88 The Golden Water Bay

Su Yuan’s eyes curved into crescents from her smile.
Just then, her phone suddenly rang.
It was an unfamiliar number again.
As soon as she picked it up, Fu Wen’s panicked voice came from the other end.
“Madam, please come to the Golden Water Bay Villa.
President Mo fell down while walking!”

After hanging up, Su Yuan’s face was filled with displeasure.
“Gu Qin, we might have to go to the amusement park another day.”

“It’s alright.” Gu Qin shrugged.
“You can go and settle your urgent matters first.”

Su Yuan put her phone back into her pocket, pouted, and mumbled, “What urgent matter? You don’t even know what was said, don’t misinterpret this, okay!”

“Do you need me to go with you?” Gu Qin asked.

“No, I can do it myself,” Su Yuan replied.

Gu Qin walked to the side of the road and stopped a taxi.

After Su Yuan got into the car, she said to the driver, “Go to the Golden Water Bay.”

After that, she turned around and waved goodbye to Gu Qin, who was standing outside the window.

Gu Qin looked at the departing taxi and frowned.
Golden Water Bay? As far as he knew, there was only one Golden Water Bay in City A, and it was the most high-end villa area in the entire Hua Country.
The starting price per square meter was 600000 Yuan, and the average wealthy family could not afford to live there.
What was Little Yuan doing there?

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At the Golden Water Bay Villa area.

The car stopped at the entrance.
The management of the Golden Water Bay was very strict, and non-residential vehicles were not allowed to enter.

After getting out of the car, Su Yuan pulled out her phone.
She was a little hesitant to call the unknown number or Mo Ting’s number.

At this moment, the gate of the Golden Water Bay suddenly opened, and the security guards at the gate saluted.

Su Yuan looked inside curiously, and after a while, she saw the familiar black Maybach.

Fu Wen also saw Su Yuan at the door and let out a long sigh of relief.
He quickly stopped the car and got out to welcome her.
“Madam, I’m really sorry.
I didn’t disturb you by contacting you rashly, did I? ”

“No, no.” Su Yuan forced a smile.
But she was about to curse in her heart.
No, you mother-!

“How is Mo Ting doing?” Su Yuan asked.

Fu Wen’s face sank and he thought, ‘Madam, if you don’t come over, I’ll be tortured to death by the president.
Please save me!’

Su Yuan saw that Fu Wen did not speak and her heart trembled.
“Did he fall very badly?”

Fu Wen said, “Madam, President Mo is embarrassed.”

“About that, Assistant Fu, can I discuss something with you?” Su Yuan interrupted him.

“Madam, please speak freely.”

In the future, don’t call me Madam when it’s not important,” Su Yuan added.

She always felt that only old women of Fu Xinlian’s age would be called Madam.
She was only 18! When she was called Madam, she seemed to have aged twenty years! Besides, how could she bully Fu Wen like this? When the agreement was over in two years, she still wanted to live well in this world! If she offended him now, would she still have the life to enjoy the 200 million, no, 2 billion in the future?

Hearing Su Yuan’s words, Fu Wen suddenly had a feeling that Madam’s gaze on him was a little strange.
He could not tell what was strange, but it always gave him goosebumps.
He did not know if he was overthinking it.
Moreover, she was the Madam.
He could only obey her.
Why did she have to ask for his opinion? Could she not just order him?

“No problem, my husband will help Miss Su.”

Su Yuan immediately smiled and said, “That’s right!”

She patted Fu Wen’s shoulder and whispered, “You have to understand that I don’t have any feelings for your president.
Even if we were to have a contract marriage, it’s all fake.
In the future, even if you see anything between me and your president, it’s all an act.
You know, it’s just like a TV show, it’s all for others to see.
You can’t take it to heart, understand?”

The moment Su Yuan approached, Fu Wen finally noticed how eye-catching the red dress she was wearing was.
Her skin was already fair, and now that she was wearing red, it became even paler.

Fu Wen did not dare to move and did not even dare to look around.
He quickly shifted his gaze to the road under his feet and did not hear what Su Yuan said to him.
He just kept nodding.

Su Yuan’s mood was particularly good after Fu Wen’s heart knot was untied.
As Fu Wen drove, she took out her phone and scrolled Weibo to pass the time.
Only then did she see the hot search on Weibo.

The Pei family’s scandal had been forwarded more than 100000 times in one night.
Su Yuan randomly clicked on a post with a lot of comments.
She thought that the comments below would be full of lies.
In the end, the comments were particularly harmonious.
The strange thing was that out of the 10 comments, seven of them were related to her.

[Miss Su, did you offend someone?]

[Why are the two recent major events related to her? and she’s the victim in both of them.
It’s so sad.]

[Miss Su, you’re the best!]

[She must be good at fighting.
I really want to get to know her.
Who knows her Weibo?]

[Why did dog Zhao want to change her score? And why was she kidnapped? What was the reason? It’s too scary, it’s all a conspiracy!]


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