ly did such a thing.
How disgusting!” Xu Yingying furrowed her brows.
She was indeed disgusted by Zhao Fu.

Gu Qin and Xu Yingying were the light in Su Yuan’s previous life.
She did not want to hide such a big thing.
Not only did she not want to hide it, but she also wanted to change some things in her previous life and change their lives.

“Zhao Fu changed my college entrance examination results.” Su Yuan said calmly.

“What?” Gu Qin’s voice went up in an instant, his face full of disbelief.

“No wonder you wanted to break up with me.
It’s actually like this.” No one knew when Pei Xifan had caught up to the three of them, but he was staring at Su Yuan’s hand that Gu Qin was holding.

He could bear with losing to the man just now.
After all, he could not compare to him in all aspects.
However, the two of them were not married yet, so he still had a chance! But he would never accept losing to Gu Qin! What right did a poor tomboy with nothing have to snatch his woman?

“Gu Qin, you’re really like a ghost that won’t leave!” He said through gritted teeth.

He had noticed this Gu Qin a long time ago.
Gu Qin was a year older than Su Yuan, and it was obvious that she harbored ill intentions toward her.
The two of them were not in the same batch, but Gu Qin always tried to ask Su Yuan to study at the library.
After the college entrance exam, Gu Qin went to University A, and the two of them often messaged each other.
Every weekend, Gu Qin would come back to see Su Yuan, saying that she would come back to visit her family and Su Yuan.

However, Pei Xifan had done his research.
Gu Qin’s parents had died a long time ago, and she and her sister only had each other to rely on.
Besides, her sister did not even live in City A, so why the hell did she have to visit her family?! She clearly came back to see Su Yuan!

“Break up? Ha!

“Su Yuan, you’ve been in a relationship with him?” Gu Qin looked at Su Yuan with a light smile.

Su Yuan coldly glanced at Pei Xifan.
“I’ve never seen him in my life.”

“Did you hear that?” Gu Qin stood in front of Su Yuan, clearly trying to protect her.

Pei Xifan did not expect Su Yuan to say that.
He said angrily, “Su Yuan, stop right there! You!!!”

Pei, don’t think that you can flirt with me as you wish just because I’m single.
I’m very strict with who I date, and you’re obviously not suitable.
In my opinion, you’re not even comparable to a kitten or a dog on the street.
Even if I were blind, I wouldn’t fall for you.
The police station is right there.
If you keep following me, I’m going to report you for sexual harassment!”

Pei Xifan was silent.

Su Yuan pulled Gu Qin and Xu Yingying far away.
When she looked back, Pei Xifan was still standing in the same spot, not moving at all.
The shock on his face was still there.

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