76 On the Hot Search

After being in the business for so many years, the head of the Pei family knew that Zhao Fu must have offended some big shot.
With the Pei family’s status in City A, only the top few families could easily mess with him.
However, the Pei family did not have any dealings with those families, so it was impossible for them to become enemies.
Just as he was thinking about it, his assistant suddenly exclaimed.

The Pei family’s master was shocked and shouted, “What are you shouting for? Don’t you think I have enough headaches?”

“B-boss Pei, quick, take a look at Weibo.”

The assistant trembled as he placed the phone on Master Pei’s table.

Master Pei glanced at it and almost fainted on the spot.

It was hot! Zhao Fu, the son-in-law of the Pei family, had raped many college students!

It was hot! The Pei family’s illegitimate son had turned a blind eye to the kidnapping case!

The next morning, Su Yuan was woken up by the ear-piercing sound of the bell.

The night before, the three of them had a good night’s sleep and only fell asleep when they were too tired to open their eyes.
Su Yuan and Xu Yingying slept on the sofa with their heads next to each other, while Gu Qin could only sleep on the floor.

Su Yuan squinted her eyes and searched for a long time before finally finding her phone.
She picked it up and saw that it was not her phone that was ringing.
She threw it out angrily.

“F*ck, who hit me!”

Gu Qin sat up from the floor, rubbing his head.
He looked at the screen for a long time and saw that it was Xu Yingying’s phone that kept ringing.

Xu Yingying picked up the phone in a daze.
It was her parents calling to ask about her college entrance examination results.
When she heard the word ‘results’, the little girl instantly woke up.
She could only tell the truth.
She had not checked on it yet.
In the end, she got a round of angry scolding from the other end of the phone.

By the time she hung up, Gu Qin was already sitting on the sofa, frowning and checking his results.
He knew Su Yuan’s exam number, so he entered it and clicked on the search button.
Perhaps it was because there were too many people checking the scores in the morning, the phone was stuck for a while.
It took a full seven to eight seconds before the score was displayed.

Gu Qin pulled down the screen and looked at the total score.
The three numbers on the phone screen were 721.
He immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Yuan had already explained Zhao Fengde’s change of status in detail last night.

Gu Qin also knew the Pei family’s situation.
In this era, money could do anything, and there was no telling what the Pei family would do after they left.
Gu Qin had already thought it through.
If Su Yuan’s results were not right today, he could only pretend that it was okay.
721 points was Su Yuan’s normal performance.
He swiped the phone screen and looked at her results for every subject.
She had full marks for math, 147 for Chinese, and 272 for English.
He smiled.

After Xu Yingying hung up the phone, she held her phone in her hand, her face full of despair.

Gu Qin knew that she was afraid to check her results, so he asked for her exam number and wanted to help her.

Xu Yingying seemed to have thought of something.
She grabbed Gu Qin’s arm and told him to check Su Yuan’s results first.

Gu Qin put the phone in front of her.
Xu Yingying was stunned.
When she saw the score on the screen, her eyes widened and her mouth opened so wide that an egg could be stuffed in.

Xu Yingying screamed and went crazy, “Little Yuan, 721! You actually got 721! F*ck, two of them still got full marks! You’ll be the top scorer, right? You must be the top scorer!”

Su Yuan was still in a daze, and this scream almost scared her to death.
She shouted angrily, “Don’t bother me!”

Xu Yingying grabbed the phone and placed it in front of Su Yuan.

Su Yuan said, “F*ck!”

Xu Yingying said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I really couldn’t control myself.
Open your eyes and take a look.
721 points! She was so excited that she was speechless, as if she had gotten a high score.”

Su Yuan took the phone and looked at it.
She mumbled in a slightly dissatisfied voice, “Three marks have been deducted from this language, yooo.
I remember now.
I seem to have miswritten one word in the reading comprehension section.”

Xu Yingying said, “You’ve already scored 721 points, and you’re still not satisfied!” Sure enough, the world of a top student was not something that a bad student could understand.

Then, Su Yuan helped Xu Yingying check her score.
It was 526 points.
She might not have passed the tier-one tier, but her results were better than usual.
Xu Yingying knelt on the floor of Gu Qin’s house and kowtowed three times in all four directions, saying that she had fulfilled her wish.

Su Yuan asked her what kind of deity she had made a wish to, why did she have to pray in all four directions?

“I’ve prayed to everyone I can think of,” the girl said sincerely.
Buddha Tathagata, Guanyin, Jesus, and Zeus.

Su Yuan was silent.

Gu Qin laughed so hard that he could not stand straight.

Originally, Gu Qin had thought that he would take the two little girls to have a good day and celebrate the end of their college entrance examination.
He planned to book three tickets to the amusement park, but just as he was booking the tickets online, Su Yuan’s phone rang.
It was an unknown number.
When she picked it up, her face darkened.
It was Fu Xinlian.

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