92 An Injection

What could Fu Wen do? He could only endure it.
He was not sure how he was injured to this extent.

After returning to the villa yesterday, Aunt Du saw that the president did not bring his wife back and said with a little disappointment, “Women are all soft-hearted.
Sir’s leg is already like this, why doesn’t she know how to feel heartache?”

But the next day, the president’s leg became like this.
He really did not know anything!

After scolding Fu Wen, Su Yuan was still not satisfied, so she continued to chide Mo Ting, “Do you know how important the skin is to humans? It’s the first line of defense to protect the human body.
Your skin has been injured so badly and it’s so close to your leg.
How are you going to attend that so-called inauguration ceremony? Why don’t you take my words seriously?”

Su Yuan suddenly reprimanded Mo Ting, giving Fu Wen a fright.

‘Madam, is President Mo someone you can reprimand so casually? If you’re unhappy, you can direct it at me, but you can’t scold President Mo! No one in the Mo family dared to scold President Mo, not even his father.’

The joy from being praised by the president instantly dissipated.
Fu Wen wanted to explain for the president, but before he could say anything, he heard the president say lazily, “Yes, Madam is right.
I was wrong.”

Fu Wen was confused.

What? What did the president just say? Were his ears damaged?

Su Yuan did not expect Mo Ting to apologize, so she could not let out her anger.
With a depressed expression, she soaked a cotton ball in alcohol and pressed it against Mo Ting’s wound.

Mhmm Mhmm! Mo Ting’s eyes twitched as he pursed his lips into a straight line.

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Su Yuan glared at him and said, “You deserve it! You’d better die from the pain!”

Fu Wen gasped in horror.

Mo Ting’s face turned pale as he replied in a low and raspy voice, “As long as Madam is happy.”

Fu Wen started tearing up.

He was getting more and more confused about President Mo’s love life.
Why did he sound like a masochist?

After the wound was bandaged, Fu Wen took out an injection from somewhere and handed it to Su Yuan.

“What’s this?”

Fu Wen said, “Regeneration factor.
It was the latest repair medicine developed by the National Academy of Sciences.
Master Feng used this to treat President Mo’s legs before, I wonder if it’ll be effective for bruises.”

Su Yuan took the syringe and looked at it, then said indifferently, “How sure are you of its effectiveness?”

“This is the most advanced medical technology so far,” Fu Wen said, somewhat unconvinced.

Su Yuan laughed and asked, “Is it really the highest end? Those people didn’t even understand the structure of the human body, and they were already researching the so-called most advanced medical technology.
Plus, if this so-called factor is really effective, why did your President Mo’s leg fester instead of recovering?”

Fu Wen was stunned and was directly at a loss for words.
That was right, if this medicine was really that powerful, the president’s leg should have recovered a long time ago, but in the end, it just got worse.

Seeing his confused expression, Su Yuan suddenly realized that she might have been a little too harsh with her words.

Fu Wen was only worried about the person he loved.
How could she attack him like this?

Su Yuan thought about it, reorganized her words, and said, “Actually, this medicine isn’t completely useless.
It should still have some effect.”

“Really?” Hearing this, Fu Wen’s eyes lit up.

In order not to hurt him, Su Yuan pretended to be sincere.
“Yes, it’s true.”

“Please, Madam, help my President get an injection!”

Su Yuan sighed inwardly.

She said it herself, and she was the one who had to coax him.
So now, she had no choice but to bite the bullet?

Su Yuan stared at the syringe in her hand.
For a moment, she felt as if she had just stepped onto a pirate ship.

But, Fu Wen’s eyes were clear and sincere, he did not seem to be lying.
He was genuinely concerned for Mo Ting and she could tell.

“Madam, I don’t know how to give injections.
Before this, it was Master Feng who gave President Mo injections.
Master Feng said that you can’t give him injections randomly.
If you don’t do it well, you might lose his life.
So, Madam, please help me!”

Fu Wen had already thought of these words.
He was afraid that Su Yuan would push the blame to him again, so he simply blocked her way out.

Hearing this, Mo Ting once again gave him a look of approval.

Fu Wen was overjoyed as if the double bonus was already waving at him.

Su Yuan consoled herself and took out a piece of cotton soaked with iodophor from the tray.
She asked, “Why don’t you just watch from the side?”

Fu Wen’s eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment.
Why did he have to watch the president get a butt shot? Was he tired of living?

Before Fu Wen could reject, Mo Ting spoke first, “Get out.”

‘Alright! I was just waiting for this sentence!’ Fu Wen thought to himself.

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