90 Cohabitation Invitation

Su Yuan walked around the living room twice but could not find Mo Ting.
Did he not say he was resting in his room?

At this moment, a deep male voice suddenly came from upstairs, “Fu Wen, come and help me down.”

Su Yuan raised her head and looked over.
So Big Boss Mo’s legs were not in good condition to begin with, and he still had to find trouble for her and stay on the second floor?

As she followed the stairs up, the second floor was filled with rooms.
Su Yuan searched through the rooms one by one until she reached the last room.
The door was not closed properly, so Su Yuan pushed the door open and walked in.
The first thing she saw was Mo Ting.

Mo Ting held onto his walking stick with his left hand and held onto the arm of his chair with his right as he struggled to stand up.
Hearing the door being pushed open, he did not even raise his head.
“Come over quickly.”

Su Yuan took large steps forward and placed the glass on the table beside her.
She then grabbed onto Mo Ting’s arm and pulled it upwards.

A refreshing fragrance wafted into his nose.
Mo Ting was a little surprised as he turned his head around.
A fiery red figure suddenly entered his line of sight.
He looked up and met with a pair of dark and bright eyes.

The girl looked unhappy.
“Uncle, didn’t I tell you before? You can’t rush when you practice walking.”

This room was Mo Ting’s study room.
On the table was a stack of documents, the computer was on and the cigarette butts in the ashtray formed a small hill.

Su Yuan was hugging the man, and the two of them were pressed tightly together.
The strong smell of tobacco kept entering her nose.

This guy did not know how to follow the doctor’s advice at all.
She had said before that before his leg recovered, he could not eat spicy seafood, let alone tobacco and wine.
He had actually turned a deaf ear to these words!

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Su Yuan thought about it again.
That made sense.
His legs were already like that, but he still went to the bar to mess around with women.
He definitely would not take her words to heart.
Thinking of this, Su Yuan tightened her arms around the man’s waist and pushed him against the table.
Then, she quickly moved away and took a big step back.

The man’s eyes were deep.
Although he was expressionless, there was a trace of joy in his eyes.
However, when he saw the eye-catching red dress on her, the joy in his eyes disappeared without a trace.

“Why are you here?”

The man’s tone was no different from his usual, but Su Yuan had a strange feeling that Big Boss Mo did not seem to be in a good mood.
Who had offended him? Assistant Fu?

“If I didn’t come over, my patient would have crippled himself.” Su Yuan said indifferently.

A patient? Mine?

Mo Ting repeated in his heart as his heart trembled.

“Assistant Fu called me and said that you fell while practicing walking.”

As Su Yuan spoke, she looked at him from head to toe.
She had seen Mo Ting in a formal suit and had also seen him in a hospital gown, but she had never seen him dressed so casually like today.
His hair was also unkempt, but there was a kind of beauty to it.
The royal blue silk pajamas were very slim, and the man’s muscle lines could be seen at a glance.

Su Yuan thought to herself, ‘This guy’s figure is too attractive.
He looks very refined in a suit.
But his muscles were so developed.
He would probably look better without his clothes.’

“What are you looking at?” Mo Ting’s eyes suddenly met hers.

Su Yuan was stunned for a moment, her heart racing.
She felt a sense of shame as if she had been caught doing something bad.
She hurriedly retracted her gaze and casually said, “You look pretty good in this outfit.”

He did not have the feeling of an elite anymore.
He was more like a human.

“Then, Little Yuan, move in and live with me,” The man said in all seriousness.
“You’ll be able to see me every day from now on.”

Su Yuan subconsciously wanted to nod.

Wait a minute! She had only praised Big Boss Mo for looking good in his pajamas, so why was he inviting her to live together with him?

Su Yuan shook her head with all her might, her whole body expressing rejection.
“Forget it, uncle.
It’s written in our contract that I’ll only cooperate if it’s necessary.
Living with you doesn’t seem to be within the scope of the contract.”

Mo Ting’s expression darkened.
He did not say a word, but his eyes gradually turned cold with unhappiness.

Su Yuan swallowed her saliva.
What was wrong? What she said was not wrong, right? Was there a need to use this ice-cold face to scare people? She decided not to look at him and pretended not to know anything.

However, she noticed that Mo Ting’s hands and feet were quite nimble, he did not look like he had fallen down.
Su Yuan did not ask too many questions, she simply taught him a few things to take note of while walking before she sat on the sofa and played with her phone.

Mo Ting walked over to the wall with much difficulty.
Just as he was about to ask Su Yuan for a compliment, he noticed Su Yuan was looking at her phone with a smile on her face.
In an instant, he became unhappy.

“Little Yuan.” He shouted in a deep voice.

Su Yuan did not even lift her eyelids and casually patted the space beside her.
“You’re tired? If you’re tired, come over and rest for a while, then you can continue walking.”

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