74 Running a Red Light

Fu Wen was in a difficult position.
“Madam, why don’t you come back with us? I’m not a doctor.
I can’t do anything to President Mo’s leg!

Su Yuan rolled her eyes at him.
“How can a man say he can’t do it? I’ve already put the bones back together, and the wound is almost healed.
I just need to contact them and have someone keep an eye on them.
When you first walk, the position of the broken bone will still hurt a little, but your President has a very high tolerance for pain, so it’s not a big problem.”

After giving her instructions, Su Yuan turned around and left.

“Wait,” Mo Ting called out to her.

“Anything else?”

“What about tomorrow?”

Su Yuan was stunned for a moment, then said, “We’ll talk about tomorrow’s matter tomorrow.”

She still had other things to do tomorrow.
What’s wrong with President Mo? Why is he so long-winded?

Fu Wen could only sense the change in President Mo’s aura.
He glanced at Su Yuan.

However, after Su Yuan finished speaking, she did not even say goodbye and ran off.

Fu Wen thought to himself, ‘This little Madam is too ungrateful.
President Mo came to pick her up in the middle of the night.
When he heard that something had happened to her, he even asked the director to come out.
Now, she left him behind.
He wanted her to stay so badly, but she left with another person without hesitation.’

Fu Wen could not help but worry for his president when he thought about how Su Yuan had just carried that man.
However, his President Mo was handsome, rich, smart, and had a good figure.
Most importantly, he was loyal.
Was he not the dream man of every person? He should not have lost to a student.
He did not dare to look at Mo Ting’s dark expression as he lowered his head, opened the car door and got into the driver’s seat.

“President Mo, are you leaving now?” Fu Wen asked.

Mo Ting watched as Su Yuan skipped over to the tomboy opposite her.
The tomboy even smiled as he ruffled her hair.
After that, the three of them hailed a taxi and left.

At the same time, the Maybach started up slowly and followed the car.

In the car, the atmosphere was extremely depressing.
Fu Wen held the steering wheel, his palms sweating.
Ever since President Mo saw the man touch his wife’s head, his face had turned as cold as ice and he could feel the temperature in the car dropping.
He was afraid of losing her, so he drove quickly.
However, when they were about to reach the red street light, for some reason, the taxi suddenly sped up, leaving them far behind.
At this time, the signal light had changed from green to yellow.

“Drive over!” Mo Ting said.

Fu Wen stepped on the gas pedal and the car rushed past the red light.
The lights flashed and the entire process of violating the traffic rules was captured.

“President Mo, we got 6 points deducted for passing the red light,” Fu Wen reminded him in a low voice.
In fact, this did not even include the acceleration.

This country was different from other countries.
The punishment for violating traffic lights was very heavy.

“If you lose the car or your license,” Mo Ting said coldly, “you don’t have to come to work anymore.

Fu Wen said, “Ugh.”

After that, Fu Wen turned a blind eye to the car and ran the Maybach like a racing car.
He did not look at any signal lights and just followed the car closely.

Half an hour later, the car finally stopped at the entrance of a high-class residential area in the west of the city.

The Maybach quietly stopped by the side of the road.
The back window was lowered halfway, revealing Mo Ting’s dark expression.
His gaze was locked on Su Yuan.
He watched her play with Gu Qin and watched him go upstairs.
After a while, a window on the right side of the top floor lit up.

Fu Wen lowered his head and bent his waist.
He did not even dare to breathe too deeply, trying his best to reduce his presence.

After a while, the light in the room became brighter.
The curtains were pulled open, and occasionally, a figure walked by the window.

Mo Ting stared at Fu Wen for a long time until his neck and waist started to hurt.
Only then did Fu Wen finally speak, “Let’s go,” he said.

The car window rolled up, and the Maybach drove away from the neighborhood.

“Wow, Gu Qin, your house is so big!” Xu Yingying said in surprise.

It was her first time at Gu Qin’s house.
The moment she stepped in, she was shocked by the spacious living room.

“Find a place to sit, I’ll go get some drinks for you.” Gu Qin said.

Su Yuan had been here a few times in her previous life, so she had already experienced it.
However, Gu Qin was a pure, tomboy, she was planning on becoming a boy soon.
Thus she had actually asked them to call her a he from now on.

He especially liked black, white, and gray colors.
Why did he have to paint such a nice living room black? it was especially eerie at night.
Su Yuan found the switch with ease and turned on all the lights in the living room.
Then, she turned on the TV.

Xu Yingying took a quick look around the house.
When she turned around, she saw Su Yuan taking out the remote control from the TV cabinet.
Her eyes immediately lit up with the desire to gossip.
“Little Yuan, what’s going on with you?”


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