Chapter 59: The Vice-Captain

When he saw Su Yuan, he yelped and quickly pulled her to the side, whispering, “Little Yuan, where did you go yesterday? You didn’t even pick up your phone.
Young Master Mu waited for you here the whole night, but you didn’t show up.
He almost ran away from the bar!”

“Then, what else could it be?” Su Yuan touched her nose.
“Something happened at home,”

In fact, when she blacklisted the Bai family yesterday, she accidentally added Zhang Gang and Director Zhou’s numbers, so they could not get through to her.

“Then you should’ve called him back.
Director Zhou is still angry.
If he scolds you later, just bear with it.
Don’t talk back to him.” Zhang Gang reminded.

He had been working at this bar for three years and had seen all kinds of women.
However, on the day Su Yuan applied for the job, Zhang Gang was shocked beyond words.
This little girl was really beautiful.
She had good looks and a good figure.
Most importantly, she was extremely pure.
Her eyes were so clear that she looked like a deer that had lost its way in the forest.
This girl was obviously from a good family.
He did not know what had happened to her, but she came to the bar to dance.

Zhang Gang had been in this dark part of society for many years.
When he first saw Su Yuan, he would always think of his lost sister, so he had always taken good care of her.

“Brother Zhang, it won’t happen again.” Su Yuan was also very grateful to him.

Hearing the girl’s clear voice, Zhang Gang’s heart softened.
He simply stuffed the cigarette he was about to take out into the box.
“Let’s go, I’ll go in with you.”

Su Yuan nodded and followed behind him obediently.
“Brother Zhang, my classmates are coming later, can you please take a walk?”

“Su Yuan!”

Su Yuan looked at it and felt that she was really unlucky to meet the boss the moment she entered.

Zhang Gang smiled and said, “Director Zhou, Su Yuan just arrived.
I’ll take her to change her clothes first.
The show’s about to start.
Don’t be late.”

After he finished speaking, he gave Su Yuan a look, telling her to leave.

When Director Zhou saw Su Yuan, he was so angry that his eyes widened.
“Why are you still jumping!? Didn’t you see Mu Yuchen smash the stage yesterday?”

Following Director Zhou’s roar, a pair of security guards rushed out and surrounded Su Yuan.

“Director Zhou, what do you mean by this?” Zhang Gang’s expression changed.

Director Zhou snorted coldly, “Hmph, what do you mean? The stage was destroyed and I’ve suffered such a huge loss.
If I don’t look for Su Yuan to compensate, should I look for Mu Yuchen?

“Catch her.
Young Master Mu said that as long as you bring Su Yuan to him, he’ll write off everything that happened in the past.”

After that, all the security guards rushed over.

Zhang Gang could not care less and immediately stood in front of Su Yuan, protecting her with all his might.
Zhang Gang was the head of the security team, so the other guards could not do anything to him.
However, their boss had ordered them to apprehend Su Yuan, so they were in a deadlock.

“Director Zhou, we’re running a proper bar.
What’s the difference between you treating Su Yuan like this and running a brothel?” Zhang Gang said angrily.

“Zhang Gang, don’t you know Mu Yuchen’s identity? He’s the devil incarnate, and everyone in City A is afraid of him.
Yesterday, he only smashed the stage, but he said that if we can’t hand Su Yuan over to him, he’ll smash the entire bar!

“I’m a businessman.
I can’t just watch the bar get smashed and the people in the bar starve! Get out of my way!”

Zhang Gang knew that he could not convince Director Zhou, so he quickly pushed her away.
“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and leave.”

Su Yuan did not leave.
Instead, she pushed Zhang Gang aside and walked directly to Director Zhou.
She smiled and said, “Director Zhou, Mu Yuchen is obviously interested in me.
If you take me there, aren’t you afraid that I’ll say bad things about you? Then, your bar will be destroyed.”

“You dare to threaten me?” Director Zhou was so angry that his veins were bulging.
He could not afford to offend Mu Yuchen, but now, even a dancer under him was stepping on his head? How could he still endure it?

“Don’t be so angry, Director Zhou.
It’s bad for your health.
I have an idea that can save the bar.
Do you want to hear it?” Su Yuan said.

“Su Yuan!” Zhang Gang was scared out of his wits.
This little girl, other than being open on stage, she was as weak as a little white rabbit the moment she got off the stage.
How did she dare to negotiate terms with Director Zhou today? She even had her arms around Director Zhou’s shoulders?

Director Zhou, who was just about to fly into a rage, was half-appeased by Su Yuan’s hug.
No matter what, Su Yuan was their bar’s signature, and many people came here for her.
“What idea do you have?” He asked with a dark expression.

“From today onwards, I won’t be dancing on stage anymore.
I’ll be the vice-captain of our bar’s security team.
As for Mu Yuchen, I’ll take care of him.
I promise he won’t touch the bar, and he’ll be able to bring his friends here every day.
What do you think?”

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