Chapter 56: Meeting the Parents

“Mom,” Su Yuan said firmly, “I’ll never return to the Bai family again.
They treated you like this.
From now on, I’ll never be on the same side as the Bai family!

Su Qiumeng was a delicate person.
She was already shocked when she saw her daughter hit Fu Xinlian.
Now that her daughter wanted to go against the Bai family, she felt that her daughter must have been so angry that her mind was muddled.

“This, this won’t do.
I don’t agree!” Su Qiumeng even nudged her daughter after she finished speaking.


Su Yuan said, “Fu Xinlian hates me, but that’s between me and her.
You can’t start a feud with the Bai family because of me.” You still have to study and work in City A in the future, so mom can’t take care of you.
The Bai family can.”

“You, you should return to the Bai family now and apologize to Fu Xinlian.
You are the daughter of Bai Weiguang.
He promised me that he would take care of you!”

Su Yuan did not expect that her mother would still want her to go to the Bai family to apologize even when things had already gotten to this point.
Apologize to hell! She wished she could just burn the Bai family down.
How could she apologize?

“Mom! Why do you still not understand? Bai Weiguang didn’t treat me as his daughter at all.
He wouldn’t speak up for me! If I go and apologize, he will help Fu Xinlian bully me!” Su Yuan shouted.

Su Qiumeng was stunned when she heard that.
That was right, she was the one who was muddled.
If the Bai family treated her daughter well, she would not have run home crying.

“Then, then what should we do?” She asked anxiously, “The Bai family is powerful and influential, we are just ordinary people.
You hit Fu Xinlian today, she will definitely not let you off, you…!”

Auntie, Su Yuan does not need to return to the Bai family anymore.
Mo Ting, who had been left to the side, finally spoke up.

Su Qiumeng was startled when she heard an unfamiliar voice.
It was only then that she realized that there was a living person in the house.
However, when she saw the man sitting in a wheelchair, her heart skipped a beat.
This man was a cripple.

“You, who are you?”

Su Yuan was afraid that Mo Ting would directly mention something about a contractual marriage and scare Su Qiumeng, so she quickly said, “Mom, he, he’s…”

Mo Ting looked at her silently.
Seeing Su Yuan’s guilty expression, he finally gritted his teeth and said, “Mom, he’s my boyfriend, his name is Mo Ting!

Afterwards, Su Yuan explained the entire story of her relationship with Mo Ting to Su Qiumeng.
Of course, it was all made up.

On the other hand, Mo Ting was listening with great interest as his lips curved upwards from time to time.
He was obviously in a good mood.

Su Qiumeng’s expression did not look too good as she looked Mo Ting up and down.
Even though she was just a woman from the countryside, just from Mo Ting’s appearance and aura, she could tell that this man must have come from an extraordinary background.
She could not be too rude.

She could only grab her daughter and scold her, “Mom has always told you to study hard, but you’re good.
You have a boyfriend right after graduation.
Did mom’s words go into one ear and out the other?”

Su Yuan lowered her head and did not say anything.
She could not possibly say that he was not her boyfriend but her contract husband, right? She was afraid that Su Qiumeng would faint in the emergency room again if she found out.

“Auntie, this has nothing to do with Su Yuan.
I was the one who took a fancy to her and insisted on pursuing her.” Mo Ting replied calmly.

Su Yuan glanced at Mo Ting’s face.
‘Tsk, so serious, as if he was speaking the truth.
As expected of a big boss, he was so good at lying!’ If she wasn’t the person involved, she would have believed it! She guiltily turned to look at the door.
Fortunately, Fu Wen was not present, otherwise she would have sinned!

Mo, thank you for helping us solve our problem and letting me stay in this luxurious ward.
However, our Su Yuan has only turned 18 this year and has not even finished her studies.
You and her are not very suited for each other.
I’m sure there must be many girls around you who are more outstanding than Su Yuan.
You two shouldn’t be together.”

“Auntie, you must have misunderstood.” Mo Ting interrupted Su Qiumeng and looked at Su Yuan.
“I think Su Yuan has something to tell you.”

‘It’s finished!’ Su Yuan’s back turned cold, and she suddenly had a bad feeling.
‘What did Mr.
Mo want to say?’

Hearing this, Su Qiumeng looked at her daughter.
What else was her daughter hiding from her? However, looking at Su Yuan’s guilty look, there was indeed something she did not tell her.

Mo Ting still has a meeting to attend.
“Mom, I won’t let him disturb your rest.
I’ll go see him off.” After speaking, Su Yuan quickly stood up and pushed Mo Ting away.
“Let’s run first.”

“Stop!” Su Qiumeng shouted.

Su Yuan, who was walking halfway, stopped in her tracks.
She really hated how big the room was.
She turned around guiltily and asked, “Mom, do you have anything else to say?”

“Let Mr.
Mo finish his words!” Su Qiumeng said.

“Mom, it’s nothing.
Don’t listen to him!” Su Yuan said.

“Nonsense!” Su Qiumeng glared at her daughter.
“I’ll know once I hear it.”

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