91 The Giant Doll

Mo Ting’s eyes twitched as he said patiently, “You, come over.”

“What?” Su Yuan raised her head, her face full of confusion.

Mo Ting looked into the little girl’s dark eyes and was completely defeated, “Come and help me up, my leg hurts.”

Su Yuan furrowed her brows.
‘It was so troublesome to serve Big Boss Mo.
Was he not able to endure pain? Why did he have to act coquettishly with me? Shouldn’t you go to Assistant Fu to find a sense of presence?’ She unwillingly put down her phone and walked over to Mo Ting’s side.

The man reached out and hugged her.
She did not say anything and directly clasped the man’s waist.
Then, under the man’s incredulous gaze, Su Yuan pushed her shoulder under his armpit as if she was carrying a giant doll.
With a strong push, she spun on the spot and threw Big Boss Mo onto the sofa with a ‘plop’.

After that, Su Yuan dusted her hands and said with a look of disgust, “Uncle, you’re quite heavy.
Are you too fat?”

Mo Ting looked at her incredulously and huffed.

Su Yuan said, “Forget it.
I can’t move you.
I’ll call Assistant Fu.”

Mo Ting said, “Hmph, is there anywhere I can return this wife?”

Su Yuan had just walked to the door when someone knocked on it.
“President Mo, can I come in?”

She was just about to look for Assistant Fu when he came!

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Su Yuan opened the door.
“Assistant Fu, I’ll leave President Mo to you.
He’s resting for a while, so let him continue to contact you for half an hour.
Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.
If there’s nothing, I can cook whatever ingredients there are in the kitchen.”

Fu Wen stood at the door in a daze.
He looked at Su Yuan and then at his president, whose face was extremely dark.
Although he did not know what had just happened, he was sure it was not anything good.
The usually emotionless president was now on fire.

“Madam, the president fell down earlier and might have been injured.
I’m here to deliver the medicine.”

Su Yuan lowered her head and saw that Fu Wen was indeed holding gauze, iodophor, and other dressing tools.

“It’s that serious? I don’t think he has any problems.” Su Yuan turned around and looked at Mo Ting questioningly.

In the end, the man turned his head and did not look at her at all.

He was angry again?

Su Yuan turned around and looked at Fu Wen with deep meaning, thinking, ‘This man has a bad temper and a bad attitude.
Is there something wrong with your eyes?’

Fu Wen accidentally made eye contact with Su Yuan and shivered in fear.
He did not know why he was afraid, but his intuition told him that he should be afraid.
It was better to run away as soon as possible.
He shoved the tray into Su Yuan’s hands and was about to run away after saying his goodbyes, but he did not succeed.
Su Yuan stopped him.

“Hey! What are you running for? He’s your responsibility and your president!” Su Yuan said.

In the end, Fu Wen was still pulled into the house by Su Yuan.

Su Yuan obviously did not want to hit him as she pointed at Mo Ting.
“Let’s go and see where he fell.”

Mo Ting had already given up.
He understood that he could not use normal methods to deal with Su Yuan.
His legs were not working well right now, but once they recovered, he would definitely teach her a lesson!

What else could Fu Wen do? President Mo did not say anything, which was obviously a silent agreement.
He walked over to Mo Ting, knelt down, and asked, “President Mo, can I pull up your pants and check?”

Su Yuan looked down at the two of them, her heart filled with disdain.
This was a love of unequal status! Look at how lowly Assistant Fu’s love was!

Mo Ting let out a simple ‘uh huh’ before closing his eyes.

Fu Wen carefully rolled up Mo Ting’s pants, revealing the wound on his leg.
Near his knee, there was a wound the size of half a palm.
She did not know how he fell, but the whole area of skin where he had scratched was gone, and his pink flesh was directly exposed to the air.
Su Yuan was shocked.

Fu Wen soaked a cotton ball with iodophor and was about to disinfect Mo Ting’s wound, but he did not know where to start.
In the end, he could only look up to Su Yuan for help, “Madam, I won’t.
I’m scared.”

“I really have to give it to you.
You don’t even know how to disinfect?” Su Yuan said helplessly.

As a doctor, she could not sit by and do nothing.
So, she grabbed the tools from Fu Wen’s hands and focused on treating Mo Ting’s wound.

Fu Wen retreated behind Su Yuan.
At this time, Mo Ting suddenly lifted his eyes and looked at Fu Wen with admiration, as if he was saying ‘well done’!

Fu Wen was in a good mood after being praised.
How could he be so witty?

“What’s going on? How did he get injured like this? Didn’t I tell you to look after your president?”

Su Yuan looked at the serious wound and turned around to scold Fu Wen.

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