84 Monetary Gift

At that moment, Zhang Huilan suddenly threw away her walking stick and held Su Yuan tightly with her wrinkled hands.
Her expression was one of excitement and relief.
She looked at Su Yuan from time to time, then at Bai Weiguang, and asked excitedly, “You really got 721 points? You’re not lying to grandma? Good God, this was the accumulated virtue of the ancestors! W-we’re going to offer incense to your dad.
He must be the one who blessed our Bai family.
Pei, you have the right to speak in City A’s education world.
Do you think our Little Yuan can be the top scorer with such a score? Yurou only got 400 marks and she got into a first-tier University.
Little Yuan scored 300 marks higher than her, so she should be able to do it, right?”

In her previous life, Su Yuan had no idea what Bai Yurou’s results were.
She only knew that she did get in, but she was not sure what her exact score was.
The cut-off point for art colleges was low to begin with, and they placed more emphasis on art scores than cultural subjects.
Besides, Bai Yurou skipped a grade.
She was not a good student.
Who would take the college entrance exam a year in advance? That was why she had always thought that Bai Yurou was a good student.
She did not know if Old Madam Bai accidentally blurted it out because she was too excited or if she said it on purpose.

Bai Yurou’s hard-earned image of a top student had been destroyed just like that, and it was in front of Pei Yongchang.

Fu Xinlian and Bai Yurou’s eyes were red with anger, but they did not dare to say anything.

Pei Yongchang was indeed dumbfounded by Su Yuan’s scores.
If Su Yuan was really the top scorer of the college entrance examination in City A this year, the commotion caused by the marriage would be much bigger than expected.
However, if that was the case, Pei Xifan’s identity would be embarrassing.
He was only an illegitimate child.
He suddenly felt a little reluctant to let Pei Xifan marry Su Yuan.

“Old Madam Bai, don’t worry.
I’ll make a call and ask.” Pei Yongchang dialed a number and hung up after a few words.

“How is it?” Zhang Huilan asked nervously.

Pei Yongchang glanced at Su Yuan and said in an excited tone, “She’s indeed the top scorer.
Little Yuan is the top scorer for the science subjects in City A!”

The entire living room was in an uproar.

“I knew it.
Little Yuan is really capable.
She’s indeed the daughter of the Bai family!” Zhang Huilan was indescribably happy.
The haze of the past few days was instantly swept away, and she was in much better spirits.

“The face that the Bai family had lost during this period of time had been regained! This time, Su Yuan had done a great service and must be rewarded!

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“Weiguang, hurry up and prepare for the press conference.
Tell everyone about Little Yuan’s kidnapping and the score adjustment for the college entrance examination yesterday.” Although Zhang Huilan was excited, she did not forget to flatter the Bai family.

“Oh, right.
Also, immediately donate a building under Little Yuan’s name to her high school.
It must be named after Little Yuan!” Zhang Huilan said.

“Buy a building?” Bai Weiguang frowned.
He had just taken out 6 million Yuan and now he needed to buy a building.
How could he have so much money?

Zhang Huilan rolled her eyes at Bai Weiguang and continued, “Also, contact the best hospital in City A and find the best kidney expert to treat Su Qiumeng as soon as possible.
We’ll pay for all the expenses.”

“Didn’t you already give her 6 million just now?” Bai Weiguang said unhappily.
His heart was already bleeding when he said he wanted to buy the house, and now he had to pay for Su Qiumeng’s treatment.
His mood fell to the bottom.

Bai Yurou and Fu Xinlian looked at Zhang Huilan in disbelief.
She wanted to buy a house for Su Yuan? She even wanted to treat Su Qiumeng? Did they hear wrong? The mother-daughter pair had never been as shocked as they were today.
What was Zhang Huilan doing? Not only did she want to acknowledge Su Yuan, but she also wanted to acknowledge her as her mother? After a while, was she going to bring that old b*tch Su Qiumeng into the Bai family’s mansion?

Fu Xinlian’s temples were throbbing and she felt terrible.
Impossible, she was the Bai family’s matriarch.
Unless she died, no one could ever replace her position!

Zhang Huilan caressed Su Yuan’s arm kindly.
“The 6 million Yuan just now is your gift for becoming the top scorer.
It’s also your pocket money.”

As soon as she said that, a small noise came from Bai Yurou’s direction.
She had broken her nail.
Blood was seeping out of the wound, but she did not feel any pain.
Six million Yuan! All these years, the pocket money she had received from Bai Weiguang was not even that much.
She, Su Yuan, was just a village girl.
What right did she have? What right did she have to take away the money that belonged to her!

“Old Madam Bai, can you arrange a seat for me at the Bai family’s press conference?” Pei Yongchang said.

He finally understood that although Bai Weiguang was the head of the Bai family, as long as it was related to the Bai family’s reputation, it was still up to Old Madam Bai to decide.

Zhao Fu’s matter was also a scandal, and the Pei family also had to hold a press conference.
They might as well hold it together, and they could even directly announce the marriage between the two families.
When that time came, the various media outlets would be fighting to report on the marriage, and who would care about Zhao Fu’s scandals?

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