77 Let’s Go Back Together

Fu Xinlian said, “Little Yuan, I’m mom.”

Su Yuan did not say a word and hung up the phone.
Then, she quickly blacklisted the number.
However, after a while, her phone rang again.
It was still an unknown number.
She looked at it for a while before picking it up.

“Little Yuan, I have something to tell you.
Don’t hang up yet.” Fu Xinlian pleaded in a low voice.
She was a completely different person from the crazy woman from yesterday.

“You, can you come back to the Bai family? Your father can’t find you and is throwing a tantrum at home.
Your grandmother has had a heart attack and is in the hospital.
She has come back from the hospital to see you.
Can you come back?”

Su Yuan’s face was filled with helplessness and said, “Fu Xinlian, did you not understand what I said yesterday? You, me, and the Bai family are irreconcilable from now on, and you still want me to go back?”

“No, Little Yuan, it’s all my fault.
I’ll apologize to you.
I was out of my mind yesterday.
I’ll apologize to your mother.
I’ll persuade Su Yuan.
I’m your grandmother.
I’m begging you, your father has something to tell you.
Zhang Huilan suddenly said as she took the phone.”

Although Su Yuan’s grandmother was a little mean, her attitude toward Su Yuan was still alright.
She did not dote on her and did not give her any face, but she did not abuse her either.
She just treated her like air.
One had to know that in the Bai family, Su Yuan was like air.
To her, that was already the happiest thing.

She also wanted to say a few words to Bai Weiguang, so she did not hang up.

“You want to go back?” Gu Qin asked with a frown.

He knew very well how the Bai family had treated Su Yuan.
When he had first become good friends with Su Yuan, she would always come looking for him in the middle of the night, covered in wounds.
The skin that was exposed was covered in bruises, not to mention the invisible scars.

When Gu Qin asked her what had happened, she only said it was a fight.
Later on, Gu Qin and Su Yuan were too engrossed in their studies at the library and forgot the time.
It was dark, and Gu Qin was worried about her going home alone, so he insisted on sending her home.
It was also at that time that he found out that Su Yuan was living with the wealthy Bai family.
But since it was a matter of privacy, he did not ask.
After the two of them parted ways, Gu Qin started walking back.
After walking for a while, he suddenly remembered that he had put Su Yuan’s revision materials into his bag when he was explaining to her.
He was about to return them to her.
Then, he saw an extremely shocking scene.

The servants in the Bai family villa were beating Su Yuan up with brooms as if they had gone crazy.
As they beat her up, they were also scolding her.

Due to the distance between them, Gu Qin could not hear what the servants were saying, but he could clearly see the brooms hitting Su Yuan’s body.

Next to her was a well-dressed woman.
She was pointing at Su Yuan and also cursing.

Gu Qin was furious.
He rushed over and kicked the Bai family’s big iron gate.
The sound alarmed the people in the villa.
He took out his phone and shouted, “If you touch Su Yuan again, I’ll call the police immediately.”

The woman glared at him for a long time before finally leaving with the servants.

After that, Su Yuan told him the truth, and he found out that the woman was her stepmother!

“I’ll just go back for a while.” Su Yuan said.

“No!” Gu Qin said seriously.

Su Yuan looked at Gu Qin, who did not look too good.
She understood that he was trying to protect her.
After thinking for a few seconds, she said, “Why don’t you come back with me?”

Xu Yingying also knew a little about Su Yuan’s family situation.
However, she was a weak little girl, and she could not be brought along in quarrels and fights, or else she would likely be a burden.

“Little Yuan, change into my clothes.
This is my battle robe, and you’ll definitely win when you wear it! I wanted to wear it, but I overslept.
You can wear it!” As Xu Yingying spoke, she took out a bag from her bag.
There was a fiery red dress in it.

“It’s so red!” That was Su Yuan’s first impression of the dress.

“You don’t understand.
This is baleful Qi.
Have you ever heard of baleful Qi? After you wear it, no dirty things or bad luck will dare to approach you.
This is to ensure that I can be listed on the golden roll!

“Although I didn’t do well, you did well.
Maybe you’ll be the top scorer in our city.
Red is the most suitable color for you!

“Doesn’t that annoying sister of yours always look down on you? You should wear red and anger her to death!”

Xu Yingying was so excited that her hands were clenched into fists.
Su Yuan could not reject her.
Besides, she had been wearing the dress for more than a day, and it was time for her to change.

The dress was a suspenders with a waistline.
It was a long, wrinkled dress.
Although it was red, the design was very delicate.
It did not look dull at all, and even looked a little playful.

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