Chapter 54: The Big Boss Is Here

No matter how strong the Bai family’s bodyguards were, they could not resist a large group of security guards who kept on jabbing their bodies with electric batons.

After a while, the bodyguards and Fu Xinlian were chased out of the sanatorium.
The scene was both lively and unsightly.

Although Ankang Sanatorium was a high-class sanatorium, its location was not remote.
The sanatorium was surrounded by a business district, which was very lively.
The scene of Fu Xinlian and her group being chased out by the security guards attracted many onlookers.

“No, you can’t take pictures.
Bodyguard, hurry up and tell them not to take pictures of me! Fu Xinlian instructed as she covered her face.”

However, the bodyguards had to protect her and also snatch the phone of a passerby to delete the video.
In an instant, everyone inside and outside the sanatorium was running around.

At this time, the bald, middle-aged fat man suddenly shouted, “The president has ordered that from today onwards, Madam Bai is not to enter my sanatorium.
Otherwise, I will beat her up and kick her out every time she comes!

With that, the door to the sanatorium was closed.
Through the bars, Fu Xinlian saw Su Yuan looking at her smugly.
She was furious.

Then, the surrounding crowd suddenly started discussing.

“Did you hear that? Did they just say it was Madam Bai? Which Madam Bai is it?”

“Who else can it be? There’s only one family with the surname Bai in the circle of the rich and powerful in City A!”

“Yes, yes, that’s her.
She’s Bai Weiguang’s wife.
I found her photo.

Hearing these discussions, Fu Xinlian wanted to find a hole to hide in.
Just then, the bodyguard drove the car over.
She quickly covered her face and got into the car, closing the door.

In an instant, all the discussions disappeared.
Fu Xinlian clenched her fists tightly and looked in the direction of the sanatorium with hatred.
“Su Yuan, I want you to die!”

In the sanatorium, a bald, fat middle-aged man personally pushed Su Qiumeng’s bed and invited the two into the VIP passage.
Miss Su, my name is Liu Hong, the Deputy Director of Ankang Sanatorium.
I’m really sorry for what happened just now.
It affected your mood.

“But don’t worry, those people have already been blacklisted by all the sanatorium in City A.
From now on, none of the sanatorium will accept anyone related to the Bai family! I apologize to you again, I’m sorry!”

The blacklist of all the sanatorium in City A? Mo Ting was quite reliable.

“Then my mother…” Su Yuan asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, we’ve already understood your mother’s physical condition.
I’ve read the medical records.
She has a congenital valve defect and is in the middle stage of uremia.
Her medical record has been reported to the most authoritative expert in nephrologists and cardiovascular diseases in City A.
I’ll let you know as soon as I have a conclusion.” Liu Hong said respectfully.

At this moment, the elevator stopped with a ding.
It was the top floor of the sanatorium.

When the elevator door opened, there were two rows of medical staff standing outside.
They were all smiles as they escorted Su Yuan to her mother’s new ward.
This was a very spacious individual ward with super large floor-to-ceiling windows.
It had one bedroom, one living room, an independent bathroom, a kitchen, and a balcony.
It was so luxurious that it looked like an apartment, not like a sanatorium.

The doctors supported Su Qiumeng as she did all sorts of checks.
The equipment looked very advanced and professional.

Miss Su, your mother will be staying in this ward from now on.
If you have any other requests, feel free to let me know.
We will do our best to fulfill them.

After saying that, Liu Hong carefully observed Su Yuan’s expression.
He was so nervous that his forehead was covered in cold sweat.
Ever since he saw this little ancestor in front of him, she had been expressionless, so he could not judge her mood at all.
If this little ancestor was not satisfied with his arrangements and complained to that person later, he would be finished!

Fortunately, Su Yuan nodded and said, “That’s all for now.
I’ll have to trouble everyone to take care of my mother.”

Liu Hong heaved a sigh of relief, “Don’t worry, Miss Su.
We’ll take care of your mother as if she’s our own mother.”

Su Yuan said, “Haha, you don’t even have hair.
Aren’t you taking advantage of her? ”

After Liu Hong and a few other doctors had finished examining Su Qiumeng, they all left.

Su Qiumeng was so anxious that she would only wake up after a while.
Su Yuan stood by the bed for a while.
Suddenly, she remembered that she had used her mother’s breakfast to throw at someone.
She might be hungry when she woke up, so she decided to head downstairs to buy more and give Mo Ting a call.
She should thank him for helping her.
But she did not expect to see Fu Wen standing at the door when she opened the door.

“Assistant Fu?” Su Yuan asked, confused.

“Madam!” Seeing Su Yuan finally come out, he shouted in surprise, but then quickly lowered his voice, ” President mo is downstairs.
He misses you a lot.
If the old Madam is fine, can you go down and see him?”

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