66 The New President

However, Su Yuan seemed to have just grown out of the floor.
No matter how hard he pulled, she would not budge.

The old lecher was already drunk, and he could not control his temper.
He was the Deputy Director of the Education Bureau, and all the little whores who came out to sell themselves did not take the initiative to get close to him.
This was the first time he had met someone like Su Yuan who did not know what was good for her, so he yelled, “What happened to you?”

“What did I do, uncle?” Su Yuan asked with an innocent look.

The others also looked over.

“Don’t you know what you should do now that you’ve entered this door?” The old lecher continued to roar.

Su Yuan slowly stood up and asked in a trembling voice, “I, what should I do?”

The old lecher choked.
He reached out to grab Su Yuan’s hand and was about to pull her into his arms.

In the end, he did not manage to pull Su Yuan over and almost fell down.

The old lecher yelled out in frustration.
“F*ck! What the f ck is wrong with you? Why are you pretending to be innocent when you’re a prostitute?”

The others finally realized that something was wrong.
They quickly put down their glasses and stood up.

At that moment, the old lecher’s phone suddenly rang.
He looked at the caller ID and frowned.
“Didn’t I tell you not to call this number?”

“But, Deputy Director Zhao, the exam number you just sent me, isn’t it the person you wanted to reject? What kind of situation was this? Has the plan changed?”

Hearing this, the old lecher’s phone fell to the ground.

He looked at Su Yuan in disbelief, pointed at her, and stuttered, “You, you, who are you?”

Su Yuan stopped pretending and said with a smile, “Why don’t you guess?”

She thought that the million Yuan she had just gotten from Mu Yuchen had to be spent wisely.
It would be best if she did not use it.
Who knew that even though she had thought it through, things always developed in a way that was beyond her expectations?

The person sitting in the dark, upon hearing Su Yuan’s words, instantly made a move.

Mu Yuchen was waiting anxiously outside the door.
When he heard the sound of the wine bottle breaking, he pushed the door open and rushed in, “Su Yuan, I’m here to save you.
Where are you?”

Before he could make a move, he felt a pain in his wrist.
Someone had pressed him against the armrest of the sofa.

“F*ck! My wrist!”

“All of you stop! all of you, hold your heads and squat down!”

Zhou Guang never expected that it was not Mu Yuchen who had caused him to close his shop, but the police.

“Don’t push me.
do you know who I am?”

Mu Yuchen twisted his waist and walked like a crab.

Su Yuan followed behind him, occasionally turning back to look.

All the lights in the bar were turned on, and everyone’s faces were exposed under the light.
She finally saw the man in the corner.

However, she had never expected that person to be Chen Yi!

Chen Yi was the boss of the newly-opened entertainment.
Su Yuan had just sent her proposal to their email a few hours ago, and now this happened.
After all this, the person who tampered with her results was actually Chen Yi.
But why? Su Yuan could not understand.
Chen Yi was the boss of a newly-opened entertainment company.
He could not possibly lack this little bit of money, right? It was illegal to change the college entrance examination results.
How could it be compared to opening an entertainment company to make money? What was he doing this for?

Su Yuan was deep in thought when she saw a police officer walk up to Chen Yi respectfully and whisper something into his ear.

“Su Yuan, let me tell you, he’s not human at all.
My wrist almost broke because of him!” Mu Yuchen complained.

“Shut up!” Su Yuan said impatiently.
She wanted to hear what they were saying, but Mu Yuchen interrupted her.
Great, she did not hear anything.

Su Yuan glared at Mu Yuchen and lifted her leg to knee him in the back of his waist.

He immediately let out a pig-like howl.
Mu Yuchen lost his balance and was about to fall to the ground when someone suddenly pulled him to the side.
His chin hit something hard.

“F*ck! You f*cking watch my face!”

When he looked up, Mu Yuchen met Chen Yi’s calm eyes and was stunned.
F*ck! why was he so much taller than him!?

Su Yuan’s expression changed.
“You’re the president of a new entertainment company.
How could you do something like this behind my back? I can’t believe it!”

Bah! Shameless! Changing her college entrance examination results! shameless! Bastard! Her heart broke at the thought that she had actually given her proposal to this guy.

Chen Yi raised his eyebrows and turned to look at Su Yuan.
“You know me?”

Su Yuan snorted.
“Hmph! You’re just the president of an entertainment company.
Who wouldn’t know you?”

Chen Yi furrowed his brows tightly.
Was his reputation already so great?

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