’t go back on her word.

Mu Yuchen took the opportunity to touch Su Yuan’s hand.
“If you were my girlfriend, all my money would be yours.
You can take as much as you want!”

Mu Yuchen was the eldest son of the Mu family.
Logically speaking, he should be the most favored one in the family, but for some reason, he was not favored.
That was why he had been hanging out with some of the second-generation rich people in City A who did bad things.

In Su Yuan’s eyes, Mu Yuchen’s face was the only thing that was worth anything.
However, his brain was not too good, and he did not know how to make use of his advantages.

Su Yuan heartlessly withdrew her hand, but then pinched Mu Yuchen’s chin and sighed to herself.
Your skin is so good, so smooth.

Mu Yuchen said, “Su Yuan, I think he’s being teased?”

After Su Yuan touched his chin, she touched his face and even patted it a few times.
“It’s impossible to be your girlfriend, but I’m short of a little follower.
I think you’re not bad.
Would you consider it?”

Mu Yuchen replied, “Hehe, consider my ass!” He was the young master of the Mu family, and he was praised and flattered everywhere he went.
Only Su Yuan did not take him seriously because she liked him!

“I want to be your man, and you want me to be your little follower?” Mu Yuchen said in disbelief.
Then, he jumped up and grabbed Su Yuan’s hand, trying to pull her into his arms.

“Aiyo! Why? Young Master Mu still wants to use force?” Su Yuan said in disdain.

“Hmph! Are you afraid now? I have to let you know how powerful I am.
Aiyo, aiyo, what are you doing? You, ah, Aiyo!”

Before Mu Yuchen could finish his sentence, he saw Su Yuan’s lips curl up.
Then, he felt a pain in his wrist and was forced to kneel on the ground.

Mu Yuchen’s face was filled with confusion.
Since when did Su Yuan become so good at fighting? Suddenly, he felt something tighten around his waist.
“You, you, you.
What are you doing?”

Su Yuan took off his belt and tied his hands together.
Then, she started to search his body.

Although Mu Yuchen had a bad reputation, it was all fake.
Although he often hung out in bars and clubs, he was still a virgin.

Su Yuan’s passionate action startled him, but he still had to pretend to be calm.
“What’s wrong? Do you want some excitement? I can take you to a hotel, or my house, but we should find a place with a bed, right?”

Seeing that Su Yuan’s hand did not stop, Mu Yuchen’s face turned red.
He did not know why, but he did not seem to be anticipating what was about to happen.
In fact, he even felt a little repulsed.

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