president’s mouth was.
He immediately retreated to the side after putting down the porridge, trying to reduce his presence.

In the end, Su Yuan moved over to Mo Ting’s side to eat.
At this time, the aroma of the food filled Mo Ting’s nose.
Not long after, Su Yuan heard a strange sound similar to a rooster crowing.

“Why not? I won’t be able to heat it up when it’s cold.” After Su Yuan finished her bowl of rice, she felt that she was not satisfied, so she ordered another bowl.
She said as she buried her head in the food.

After a while, Mo Ting finally replied, “I can’t drink it.”

Su Yuan’s eyes swept over the colorful porridge and then back to the delicious dishes in front of her.
They were indeed too bland.

She turned to Fu Wen in the corner and ordered, “Go to the kitchen and ask if there are any salted vegetables and the like.
Get some for uncle.”

Fu Wen was stunned and stuttered, “Salted vegetables?”

Su Yuan asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Don’t you know what pickled vegetables are? It’s just pickled cucumbers, pickled radishes, and so on.
Oh, no, he can’t eat radishes for the time being though, so just get some cucumbers.
If there are no pickled cucumbers or pickled cucumbers, just get some cucumber salad.”

Fu Wen’s face turned green as he looked at Mo Ting.
Their president, the heir of EL group, was a picky eater.
Even at his lowest, he would not eat salted vegetables!

Mo Ting pursed his lips and lowered his gaze.
He was obviously against things like pickled vegetables.

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