Saving Each Other

Mo Ting’s eyes were fixed on Su Yuan.
He looked at her confident expression and nodded his head.

The next moment, Su Yuan used the bumpy ride to approach Mo Ting again and released the rope from his hands.

As his hands were freed, Mo Ting raised his eyebrows in surprise.

At the same time, Mo Ting felt a numbing and moist sensation on his ankle.
His body trembled as he looked down to see the woman using her teeth to untie the rope around his leg.

His originally steady breathing immediately became hurried, and the drug in his body was working rapidly.

The space in the car was small.
In order to not create too much noise, Su Yuan had no choice but to use this method to untie the rope.
Luckily, the rope was not too tight.
After a while, Mo Ting was able to move freely.

Su Yuan returned to her original position and continued to write on his body.
‘You take care of the red-haired guy at the back, I’ll take care of the one at the front.
We have to take control of the car before…’

Before the two could finish their conversation, the car suddenly fell into darkness.
It turned out that they had driven into a tunnel.

Su Yuan once again sank into the fear of the darkness.
The feeling of suffocation and fear attacked her continuously.

Her hand, which had been writing, hit the car with a bang.
Fortunately, the engine of the car was loud, so the three criminals did not hear it.

The tunnel was very long, and Su Yuan’s condition was getting worse and worse.
Her throat felt like it was being choked, and the feeling of suffocation made her face turn red.

Mo Ting noticed something was wrong with her.
He first used his knee to touch her legs.
Seeing no reaction, he then moved his hand to her face.
To his surprise, his hand was covered in sweat.
The sweat was cold, it was obvious that she was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

However, he ignored the abnormality of his own body.
After touching the girl’s cold skin, his whole body felt as if it was being roasted by fire.

In the dark, he subconsciously pressed his body against Su Yuan’s.
The girl’s breathing was rapid, but when Mo Ting heard it, it was like a teasing signal.

He greedily breathed in the girl’s scent, and a special body scent exploded in his mind.

His rationality gradually collapsed, and he reached out to touch the girl’s lips.
They were warm and soft.

At this moment, the girl suddenly raised her head high, as if she was asking him for help.
Mo Ting felt the girl’s burning breath and immediately lowered his head to kiss her.

Su Yuan opened her eyes in shock.
Even though she could not see the man’s face clearly in the dark, she could tell that the man’s entire body was filled with desire.

She wanted to break free, but she found that her weak body could not resist at all.
The faint smell of tobacco from the man’s body lingered around.

Her lips felt numb from the pressure.
At that moment, the man suddenly pried her lips open with his tongue and pumped air into Su Yuan’s mouth.

Su Yuan was shocked.
So he was going to…

Her tight throat was cleared by the airflow, and the suffocation gradually disappeared.

Su Yuan decided to close her eyes and ignore everything else.
She treated the man as her oxygen tank and sucked hard.

As their lips intertwined, Mo Ting’s desire was heightened by the girl.
He stretched out his hand and pressed it against the back of the girl’s head as if this was the only way he could release his emotions.

Su Yuan, who was no longer suffocating, slowly regained consciousness.
not far away, there was a flash of light.
They had finally exited the tunnel.

She quickly pushed Mo Ting away as her eyes filled with caution.

As Mo Ting felt her soft lips leave, he suddenly felt extremely empty.
But, as he looked into the girl’s clear eyes, he slowly regained some of his rationality.

Su Yuan licked her swollen lips and gestured for Mo Ting to go.
She then ran toward the front of the car.

The sudden turn of events caught the three criminals off guard.

The redhead saw a figure fly over from the back of the car and kick the second brother’s head.

In her previous life in prison, the one who slept on Su Yuan’s bed was a professional female killer.
Before she was sentenced to death, she had taught Su Yuan all the killing techniques she had learned in her life.

Although Su Yuan’s body was a little weak, it should not be a problem for her to beat these criminals.

The redhead had witnessed the entire process of his second brother being ambushed.
It was only when their second brother’s head hit the car window and he fainted that he finally reacted.
He quickly stood up and pounced toward Su Yuan.

But, just as he stood up and was about to do anything, he felt a kick on his lower back.
His body tilted and he fell head first into the car.
Luckily, he did not lose consciousness and continued to fight Mo Ting.

Scarface had never thought that these two little guys with soft skin and tender flesh would be so fierce that they could knock down two of his underlings in succession.

With one hand on the steering wheel, he clenched his other hand into a fist and swung it at Su Yuan’s face.

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