Chapter 58: Proposal

Su Qiumeng said, “I can tell.
This Mr.
Mo is not bad.
He has a good character.
He’s much better than the Bai family.
Since he told me that he would protect you well, he will definitely do so.
A person of his status would not speak so casually.
Mom believes him.

“But, mom also has to remind you…” At this point, Su Qiumenglu had a troubled expression on her face.
“Actually, Su Yuan…you’re still too young, so you can’t be too anxious.
Mo can protect you, but you can’t use that kind of thing as a crutch, understand?”

Su Yuan said exasperated, “Mom, I don’t know! What are you saying!?”

Su Qiumeng nagged at Su Yuan for a while more, but she was still a patient, after all, and her physical and mental strength were limited, so she fell asleep after a while.

Su Yuan finally let out a sigh of relief.
She did not understand why Mo Ting was willing to risk being recognized to see her mother.
However, she did not have time to think about it.
She had more important things to do.

Fu Xinlian’s incident had reminded her that if the health center was not the property of the EL group, she would not know how much trouble today would have caused.
He had dodged it today, but that did not mean he would be so lucky next time.
She was too weak.
Although it was nice to hug onto a golden leg, she could not rely on Mo Ting to protect her forever.
It was fine to listen to the words ‘protect her’.
The experience of her two lives told her that she could only rely on herself.
First of all, she needed money, a lot of money.

Su Yuan went to the nurse’s station and borrowed a laptop.
Then, using the memories of her previous life, she spent the entire afternoon memorizing the plan that she was most satisfied with in her previous life.

‘Stars of the Nation’ was a proposal for a talent show.
In her previous life, she had spent three years revising it repeatedly.
It was the proposal that she was the proudest of in her previous life.
She clearly remembered the look of surprise on Pei Xifan’s face when she handed him the proposal.

After that, Pei Xifan used this variety show to push the company from a small second-tier company to the top of the industry, becoming one of the three biggest entertainment companies in China, only second to EL entertainment.
In his previous life, the variety show had only appeared five years later.

At the moment, talent shows overseas were very popular, but there were almost no such shows in China.

Su Yuan was confident that no entertainment company would reject this proposal.
She made a mental list of all the entertainment companies in City A.
In the end, she set her eyes on EL entertainment and a third-rate company called Chukai entertainment.

Needless to say, EL Corporation was the leading company in the industry and it was owned by Mo Ting’s family.
However, Su Yuan did not really want to choose EL.
Because she was going to divorce Mo Ting sooner or later, she needed to develop her own power during the two years of marriage.
If she gave the proposal to EL, then all the money and fame would belong to Mo Ting and she would have nothing to do with it.

That was why she was more optimistic about the small company called Chukai.
Although the company was small, it was developing well.
In the near future, there would be one of the most popular superstars in the history of China rising from this company.

However, for some reason, the top celebrity terminated his contract with Chukai at the peak of his career and then retired from the entertainment industry and disappeared from the public’s view.
After that, Chukai Entertainment’s reputation plummeted.
A year later, EL bought it over.

Coincidentally, in her previous life, Su Yuan had some friendship with the boss of Chukai entertainment, so she decided to choose him!

Su Yuan searched for the official website of Chukai entertainment, found the email of their artiste director, and sent out the proposal.

Su Yuan’s mood was extremely good after settling a big matter.
When she turned around, the sky was already dark.
When she looked at her watch again, it was already night.

At this moment, her new phone rang.
It was an unfamiliar number.
As soon as she picked up, the person on the other side of the phone shouted, “You still know how to answer the phone! Do you want to work or not!? He took leave the day before yesterday and went missing yesterday! You have to be there within half an hour, or else you won’t get your salary this month!”

The call was hung up right after she was done yelling.
Su Qiumeng was woken up by the noise and asked Su Yuan who she was.
Su Yuan could only lie again, saying that she was late for work yesterday and that her boss had called to remind her to go earlier.

Su Qiumeng was still in a daze from her sleep and did not ask further.
She only told her not to worry about herself and to go to work.

Su Yuan pressed the call button to get a nurse.
After giving her a few instructions, she carried her bag and left the sanatorium.

K Bar was the bar where she had worked in her previous life.
As soon as she arrived at the entrance, she met the security guard who came out to smoke.
He was also the bar’s strongest man, Brother Zhang.


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