82 Getting the Check

‘Piak!’ Bai Weiguang slapped Bai Yurou across the face, “Apologize to your sister!”

Now that he had acknowledged Su Yuan’s identity, Su Yuan was a member of the Bai family.
Bai Yurou was disgracing Su Yuan in front of outsiders! Bai Yurou did not seem to have much value at the moment, but Su Yuan could obviously help the Bai family attract the Pei family’s attention.

Bai Weiguang was a person who valued benefits the most.
To him, using his own daughter was a very normal and trivial matter.

Bai Yurou was stunned by the slap and tears started to flow down her face.

Fu Xinlian also stood up so hard that she almost broke her teeth, but she did not dare to say anything.
She knew Bai Weiguang’s character too well.
If she embarrassed him now, he would not let her off and might even divorce her.

“Little Rou is just too angry,” she said hurriedly, “she’s still young.
Don’t blame her.”

Bai Yurou cried even louder in her mother’s arms, “Huhu…mom…”

Bai Weiguang did not say anything.
He just pinched the space between his eyebrows and went upstairs.

A few minutes later, he passed a check to Su Yuan.
Six million Yuan, no more and no less.

Su Yuan took it with a smile and handed it to Gu Qin.

Gu Qin took it and put it away.

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Bai Weiguang was even angrier when he saw Su Yuan casually give a 6 million Yuan check to an unfamiliar kid.
“Who is he? How could you leave your money with him?”

Su Yuan looked at Gu Qin, and seeing that he was not angry, she turned around and looked at Bai Weiguang coldly.
“He’s my friend, the person I trust the most.”

What he meant was that in Su Yuan’s eyes, no one here could compare to Gu Qin.

“You, how did you become like this?” Bai Weiguang looked at Su Yuan in disbelief, as if Su Yuan had committed a heinous crime.

Su Yuan could not be bothered to continue arguing with these people.
She had already gotten what she wanted.
She got up and was about to leave when Zhang Huilan suddenly stopped her.

“Child, are you blaming us for not taking care of you after you were kidnapped?”

Zhang Huilan was quite interesting.
She was the most prideful person in the Bai family, and now she was actually admitting her mistake in public.

Su Yuan gently pushed Zhang Huilan’s hand away.
“You’re being too serious.
It’s not the first time you’ve turned a blind eye to me.”

Hearing this, Zhang Huilan’s expression froze.
She had acquiesced to Bai Weiguang giving Su Yuan the money because she felt that it was worth it to use the six million to exchange for the Bai family’s reputation.
But now, Su Yuan did not seem to appreciate it at all.
The kidnapping case was the talk of the town in City A, and there was the college entrance examination incident yesterday.
Su Yuan was a victim in both cases.
If Zhang Huilan did not know her a little, she would have thought that she directed and acted out all these things.

Zhang Huilan held Su Yuan’s hand again and said, “Little Yuan, don’t blame your father.
He’s in charge of the Bai family’s huge business, and there are many things that he can’t control.
When you go to see your mother, please say hello for me.
My health hasn’t been too good recently.
When I’m better, I’ll go and visit her.”

At the mention of Su Qiumeng, Su Yuan’s expression softened a little.
She did not push Zhang Huilan’s hand away again, and said indifferently, “I will relay it.”

Seeing that there was a chance, Zhang Huilan continued, “We heard about what happened last night.
It must have been hard on you, child.”

Last night? How did the Bai family know about Zhao Fu? Could it be that Pei Yongchang had come to the Bai family for this matter? He wanted to apologize to her?

“Little Yuan, what happened last night was all my brother-in-law’s fault.
You’ve suffered.
I’ll apologize to you on his behalf.” Pei Yongchang hurriedly replied and took out a red packet from his pocket to pass to Su Yuan.

Su Yuan glanced at the red packet but did not take it.

Pei Yongchang quickly gave Pei Xifan a warning.

Pei Xifan walked over and stuffed the red packet into Su Yuan’s hands.
He said gently, “Since dad gave it to you, just take it.”

Su Yuan thought, ‘Dad my ass!’ She did not have such a father!

She glared at Pei Xifan and pulled her hand back, causing the red packet to fall to the ground.

Pei Xifan quickly bent down to pick it up and muttered, “Look at you.
My dad gave you a red packet.
Why are you so shy? I’ll help you keep it.”

Pei Yongchang seemed satisfied with Pei Xifan’s performance.
He laughed and said to Bai Weiguang, “Hahaha, brother Bai, see, I wasn’t wrong, right? The two children are getting along quite well.
My brother-in-law is in the wrong for having an underground relationship behind everyone’s back, but I happened to find out about Xifan and Little Yuan.
That’s why I’m here today.
First, I want to apologize to Little Yuan on behalf of my brother-in-law.
Second, my Xifan and Little Yuan have been together for a while.
Although Little Yuan was still young, Xifan was already at the age to start a family.
I just wanted to discuss with Brother Bai about settling the two children’s marriage before Little Yuan goes to college.”

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