70 Small Scenes

As Su Yuan was taking in the scene, she saw a familiar figure.

“Director Li, can you let her go now?”

When Director Li saw Su Yuan, he immediately smiled and said, “Oh, she’s the victim.”

“Ahem.” Fu Wen pretended to cough twice to interrupt the other party.

Director Li understood and did not continue.
Instead, he looked at the female police officer behind Su Yuan and ordered, “Quickly release her.”

“Miss Su,” Fu Wen reminded.

“Yes, let Miss Su go.”

Hearing the director’s words, the female police officer quickly unlocked Su Yuan’s handcuffs.

“Madam, how are you?” Fu Wen immediately walked up to Su Yuan and said in a low voice, “Sir is very worried about you, but he can’t show his face due to his leg injury, so he asked me to come and save you.”

Mo Ting? Only then did Su Yuan remember the two people she had locked up in the bar’s washroom.
The corner of her mouth twitched.
“Were you the one who released the two of them?”

Fu Wen’s head was full of question marks.
He did not understand Su Yuan’s words at all, but there were too many people here and it was not convenient for him to ask, so he could only retreat behind Su Yuan.

“Miss Su, I’ll have to trouble you to take a statement for this case.”

Director Li was very polite to Su Yuan.
It could even be said that he respected her.
How could the police officers present not see it? To be able to invite the Director over in the middle of the night, these suspects combined might not be as powerful as this Miss Su.

The police captain hurriedly brought over a record book, intending to personally record Su Yuan’s statement.

At this time, the old lecher who was pressed to the ground was not happy.
“Well done, you actually got the Director of the Public Security Bureau here.
Are you trying to use your power to bully people? I’m warning you, City A is the capital, the place where the law is the most important.
If you abuse your power and wrongly accuse innocent people, you will be punished by the heavens!”

Hearing that, Su Yuan laughed out loud.
This old lecher was quite interesting.
He could abuse his power but not let others use it? “You’re pretty good at double standards, aren’t you?”

She was about to walk over and chat with the old pervert when she was suddenly stopped by Fu Wen.

“Husband, Miss Su, Sir has instructed that if you are injured, my head will be separated from my neck!”

Was this not a little too much? Was she that close to Mo Ting? Besides, she did not ask him to save her.
It was just a small scene, she could still handle it.
Well, it was indeed a lot more convenient with the Bureau Director around.

“Officer, can I have a few words with him?” Su Yuan asked.

The police captain nodded, handed the transcript to the female police officer, and personally escorted the old lecher.

Su Yuan looked at Fu Wen and said, “This should be fine, right?”

Fu Wen thought for a while and retreated to the side.

“Zhao Fengde, hehe…”

Su Yuan’s smile was sinister, and Zhao Fu felt a chill run down his spine.

“You, who are you calling? I don’t know any Zhao Fengde!” The old lecher’s eyes flickered, and he did not even look at Su Yuan.

“Pei Xifan, your uncle is being held down on the ground like a criminal.
Why don’t you have any reaction?” Zhao Fu shouted in panic.

Pei Xifan was already scared out of his wits.
Su Yuan had acted just like that and the Director of the Public Security Bureau had come to save her.
Everything was beyond his understanding.

And that Fu Wen, he did not look like an ordinary person.
In his memory, Su Yuan could not have known this person.
Who was he? Why was he able to invite the Director of the Public Security Bureau and make the director treat him so politely? His power must be above the Bureau Director, no, it was likely to be above the entire Pei family! Otherwise, why would Zhao Fu be so flustered?

Without waiting for Pei Xifan to speak, Su Yuan said, “It’s no use looking for him.
Even if you find the Heavenly King today, it’ll still be useless!”

There was nothing wrong with what she said.
The Bureau Director was here, and there was no way Zhao Fu could escape.
However, Pei Xifan felt that it had a different meaning.
Su Yuan seemed to despise him for being useless and incapable.
His face immediately turned ashen.
He looked at Fu Wen, who was standing behind Su Yuan like a guardian angel, and felt very awkward.
Whether it was height, appearance, or aura, this man was much stronger than him.
All women liked the strong.
Su Yuan broke up with him because of this man? Just because that man was stronger than him? Pei Xifan’s expression became uglier as he thought about it.

Su Yuan did not have the time to care about Pei Xifan.
“Zhao Fengde, you changed your name seven years ago, right?”

The old lecher’s face turned pale when he heard this.
He was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.
He wanted to retreat with all his might, but the police were pressing on his shoulder.
He could not move at all.

“I, I don’t know, I don’t know anything.
You’re a lunatic, police, save me! I don’t talk to a lunatic, I won’t! Pei Xifan, hurry up and call my brother-in-law! Get him to save me!”

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