71 The Case From Seven Years Ago

“Save you?” Su Yuan looked at the police captain.
officer, she said, “You should be able to find all the case files in the city, right?”

The police captain did not understand what she was going to do, but he still nodded.
“Yes, I can.”

Su Yuan said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you to go and check the case file from seven years ago.
Did a girl named Zhuang Manyu call the police because of him?” Su Yuan then turned to look at Zhao Fu and he said, “I’m sorry, but I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.”

“She was raped by her postgraduate tutor.”

The moment Zhao Fu heard Zhuang Manyu’s name, he fell to the ground with a lifeless look in his eyes.

Everyone present was shocked, and the director directly opened his mouth to confirm, “Miss Su, is what you said just now true?”

“Is Director Li holding Miss Su in his arms?” Fu Wen asked.

Director Li immediately fell silent.

Su Yuan looked at Fu Wen in surprise and thought, ‘Assistant Fu, you’re good.
Why didn’t I realize that you had such a strong aura before?’

Fu Wen was embarrassed by Su Yuan’s stare, and his ears turned red.
He quickly begged for mercy, “Madam, don’t look at me anymore.
If Sir finds out, I’m done for!”

Su Yuan suddenly had an idea.
He wanted to discuss something with Fu Wen.
The two of them could set up a trap for Mo Ting.
After all, he was not a good person, so Fu Wen might be able to use this opportunity to leave him.
As long as they could get the two billion in liquidated damages together, would it not be great to split it in half?

Pei Xifan looked at the two of them whispering to each other and was instantly enraged! That man just called Su Yuan Miss Su, could he be one of Bai Weiguang’s men?

But why did Bai Weiguang suddenly treat Su Yuan so well? Could it be because of the police announcement? Bai Weiguang felt that Su Yuan had some value, so he wanted to please her…

If Su Yuan could use this incident to gain a foothold in the Bai family, would she still be willing to be with him? Thinking of this, Pei Xifan felt extremely stressed.
The Bai family had always looked down on him.
Originally, he had wanted to win Su Yuan over and use her to develop the company.
After he had gained a firm foothold, he would dump Su Yuan and ask to marry Bai Yurou.
That way, he would be able to take over the Bai family’s power.
But now, it seemed like he could not even control Su Yuan.

“Miss Su, there was indeed such a case seven years ago.
The victim, Zhuang Manyu, reported that her postgraduate tutor had raped her, but the case was left unsettled in the end.” The police captain handed the printed file to the director.

The Bureau Director took a quick glance and was so angry that his face turned red and white.
He was angry, but at the same time, he was relieved.
Fortunately, it was not the police station he was on duty at.

“Zhao Fengde, do you have anything else to say?”

Zhao Fengde, of course, could not say anything.

Su Yuan said lightly, “Seven years ago, Zhao Fengde was just a useless son-in-law of the Pei family.
He had nothing to do all day.
I don’t know where he heard that it was easy for a teacher to prey on female students in a university, so he spent a lot of money to buy certifications from a university.
He also hired a lot of services to publish papers under his name and he got a professor title.
After that, he became an economics professor at University A.”

“During Zhao Fengde’s teaching period, he used his position to threaten and rape many students.
In order to satisfy his perverted hobbies, many female students were disabled or mentally deranged.
Zhuang Manyu was one of them.”

“In the end, the police were unsuccessful.
Zhuang Manyu left a suicide note and jumped off the school building.
The parents came to the school to make a scene.
Zhao Fengde saw that the matter couldn’t be suppressed anymore, so he asked the Pei family for help.”

“The Pei family is a wealthy family in City A.
After the Pei family stepped in, this matter was settled very quickly.
Zhuang Manyu had died in vain.
After that, Zhao Fengde changed his name to Zhao Fu.”

In her previous life, she had spent a lot of money to hire a detective to investigate her college entrance examination results.
In her previous life, she did not have the ability to punish these people, but in this life, none of them could escape! If she wanted Zhao Fengde to die today, he would not live to see tomorrow’s sun.

The police officers in the room were once again shocked by Su Yuan’s words.

The police did not even enter the interrogation room and quickly took down Su Yuan’s statement.

Su Yuan had read through all the case files in her previous life countless times, so she knew everything about the victim.
When she listed the victims’ names, ages, and home addresses one by one, Zhao Fengde suddenly broke down and burst into tears.

“Who the hell are you? Who are you? You’re not a human, you’re a demon!”

Su Yuan turned her head and smiled, “Those who offend me will die a horrible death!”

Then, she glanced at Pei Xifan, who was not far away.
‘You’re next.’

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