80 Unfilial Daughter

Bai Weiguang had slept with many women when he was young.
If all of them were pregnant with his child, then would his illegitimate children not be everywhere? It was just that Su Qiumeng was too kind-hearted.
He did not know how she had secretly gotten pregnant and even given birth to Su Yuan alone.
This was a stain on his life.
If Su Yuan stayed with the Bai family and did not cause any trouble for him, he would accept her.
It was just a child, no different from raising a dog, and he did not lack money.
But who knew that this dog would not listen to him!? Not only was he disobedient, but he also caused trouble every other day, big trouble! The Bai family’s face had been completely thrown away by her!

However, Bai Weiguang’s neck was already red.
He had been shouting for a long time, but Su Yuan did not even look at him.
Her eyes were all on the small mountain of gifts on the coffee table.

“Did you hear that? You’re really rebellious!”

Being ignored by Su Yuan, Bai Weiguang was completely enraged.
He let go of his mother and walked over to grab Su Yuan.

In a flash, Gu Qin stood in front of Su Yuan, but before Bai Weiguang could reach out his hand, he was stopped by Pei Yongchang.

“Aiya, brother Bai, Little Yuan is still young, don’t scare her.
I’m not an outsider, we’re all family.
The child might be tired, so she just sat down.
It’s nothing.”

Pei Yongchang had been in the business world for many years.
With a few words and a pat on Bai Weiguang’s shoulder, the war that was about to erupt was extinguished.

Fu Xinlian and Bai Yurou could not take it anymore.
Seeing that Su Yuan had angered Bai Weiguang, the two of them were overjoyed.
They were waiting for Bai Weiguang to kick Su Yuan out in a fit of anger so that they could vent their anger.
Who knew that a few words from Pei Yongchang would actually appease Bai Weiguang?

Bai Weiguang had always wanted to be friends with the Pei family.
Otherwise, he would not have invested in Pei Xifan’s company when he heard that Pei Yongchang had an illegitimate son.

At first, Bai Weiguang had thought that Pei Yongchang would at least have some feelings for Pei Xifan, mainly because he wanted to win over Pei Xifan.
Was it far from winning over Pei Yongchang? In the end, after investing, he slowly realized that Pei Xifan had no status in the Pei family.
He could not even enter the Pei family’s mansion.
After that, he immediately withdrew his investment in Pei Xifan and avoided him.
Now, Pei Yongchang had personally come to visit Su Yuan and brought many gifts.
He was determined to see Su Yuan.
Bai Weiguang felt that Su Yuan might still have some value.

“Brother Pei, you don’t know this, but I’ve spoiled this daughter of mine.
She’s very unruly and doesn’t know the rules.
I’m really sorry to make you laugh.” Bai Weiguang sighed as if he was a father who was worried about his daughter.

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Pei Yongchang laughed heartily, “Haha, Brother Bai, you’re wrong to think that way.
Daughters should be pampered.
If I had a daughter as cute as Little Yuan, I would have doted on her a long time ago.”

Pei Yongchang was not lying.
There were many boys in the Pei family, but none of the children born in the past years were girls.
Back then, he had been planting seeds everywhere, but the heavens had never said that he would have a daughter.
He glanced at Su Yuan and Bai Yurou, then at Pei Xifan, his face full of disdain.

Pei Xifan noticed his father’s gaze, but when he raised his head, Pei Yongchang had already turned away.
He could only see the back of his head.

Su Yuan quietly watched the two douchebag fathers put on an act, and she rolled her eyes.
Say that she was naughty? Alright, then she would put on a mischievous performance for them to see! She leaned lazily on the sofa and smiled playfully.
“Bai Weiguang, my mother is sick.
It’s the final stage of uremia.
She needs a kidney transplant and needs 6 million Yuan.”

“What did you say?!”

Su Yuan’s one sentence destroyed the originally gentle atmosphere.

Bai Weiguang’s eyes were wide open as he looked at Su Yuan.
In his eyes, there was anger, shock, and resentment.
He had never thought that Su Yuan would ask him for money in front of a guest.
The Bai family’s face had been completely thrown away by this unfilial daughter!

Hehe, did he not want to pretend to be a kind old father? He could not even continue with the act with 6 million?

Su Yuan looked at him with a smile and asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to give it to me?”

Bai Weiguang’s face turned red, then white, and then black.
It was extremely interesting.

Regarding Su Yuan’s identity, he had never officially admitted it.
In the business world, he was a famous gentleman.
There had never been any sensational news.
If the media were to find out that he had an illegitimate daughter, the image that he had built up over the years would be completely destroyed! Therefore, even though Su Yuan had returned to the Bai family for quite some time, he had never said anything about Su Yuan changing her surname, nor had he allowed the Bai family’s chauffeur to take Su Yuan to school.
If anyone asked, he would say that Su Yuan was a relative’s child.

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