Chapter 53: The Reinforcements Have Arrived

The phone rang twice before it was connected.
A man’s deep voice came from the other end.
“Su Yuan.”

Su Yuan did not know why, but when she heard Mo Ting’s voice, she suddenly felt like crying.
“Uncle, someone’s bullying me.
Are you going to do something about it?” She sniffled.

At this time, Mo Ting was in the middle of an extremely important step past memories.
However, when Fu Wen handed him the phone, he glanced at the caller ID and immediately ignored the presidents of the various countries and picked up the phone.

“Why are you crying?” Mo Ting’s expression darkened.
Without explaining anything to the presidents, he closed his laptop.

It would have been fine if he had not asked, but now that he did, Su Yuan could not control her tears.
She was not that sad, but she just wanted to cry.

Su Yuan did not expect to lose control of her emotions, but she let herself cry if she wanted to.
This way, Mo Ting’s heart would soften and he might help her.
She let her tears flow freely.
“Uncle, someone bullied me and even hit me!”

Mo Ting furrowed his brows.
It was not like he had not seen the little girl’s skills before.
She was amazing, so how was it possible that she had been beaten up?

“Tell me where you are.” Mo Ting asked.
No matter what, the little girl had asked him for help, how could he not help her?

“Ankang Sanatorium, hurry up and send someone over.
If you’re any later, I’ll probably be dead!”

F*ck! At such a critical time, her phone ran out of battery.
Fortunately, she had already told him the exact location.

Fu Xinlian watched from the side.
After listening for a long time, she could not make out anything.
Was this really a call for help? But the other party did not seem to have said anything, and he hung up so quickly.
Perhaps Su Yuan, that little b*tch, was just trying to scare her!

The more Fu Xinlian thought about it, the more she felt that this possibility was very high.
This little b*tch was not good at anything else, but just like her mother, she was very scheming!

After Su Yuan hung up the phone, she immediately went to take care of Su Qiumeng, not even daring to look at her.
She must be feeling guilty!

Fu Xinlian was certain that Su Yuan was just pretending to call her to scare her so that she would leave!

“Hmph, find someone to help you? You?” Fu Xinlian laughed sarcastically and strode forward, kicking Su Qiumeng’s bed.
The bed was mobile, and with this kick, the bed slid far away.

“Su Yuan, have you forgotten who I am? Don’t you know what my status is? You’re still trying to bluff me!

“Which one of the rich and powerful families in City A does not our Bai family know? There’s no way anyone would help you!

“The director of Ankang Sanatorium is an old friend of old Bai’s, and he has a very good relationship with the Bai family.
I just made a phone call, and he immediately asked the security guards to throw you two out!

“Forget about the health care center.
As long as I want to, all the care centers in the entire City A will not accept your mother, that old b*tch.
Just wait to collect her body! Hahaha, what are you doing? Who are you? Why did you capture me? Let me go, you guys! I’m the matriarch of the Bai family!”

Before Fu Xinlian could finish her arrogant act, a group of security guards suddenly rushed out of the nursing home.
These security guards seemed to be wearing the same uniform as the ones who had chased Su Yuan out.
However, the difference this time was that each of the security guards had an electric baton.

Su Yuan knew that Mo Ting would definitely come to save her, but she did not expect him to come so quickly.

Fu Xinlian had brought her bodyguards with her, but there were already very few of them.
The other party also had a taser.
Very quickly, they were beaten by the security guards until they kept retreating.
Screams, sounds of fighting, and the entire place was in chaos.

At that moment, many medical staff in white coats jogged out of the nursing home.
When they saw Su Yuan, the bald, middle-aged fat man in the lead rushed over and started to apologize to her.

The medical staff behind her followed suit and bowed.
Su Yuan did not say anything, so they did not dare to get up.

Fu Xinlian was confused by this sudden turn of events.
She was protected behind the bodyguards, and when she saw that the people at the nursing home were treating Su Yuan and her mother like distinguished guests, she broke down.
He shouted at the medical staff like a madman, “Are you all blind? I’m the matriarch of the Bai family! My husband, Bai Weiguang, is an old friend of your dean.
How dare you hit me! Believe it or not, I’ll fire you immediately!”

At this moment, the bald, middle-aged fat man looked at Fu Xinlian coldly and said impolitely, “Associate Hospital Director Zhou has been fired by our president.
As for you, you have seriously disturbed the rest of our hospital’s distinguished guests.
Security, kick them out immediately and don’t allow this person to enter our hospital in the future!”

“Yes!” All the security officers replied.

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