Chapter 61: Crooked Idea

Su Yuan was about to push the door open when Zhang Gang stopped her.
He said with a serious face, “Call me if you need anything, I’ll be right outside.”

It felt good to be protected, and Su Yuan felt warm inside.
She smiled sweetly at Zhang Gang.
“Alright,” he said.

Sure enough, when Su Yuan brought the fruit platter into the private room, the five princesses were kneeling in front of the sofa.
Mu Yuchen and his group of friends were in the dark, talking obscenely.
Occasionally, they would clink the wine bottles.
They looked so fierce that the princesses were trembling in fear.

The lights in the room were too dim, so Su Yuan could not tell which one was Mu Yuchen.
Seeing that someone had entered, the princesses all turned around to look.

Zhou Guang’s bar was indeed a legitimate business, so although these people were called princesses, they were actually waitresses.
Most of them were college students who did part-time jobs like serving tea.

The girls were frightened by Mu Yuchen’s group.
There was nothing but fear in their eyes.

Su Yuan sighed and placed the fruit platter on the coffee table.
She then said to the few of them, “You guys can leave first.”

When the five girls heard this, they scrambled to the door.

“I said you don’t have any.
Can you leave now?”

An empty wine bottle smashed onto the ground with a ‘bang’, and glass shards flew everywhere.
The few girls screamed and stopped, not daring to move.

“Don’t worry about him, get out.” Su Yuan said firmly.

The girls seemed to have gained confidence, opened the door, and ran away.

“Hey! Where did this person who didn’t know the rules come from? Didn’t you hear what Master Mu said? You’re asking for a beating!”

In the dark, a fat man suddenly rushed towards Su Yuan and raised his fist, ready to hit her.

She was wearing a security guard’s uniform today, and her long hair was tied up neatly.
She looked completely different from how she looked on stage, so until now, these people had not recognized her.

After the fatty rushed over, the others also rushed out, wanting to teach her a lesson on behalf of Master Mu.

Su Yuan only dodged casually and stretched out her leg, and fatty fell to the ground with an ‘aiyo’.
The others could not avoid him, so they all fell on top of fatty, like a human pyramid.

“I asked Zhou Guang to bring Su Yuan here, but he actually found a random woman to placate me.
I think Zhou Guang doesn’t want to work anymore.
Come on, smash it!” A man’s voice came out of the darkness, and then the flint of the lighter was rubbed, and a burst of light filled the room.

At that moment, Su Yuan turned to look at Mu Yuchen.
Their eyes met, and Mu Yuchen was stunned for a moment before he exclaimed, “Su Yuan!”

In fact, Mu Yuchen had come to K Bar to meet Su Yuan on purpose.

However, it was not because he was embarrassed and angry that his courtship had failed, but because he wanted Zhou Guang to call the police and arrest him.

Originally, on Su Yuan’s 18th birthday, Mu Yuchen had been outside the Bai family mansion with gifts.
He was thinking that once the birthday party ended, he would climb over the wall and go in.
He would give Su Yuan a birthday surprise and confess his love for her.

Who knew that a kidnapping case would happen before the birthday banquet ended? The person that was kidnapped was the Su Yuan that he had been thinking about day and night.
How could he tolerate this? He stepped on the accelerator and chased after her.

However, there were too many guests at the Bai family’s house that day, and there were cars all around the Bai family’s house.
The road was not wide to begin with, and it became even more crowded.

Mu Yuchen’s flashy Ferrari was stuck in a narrow alley after a hundred meters.
He watched as the kidnappers kidnapped his goddess and disappeared into the distance.
After that, he secretly searched through City A, but he still could not find Su Yuan.

And ever since the kidnapping case, the Bai family had closed their doors to guests.
Mu Yuchen had been there many times, but he could not even get in.
He was not stupid.
He could tell from the Bai family’s attitude toward the kidnapping case that they did not call the police at all.
Furthermore, based on the Bai family’s attitude toward Su Yuan, they might not even be able to give the kidnappers the ransom.

This made Mu Yuchen anxious.
For Su Yuan’s safety, he did not dare to call the police.
He was afraid that if they could not save her, they would alert the kidnappers and cause them to kill her.

In the end, he thought of a crooked idea.
If he went to the bar where Su Yuan worked and caused a scene, the owner of the bar would call the police.
Then, he would immerse himself in telling the police about Su Yuan.
If the Bai family did not care about her, he would! As long as the kidnappers did not ask for a sky-high price, he could still afford it.

But who would have thought that Zhou Guang would be such a coward? When he saw that he was the one making trouble, he did not even dare to call the police.
Since he could not do anything, he could only come back again.

When Zhou Guang had sent someone to inform him that Su Yuan would be here soon, he did not believe it at all.
Su Yuan had been kidnapped, so how could she be here? He had brought a lot of people with him today, waiting for Zhou Guang to fail in handing over the person so he could use that as an excuse to smash the bar.

“Su Yuan, is that really you?” Mu Yuchen walked out of the darkness excitedly.

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