Chapter 60: The Broken Hand

Hearing that, Director Zhou was stunned at first, then he pushed Su Yuan away, putting some distance between them.
“You’re talking so much nonsense because you want me to let you go!

“Let me tell you, Su Yuan.
There are only three doors to the bar, and they’re all guarded.
You can’t run away.
Just surrender and don’t get hurt.
Maybe Mu Yuchen will be happy and you’ll be able to keep your life!”

Su Yuan shrugged her shoulders helplessly, “I guess the negotiations fell through?”

“I’m sorry, but if you can get out of Mu Yuchen’s hands safely, K Bar will welcome you back at any time.” After he finished speaking, he shot a look at all the security guards, and they started rushing forward again.

The Su Yuan now did not have Zhang Gang to protect her, so it was a piece of cake to catch her.

Zhang Gang was shocked, and Su Yuan seemed to be scared out of her wits.
She stood rooted to the ground, watching as the security guards rushed to her.

Director Zhou grabbed Zhang Gang, who was about to save Su Yuan.
“Don’t be meddlesome, we can’t afford to offend Mu Yuchen.”

Zhang Gang did not care about that.
He was just a thug, not a boss.
What did it have to do with him that the bar was smashed? One had to be loyal in the underworld.
Director Zhou had actually pushed a little girl out in order to keep the bar.
He was simply inhumane!

“Get lost!” Zhang Gang directly pushed Director Zhou away and strode toward Su Yuan, but a few strange ‘kacha’ sounds stopped him in his tracks.

The crowd was silent for a few seconds, then suddenly burst into a wave of wailing.

“Ah, my hand is broken, my hand!”

The security guards surrounding Su Yuan fell to the ground one after another, groaning in pain.

The girl in the middle clapped her hands in disgust.
“You only have this little ability?”

Zhang Gang and Director Zhou were both stunned, especially Director Zhou, who was so shocked that he could not close his mouth.

Su Yuan crossed her arms and said lazily, “How is it? Director Zhou, how about working with me? I’ll make sure your bar is safe.”

A few minutes later, Zhang Gang brought Su Yuan into the security room and found the smallest security uniform.

Su Yuan measured her body size.
Fortunately, she was tall and could barely wear the smallest size.

“Su Yuan, you’re so stubborn.” Zhang Gang had been holding back the entire time, but now that it was only the two of them, he could finally ask.

Zhang Gang had always been good to her, and Su Yuan was also a grateful person.
She said in a serious tone, “Brother Zhang, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.
I just had to do this for some reason.
Can you forgive me?”

Zhang Gang was surprised to hear this.
He had only wanted to ask this little girl how she was so skilled, but who knew that she would apologize to him and make him feel embarrassed?

Just as she was about to say something, the door of the lounge was suddenly pushed open.
“Not good, Brother Zhang, Young Master Mu is here again.”

Mu Yuchen, the young master of the Mu family, had nothing to do all day.
He was uneducated and had an extreme personality.
He hung out in all kinds of bars and nightclubs all day long, either playing with women or causing trouble.
Director Zhou was not wrong at all when he called him the devil incarnate.
His only good point was his freakish face which was difficult to distinguish between male and female.

After Su Yuan danced at the K Bar, Mu Yuchen would come to support her every time and confess to her every time.
He was very clingy, but Su Yuan would reject him heartlessly every time.

The main thing was that this person could even say that he liked the cleaning lady.
There were also rumors that he liked both men and women and was a playboy.

After being rejected by Su Yuan, Mu Yuchen was not unhappy at all.
It did not stop him from confessing to other people.

In her previous life, Su Yuan and Mu Yuchen’s relationship ended on her 18th birthday and the two of them never contacted each other again.

After that, for some reason, he actually signed a contract with Chukai entertainment and officially entered the entertainment industry.
That’s right, he would be the future superstar.

Su Yuan had some understanding of Mu Yuchen.
He was not the kind of person who would smash the bar if he did not see her.
There had to be something going on.

“Tell him to wait for me, I’ll be there in a moment.” Su Yuan said.

Su Yuan then changed into her security uniform and went to a lounge.
Zhang Gang, who was standing at the door, asked, “You really want to go?”

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything to me,” Su Yuan replied.

“Let’s go!” Zhang Gang pulled her arm.
“Get a few brothers to go with you.”

“No need,” Su Yuan rejected him.
with Mu Yuchen’s personality, since he smashed the bar yesterday, he must have come prepared.
“We can’t go head to head with him.”

When they arrived at Mu Yuchen’s room, before Su Yuan even entered, she heard the sound of crying coming from inside.

“It’s a few private room princesses who are crying,” Zhang Gang said with a gloomy face.
“They just went in to deliver wine.
I don’t know why they angered him.”

Although he was a thug, he was a man of principle.
He never made things difficult for women, and Mu Yuchen’s behavior disgusted him.

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