69 Zhao Fengde

Su Yuan watched from the side.
It was really interesting.
In her previous life, Pei Xifan had never allowed her to interact with her family.
At that time, she had thought that he was doing it for her own good.

It turned out that he was afraid that Su Yuan would find out that his status in the family was lower than that of an animal.
If an uncle could treat him like this, what more the Pei family?

Apart from Zhao Fu, there were three other people who had been caught.
When the police were giving written statements to these people, they were all very arrogant and their statements were consistent.
They said that they did not know anything and kept saying that they were innocent and that the police had wronged good people.

Su Yuan was about to puke when she heard this.
She looked at the time and saw that it was almost midnight.
If these dogs did not admit to their crimes, she would have to waste time with them!

Perhaps it was because Chen Yi had said that Su Yuan was a victim, but even though she was brought to the police station and handcuffed, she was treated much better than Zhao Fu and the others.
The female police officer even poured her a glass of warm water and asked her to sit down and wait.
Every time Su Yuan had something to say, the female police officer would politely tell her that it was not her turn yet and ask her to wait a little longer.
However, she would fall asleep soon!

At this moment, the police officer who had led the team to the bar to arrest the man came out with a pile of documents.
Seeing the chaos outside, he shouted, “What’s all the noise, be quiet! This is a police station!”

Su Yuan took a look.
Was he not the police officer who had spoken to Chen Yi earlier? She put the cup aside and stood up, raising both hands over her head.
“Police officer, police officer, look here.
I know Chen Yi.
Do you remember me?”

The police officer looked over and raised the evidence bag in his hand.
“The phone inside is yours?”

Su Yuan nodded.
“Yes, it’s mine.
There’s evidence of these people’s crimes inside!”

When Zhao Fu heard that Su Yuan had actually recorded the conversation, he angrily slammed the table and stood up.
“You little b*tch, when did you put the phone in there?!”

“Heh, not only did I record evidence of your crimes, I even know who he is!” Su Yuan laughed coldly.
After saying that, she pointed to the man who was on the phone in the corridor.
“Officer, you can check his last call.
I heard him threaten the other party, saying that if he couldn’t do it, he would kill the other party’s parents!”

The man was suddenly pointed out by Su Yuan, and he panicked.
The two people who were acting arrogantly with him also turned pale.

Hearing this, the police officer quickly gave a look to the police officer holding the man.
The police officer immediately searched him and found the mobile phone in his pocket.


The police captain took the phone.
There was no lock password on the phone, so he directly opened the call record and showed it to the man, asking who he was calling.

Seeing that he could no longer hide it, the man was scared out of his wits.
He had no intention of resisting at all.

Zhao Fu, who had been standing at the side, suddenly broke free from the police’s restraints and rushed over.

Seeing that he was running toward the phone, Su Yuan quickly stretched out her leg and tripped Zhao Fu.

“Aaah!” Zhao Fu screamed and fell to the ground.
He was then pressed down by a few police officers.

Zhao Fu raised his head and looked at Su Yuan with hatred.
“You again!”

Su Yuan looked down at him, and her lips curled up.
Although she was smiling, her eyes were filled with ruthlessness.
“Zhao Fengde, I advise you to confess to your crimes today.
Otherwise, it won’t just be this college entrance examination score-changing case that’s waiting for you.”

Hearing Zhao Fengde’s name, Zhao Fu suddenly froze.
He then said in a panic, “You, who are you calling?”

Su Yuan bent down and gradually approached him.
She smiled and said, “I’m calling out to whoever agrees!”

“What, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Zhao Fu immediately cowered and avoided her eyes, not daring to look her in the eye.

“Oh? Do you want me to help you recall?” Su Yuan smiled coldly at him, then turned to the police captain.
“Officer, I know some things about Zhao Fu.
They should be of help to your investigation.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu’s eyes widened.
“No, no, no, lawyer, lawyer, please help me.
Call my brother-in-law immediately and ask him to save my ass.”

At this moment, several cars suddenly stopped in front of the police station, and a large group of people got out.
The one at the front was a middle-aged man with an extraordinary temperament.
He was wearing a white police uniform, and the epaulet on his shoulder was shining.

When the police officers at the station saw this person, they all stopped talking and quickly saluted.

Su Yuan looked at the police badge on the middle-aged man’s chest.
00001, this is the Director of City A’s Public Security Bureau! A case of changing marks in the college entrance examination had even alerted the Director of the Public Security Bureau?

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