65 Explosive Acting Skills

After Su Yuan left, she went straight back to Mu Yuchen’s room.
He was still wriggling on the ground like a giant worm, just like when she left.

Mu Yuchen was stunned for a moment when he saw her return.
Then, he cried out in excitement.

Su Yuan unbuckled her belt.

Mu Yuchen rubbed his aching wrist and looked at Su Yuan playfully.
“Su Yuan, I knew that you cared about me and wouldn’t leave me alone.
You even came back to save me.”

Su Yuan thought, ‘Did he lose his mind because he was tied up? Where did he get the feeling that she was here to save him and cared about him?’

“Hey, do me a favor!”

The two of them went to the door of the private room together.
Before she left, Su Yuan did not know if her phone could record any evidence, so she decided to go and take a look herself.

“Hey, wait a minute, you’re going in just like that?” Mu Yuchen pulled her back and asked.

“What else?” Su Yuan frowned.

Mu Yuchen shook his head.
“Yuan Yuan, you’re so pretty.
But you don’t know how to seduce men at all.”

After he finished speaking, he reached out to help Su Yuan unbutton the top two buttons of her shirt, revealing her fair collarbones.

Mu Yuchen looked her up and down again, then rolled up her sleeves.
In the end, he pulled off the hair tie on Su Yuan’s head, and her black hair fell down.

“Tsk tsk, the best is the best.
Even if you’re wearing such ugly clothes, a casual look from you is enough to move my heart.” Mu Yuchen looked intoxicated, as if he was very satisfied with his masterpiece.

Su Yuan rolled her eyes at him.
After they entered, the old pervert pulled her and started to drink.
The others were all chatting and drinking at the side, not mentioning the change in scores at all.
‘This can’t go on.’ Su Yuan thought for a moment and pretended to be drunk.
She even pinched her thigh hard, and her tears instantly poured out, making her look really pitiful.

“Aiyo, little girl, what’s wrong with you? why are you crying?” Zhao Fu asked.

“Uncle, today might be the last time you’ll see me,” Su Yuan said with a tear-stained face.

Zhao Fu was stunned, not knowing what she meant.

Then, Su Yuan described herself as a poor girl who loved to study and her parents were both gambling addicts.

“My dad wanted to sell me off to pay off his debt, but he didn’t let me study at all.
On the day of the college entrance examination, he locked me in my room.
I missed a test, so I can’t go to college anymore…

“My grades are very good.
My teacher said that as long as I perform normally, I can get into University A.
But now I’m missing one subject and can’t even go to college.
The results will be out tomorrow.
If I don’t get in anywhere, I can’t be sold by my dad to a nightclub as a hostess to pay off his gambling debts.
Sob sob sob sob.”

Su Yuan’s acting skills were off the charts, and she cried so miserably that even she herself believed it.

Seeing a beauty cry and pulling on your sleeve to cry, no man could stand it.
The old lecher was the same.
His heart softened immediately.
He held Su Yuan’s hand and said with heartache, “Get up first, don’t sit on the ground.”

Su Yuan suddenly picked up a glass of wine and said, “Uncle, you want me to drink with you, right? I’ll drink with you now.
You’re a good person.
I thought so when I first saw you.
After tomorrow, I don’t want to live anymore.
My dad is going to sell me away.
I won’t let him have his way even if I die.
Today is my last day in this world.
Uncle, I belong to you tonight.
I’ll do anything you want me to.”

Hearing these words, the old lecher’s eyes lit up.
Furthermore, from the way he looked at Su Yuan, she did not seem to be lying when she said she wanted to commit suicide.
However, how could he bear to let such a high-quality little girl commit suicide? The old lecher thought for a moment and asked, “What’s your original name and what’s your exam number?”

He took the bait just like that? Su Yuan laughed in her heart, but she still had to pretend to be ignorant.
“Uncle, why did you ask for the exam number?”

“Just tell me, don’t ask too much.” He did not want to reveal too much.

Su Yuan did not get anything out of him, so she could only tell him the exam number.

The old lecher took out his phone and his fingers moved back and forth on the screen.

Su Yuan wanted to see what he was doing, so she stuck her head out to look at the phone screen but was blocked by the old lecher.


The old lecher’s expression changed, and he glared at her fiercely.
“This isn’t something you should be looking at.”

Su Yuan pretended to be frightened, her body trembling as she took a few steps back.

She had only seen the words ‘test score’ in that glance just now.
This group of people were so cautious.
She was afraid that when she left, her mobile phone would not have recorded anything useful.
However, today’s opportunity was very rare.
She had to get the evidence!

After the old pervert sent the message, he realized that he had been too fierce just now.
He quickly reached out to hug Su Yuan and coax her in his arms.

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