imilar to the love Fu Wen had for Mo Ting.

They were both the ones who gave humbly.
They did not ask for anything in return, they just wanted to be more important in each other’s hearts.
However, the truth was that lowering one’s own status and flattering the other party did not bring about love at all.
In exchange, the other party would only hurt him even more.

As she thought about this, Su Yuan’s hand unconsciously became heavier.
It hurt so much that Mo Ting accidentally let out a sound.

Only then did Su Yuan come back to her senses and realize that the needle had completely sunk into the flesh of the man’s butt.

Su Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.
Thank God she did not stab the wrong spot.

After she pushed the medicine in, Su Yuan’s hands became much gentler as she gently pulled the pillow out of Mo Ting’s butt.
Big Boss Mo’s face was not exactly white, but his butt was quite white and tender, like soft tofu.

As she thought about it, her fingers, which were wiping the needle with a cotton ball, unconsciously curled up and accidentally hooked his butt.
She swore that she really could not hold back her tears.

However, Mo Ting did not think so.
His body suddenly trembled as his ears turned red.
In a deep and raspy voice, he said, “You, what are you doing?”

‘What was I doing? I just touched your butt, huhu.’

Su Yuan suddenly felt awkward.
What was wrong with her? Why would she be interested in a man’s butt? He was still a scumbag.
What to do? Oh no, her hands were no longer clean!

“It’s just, that, I, um, you’re bleeding too much, I’ll help you wipe it, I’m wiping it now.” After saying that, she used the cotton ball to rub the needle hole, and a red mark instantly appeared on his white and tender butt.

After they were done, Su Yuan did not dare to look at Mo Ting.
She turned her head to the side and pretended to pack her tools.

“That, you, you should quickly pull up your pants.” Although the injection only made him pull down his pants slightly, his skin still made Su Yuan’s eyes hurt! It was the one that hurt her eyes just by looking at it!

Mo Ting did not say a word as he hooked his pants and pulled them on.

Su Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.
She could not stay here any longer.
It was too strange.
She had to leave this place immediately.
She packed up her tools and was about to leave.

“Stop!” Mo Ting replied.

She wanted to run away after teasing him? How could there be such a good thing!?

Su Yuan pretended to be calm.
“Uncle, your leg hasn’t recovered yet, so you need to rest.
You can practice walking in the afternoon.
I’ll go downstairs and help Assistant Fu cook.
When it’s done, I’ll come up and call you.”

Mo Ting looked at her calmly and said, “Who told you I was going to practice walking?”

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