73 Distant Uncle

Gu Qin chuckled softly and reached out to knock Su Yuan’s head.

“Ahh, why did you hit me?” Su Yuan covered her head.

Gu Qin said, “Didn’t we agree to study hard and not date before we graduate from college?”

“Little Yuan, are you really in a relationship with that man?” Xu Yingying asked in surprise.

This little girl, why was her reaction so slow? She knew that she could not hide it from Gu Qin, the genius with an IQ of 150.
She could only admit it.
“Yeah, I was tricked by a scumbag…”

Gu Qin rolled her eyes at her.
“Just focus on your studies from now on.
Why are you dating for no reason? How old are you? People who fall in love with underaged girls are perverts!”

Fu Wen, who was following behind the three of them, thought, ‘Then what’s the person who’s married to an underaged? A fighter plane among the freaks? But that’s not right.
Didn’t Madam already have her 18th birthday? This tomboy might have misunderstood the term ‘underage’.’

Su Yuan held Gu Qin’s arm out of habit, while Xu Yingying held her arm.
The three of them walked to the side of the street and hailed a taxi.

“Miss Su,” Fu Wen said.

Su Yuan turned around and looked.
“Ah! You’re still here!”

Fu Wen asked, “Do I have no sense of existence?”

Su Yuan waved at him.
“It’s all thanks to you today.
Thank you.
You can go back first.
We’re going home.”

“Go home?” Fu Wen looked at Gu Qin and then at Xu Yingying.
“Madam, why are you thanking me? you should thank President Mo.
If I let you go, President Mo will beat me to death tonight! Shouldn’t you go and see President Mo?”

Fu Wen was just about to persuade Su Yuan when he heard a car horn from across the street.

It was a black Maybach.
Su Yuan was already very familiar with this car.
She turned around to look at Fu Wen.

Fu Wen nodded his head, silently acknowledging that the person in the car was Mo Ting.

Su Yuan sighed.
She had never seen such a kind personal assistant like Fu Wen.
He was being bullied by a scumbag like this, but he could still endure it.
Who had ever seen a personal assistant come forward to bail out a third party from the police station? Today, she had seen that Fu Wen was probably a masochist.

Su Yuan walked across the street with a complicated expression.

“Little Yuan.” Gu Qin stopped her and looked at the Maybach warily.

“It’s fine, I’m just going to say hello.” Su Yuan comforted.

“Who is he?” Gu Qin asked.

Even though he could not see the person in the car, his intuition told him that it was a man.

Su Yuan did not want to lie, but she was afraid that Gu Qin would lose control of his emotions if she told him the truth.

“Uncle, he’s my uncle,” she said.

Fu Wen’s mouth twitched.
‘Uncle? Fortunately, the president’s leg was injured and he didn’t follow them.
Otherwise, if he heard this, they would probably become shark food.’

Gu Qin did not expect the person in the car to be Su Yuan’s relative, and his expression was one of shock.
“Uncle from the Bai family?”

“No, it’s that uncle, my distant uncle,” Su Yuan replied.

Fu Wen thought, ‘That’s enough, President Mo.
Madam has already made arrangements for your identity.’

Afterwards, Su Yuan walked over to the back door and opened it, revealing Mo Ting’s cold expression.
“Did Madam suffer any grievances?”

Su Yuan cursed under her breath.
This person’s skin was thicker than tree bark.
He was just fooling around in the bar’s toilet earlier, but now he was acting like nothing had happened.
How did he do it?

“No, thank you for helping me.” No matter what, she still had to thank him for today.
If Fu Wen had not gone with the police chief, she probably would not have been able to get away until the next morning.

Seeing that she had no intention of getting into the car, Mo Ting patted the seat beside him.
“It’s late, let’s go home.”

Su Yuan frowned and did not move.
“Uncle, your leg is actually almost fully recovered and you can walk again.
However, you can’t remove the splint for the time being.
Let your leg get used to the feeling of landing first.
He would remove the splint tomorrow morning.
You need to practice walking for half an hour and rest for two hours.
Don’t practice for too long.”

Mo Ting did not respond.
Instead, he remained silent for a while before he replied, “Are you going to see Auntie?”

“No, I’m going to my friend’s place tonight.” Su Yuan shook her head.

Mo Ting’s expression darkened as he lowered his car window and looked across the street, “He’s the man that the Madam was staying with?”

Su Yuans said, “Why is Mo Ting’s face so dark?” Could it be that he was suffocated in the toilet?

The man in the back seat of the Maybach was looking at another man across the street through a small gap in the window.
The atmosphere was extremely cold.

Su Yuan once again felt like she was about to suffocate.
She waved at Fu Wen and reminded Mo Ting of the things he should take note of while practicing walking.

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