Chapter 55: The Benefits of Hugging a Golden Thigh

Su Yuan asked in surprise, “Why is he here? His legs are wobbly.”

“Madam,” Fu Wen said helplessly, “apart from you, no one else can persuade President Mo.
He rushed over as soon as he received your call.”

Su Yuan looked deeply at Fu Wen and hesitated for a long time before saying, “Assistant Fu, you’ve suffered.”

Fu Wen said, “Su Yuan…” What did he feel wronged about? Why did these words sound so strange?

Su Yuan gently closed the door and followed Fu Wen downstairs.
The elevator did not stop on the first floor, but went directly to the underground parking lot on the basement first floor.

A low-profile black Maybach was parked in the corner.

Fu Wen motioned for Su Yuan to get in the car while he stood guard outside.

“Uncle.” Su Yuan opened the car door.
Just as she was about to call out to Mo Ting, she froze when she saw the state he was in.

At this moment, Mo Ting was like a completely different person.
His hair was neatly tied behind his head and his expression was cold and aloof, making his features look even more defined.
He was wearing a well-cut suit that fit his body perfectly, showing off his figure.
Apart from the wheelchair on the lower half of his body, Mo Ting looked like a noble gentleman, he was perfect.

Su Yuan regained her senses and asked, “Uncle, did you attend the beauty pageant first before coming here?”

Mo Ting said, “Hey.”

Su Yuan got into the car and closed the door.
“Uncle, I really have to thank you for today.”

Mo Ting’s expression darkened as he looked at her and asked, “Don’t I look good?”

Su Yuan snorted in her heart.
Why would he not look good? He was like a peacock in the zoo looking for a mate.

But she did not say that.
Instead, she said, “Yes, I was stunned just now.
He’s better looking than any celebrity I’ve ever seen.”

He had saved his mother, so what if he said a few words to please her? After all, he was a golden thigh.
There were many benefits to hug and lick from!

Mo Ting’s expression looked a little better and said, “Why did you turn off your phone just now?”

“My phone ran out of battery, so it shut down automatically,” Su Yuan replied.

Mo Ting snorted.
He could not get through to Su Yuan earlier, so he thought she had really been hit.
He was so scared that he did not even attend his meeting and rushed over, but in the end, his phone ran out of battery?

With that in mind, he took out a white box from beside his feet and threw it to Su Yuan.

“A cell phone?” Su Yuan took a look.
It seemed to be the newly released Apple 14 Promax.

“From now on, you must have your phone on 24/7,” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan took it with a smile and did not hold back at all.
“How can I accept this? Uncle, you’ve spent a lot.”

She had long wanted to change this broken phone, but she had already paid for her mother’s hospitalization fees.

Su Yuan felt that it was really worth it to hug this golden thigh!

“Take me to your mother.” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan was fiddling with her phone and did not even look up.
“Why do you want to see my mother?”

“We’re already married.
Shouldn’t we meet our parents?” Mo Ting said confidently.

Su Yuan said, “Ah, but we’re not married.
You must be joking!”

In the elevator, Su Yuan’s face was dark.
Mo Ting was not joking.
He was dressed so formally because he wanted to meet her mother.

Motherf*cker! She was only 18 years old.
How was she going to explain to her mother that she had a contractual marriage with this man?

Su Yuan was so anxious that she wanted to jump out of the elevator.
Just then, the elevator door opened and they reached the top floor.

Fu Wen pushed Mo Ting out of the elevator first.
Su Yuan followed behind and asked, “Uncle, stop messing around.
Can we talk about this another day? My mom fainted just now and hasn’t woken up yet.
I’m not lying to you, ahh!”

“Miss Su, your mother just woke up and is looking for you.” A medical staff member appeared at the right time and said.

Su Yuan said, “F*ck.”

Because of Su Yuan’s battle with Fu Xinlian, everyone recognized Su Yuan.
On top of that, she was a VIP that the Vice President had personally sent to the VIP area.
Everyone in the sanatorium knew her.

Mo Ting’s lips curved upwards as he tried to hold back his laughter.

Outside the hospital room, Su Yuan suddenly pushed Fu Wen aside and personally pushed Mo Ting into the room.

Su Qiumeng was lying on the bed, looking better than before.

When she heard the sound, she turned around and saw that it was her daughter.
She excitedly lifted the blanket and wanted to get out of bed.

“Su Yuan, how are you? Did Fu Xinlian hit you? Quickly let mom take a look.”

Seeing that her mother was about to get off the bed, Su Yuan abandoned Mo Ting and ran over to help her up, “Mom, I’m fine.
She didn’t dare to hit me.
I’ve already chased her away.”

Su Qiumeng sized her daughter up in disbelief.
Seeing that her daughter was indeed uninjured, she finally relaxed.
“You…why did you hit her? You still have to live in the Bai family in the future.
If you hit her, will she still tolerate you?”


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