85 Don’t You Have a Mirror in Your House?

Pei, you mean..? ” Zhang Huilan asked.

Pei Yongchang smiled in silent agreement.

Zhang Huilan was silent for a moment.
After thinking about it, she finally said, “In that case, let Weiguang bring Su Yuan to the opening ceremony of EL group tomorrow.
Pei will also be present, so I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Little Yuan.”

Zhang Huilan’s words were very clever.
She was not asking Pei Yongchang to take care of Su Yuan, but to take care of her son, Bai Weiguang!

The opening ceremony of EL group was supposed to be attended by the top families of City A and the big families from overseas.
The small families like the Bai family were not qualified to attend.

The invitations that Zhang Huilan had been talking about were not formal ones either.
They were two admission tickets that she had risked her old face to get from the organizers.
Because of her pride, she said that it was an invitation and forcefully made herself look good.
Now that the Pei family had extended an olive branch to them, how could the Bai family not accept it?

Although the Pei family was not considered a top-class family, they had a much deeper background than the Bai family.
With Pei Yongchang’s help, Bai Weiguang and Su Yuan should be able to enter the venue smoothly.
If they could get to know some of the big bosses in the top circle of the rich and powerful at the ceremony, the Bai family’s future would be promising.

Pei Yongchang knew what Zhang Huilan was up to, so he would not reject her.

At that moment, Bai Yurou suddenly cried and asked, “Grandma, didn’t you say that you’d let dad bring me there?”

Bai Yurou had never expected that she would receive another slap right after she said that.

“You don’t know the rules! Your grandmother’s decision has no room for you to question!” Fu Xinlian roared with a face full of anger.

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She hated Bai Weiguang’s heartlessness and cold-bloodedness.
She hated Zhang Huilan for disregarding her family for the sake of her face.
She hated Bai Yurou even more for saying things that she should not have said even at this point in time!

“Mom!” Bai Yurou’s eyes were filled with confusion, unwillingness, and disbelief.
She could not believe that the person who hit her was her mother.
“Waa!” She cried out.

Fu Xinlian gritted her teeth and said, “Apologize immediately! Hurry up and pour a cup of tea to apologize!”

Zhang Huilan frowned unhappily, then looked at Bai Weiguang.

Bai Weiguang immediately understood his mother’s meaning.
He shouted at Xinlian with a dark expression, “Look at her in front of the guests.
She didn’t look like a lady from a wealthy family at all! This is the good daughter you’ve raised, take her away immediately.
From today on, she’s to reflect on her mistakes.
Without my permission, she’s not allowed to come downstairs!”

Hearing this, Fu Xinlian’s face turned even uglier and her body trembled uncontrollably.

Bai Yurou did not look like a lady from a wealthy family, but Su Yuan, that little b*tch, did? One day, she was going to make Su Yuan and Su Qiumeng, that b*tch mother and daughter, pay a painful price!

Fu Xinlian pulled Bai Yurou up the stairs.
No matter what, Bai Yurou refused to leave.
However, she did not dare to say anything bad about Su Yuan.
She only cried, and cried until her heart broke.

Su Yuan furrowed her brows in frustration and said, “Are you done acting?”

Su Yuan’s question silenced the noisy living room.
Everyone was stunned by this question.

Are you done acting? Su Yuan did not just say this to Bai Yurou, but to everyone present.
It was a pity that these people did not become actors.
Otherwise, with their superb acting skills, it would be easy for them to win an Oscar.

Su Yuan watched the drama unfold for a long time before she finally pulled her hand away from Zhang Huilan’s.
She stood up and looked down at Pei Yongchang, her eyes cold.
She then glanced at the gifts on the coffee table and said in a mocking tone, “You want me to get engaged to your son? Don’t you have a mirror at home? Didn’t you ask your son to look at his own conduct?”

Pei Yongchang was stunned.
What did she just say? Did he hear it wrong?

Pei Xifan was the first to react.
He slammed the table and stood up, pointing at Su Yuan and shouting, our conflict can be resolved in private.
“What are you saying in front of both parents?”

“Ah?” Su Yuan seemed to have heard the funniest thing in the world.
She crossed her arms and leaned lazily on the sofa, looking at Pei Xifan playfully.

Although he looked like he was smiling, he was actually mocking her and even a little cold.

Pei Xifan could not help but shiver.
He had a bad feeling.

Su Yuan smiled and said, “Mr.
Pei, last night at the police station, I made it clear to you that you’re not worthy of me.
Not now, and not in the future.
Does Mr.
Pei not understand human language?

“It’s my fault.
I was in a hurry at the police station and didn’t explain it to you clearly.
Then I’ll explain it to you again.”

“I, Su Yuan, and my mother, Su Qiumeng, was born and lived in a village.
We never owed anyone anything, and we lived an honest and open life.”

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