83 The Garbage Collector

Last night, Pei Yongchang had gotten all the employees of the Public Security Bureau to remove the trending searches and the posts.
However, this hot search was like a virus.
It would appear again after a few minutes after it was removed.
The same went for the posts.
It was impossible to delete them all.
Until today, the hot search was still there, and the popularity had not decreased.
The public relations department had even hired a few hackers, but they still could not resolve this matter.
Pei Yongchang finally understood that Zhao Fu must have offended some big shot, which was why the Pei family was being retaliated against.
Pei Yongchang was extremely anxious and paced back and forth in the company.
If he did not settle this matter as soon as possible, the Pei family’s shares would drop to the limit down and he would be impeached by the Board of Directors.
He would suffer a huge loss.
At this time, Pei Xifan suddenly contacted his Secretary and said that he had a way to solve this problem.
He said that if he wanted to suppress the Pei family’s scandal, he had to cover it up with another piece of news that was beneficial to the Pei family.
He was currently dating the victim of the scandal, Su Yuan.

This was the first time Pei Xifan felt a sense of presence in front of Pei Yongchang, and it was a great feeling.
It was also his first time stepping into Pei Yongchang’s office.
The top floor of the Pei family corporation was a place he had once yearned for but could not reach.
Now, because of Su Yuan, he was able to enter.
Once again, he was determined to get Su Yuan back.
This time, no matter what Su Yuan did to him, he would not give up.

Then, for the first time, the father and son thought of a good idea together, and they went to the Bai family to propose marriage.
As long as Su Yuan agreed, the press release from the Pei family’s PR department would immediately be released on the internet.
By then, the marriage between the two families would definitely suppress Zhao Fu’s scandal.

Su Yuan looked at the gifts on the coffee table.
Most of them were from the world’s top luxury brands.
These should be the betrothal gifts from the Pei family.
Su Yuan thought it was funny.
She had given up her life in her previous life, but she had not been able to marry Pei Xifan.
In this life, Pei Xifan had come to propose marriage.

Pei Xifan kept moving closer to Su Yuan.
Su Yuan glared at him.
What a good plan.
He wanted her to marry Pei Xifan.
Did she look like the kind of person who would pick up trash?

Seeing that Su Yuan did not reject him, Pei Yongchang’s heart settled.
The little girl from the countryside was easy to please.
These betrothal gifts were just prepared.
There was nothing particularly precious, just a large number.
Anyway, Pei Xifan was just an illegitimate child who could not be shown in public.
It did not matter to the Pei family what kind of woman he married.

Pei Yongchang suddenly thought of something and asked, “By the way, Little Yuan, the college entrance examination results are out.
Have you checked them? How many points did you get?”

Hearing this, Su Yuan replied indifferently, “721!”

Pei Yongchang was stunned for a moment, as if his ears were not working.
He asked again, “How many points?”

Su Yuan’s face was filled with impatience, and she repeated, “721!”

The living room fell silent.

boxn ovel.

Bai Weiguang and Pei Yongchang looked at each other.
Early in the morning, Pei Yongchang had even asked about Su Yuan’s results.

Bai Weiguang said that it was at most a second-tier book.
In reality, he had no idea how Su Yuan’s grades were.
He had only heard Fu Xinlian mention it from time to time.
She said that Su Yuan’s grades were bad and was far from Bai Yurou’s.
She even said that she had always been in the worst class and was last in class for her exams.
Was this a result of bad grades? The last place in the exam? This was 721 points! How many students in the country could score more than 700 points?

Bai Yurou was so shocked that she forgot to cry.
Damn it, this b*tch actually scored 721 points, a score that she could not catch up to no matter how hard she tried! Why? Why did Su Yuan escape safely? She had escaped from the kidnapping case and the change of points.
All her plans had failed!

She covered her swollen face and looked at the expressions of her family members.

Bai Weiguang and Zhang Huilan were looking at Su Yuan with excitement and admiration as if Su Yuan was some kind of treasure.
It was no wonder.
These two people valued their face more than anything else.
721 points could earn them a lot of face.

If this continued, they might not hate Su Yuan anymore and might even welcome her back to the Bai family.
They might even change her surname and add her into the family tree! When that happened, she, Bai Yurou, would become the second young mistress, and Su Yuan would become the first young mistress! If that was the case, Su Yuan would forever be above her!

With that thought, Bai Yurou lowered her head and clutched her clothes tightly.
The fierceness in her eyes was like boiling lava.

Bai Yurou’s expression did not escape Su Yuan’s eyes.
She sensed Su Yuan’s gaze and raised her head abruptly.
The two of them looked at each other, and Bai Yurou’s heart skipped a beat.
She saw Su Yuan’s lips slowly curl up, revealing a provocative and proud smile.
Her pupils suddenly shrank.


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