94 Big Boss Mo’s Revenge

“Then why did you call me?”

Mo Ting waved his hand at her, “Come here.”

Su Yuan’s face was full of resistance as she stood there unmoving.

“The house is too stuffy.
I want to go downstairs and get some fresh air.” Mo Ting replied.

Bah! The air on the first and second floors of your house was not the same, right? There were so many steps from the second floor to the first floor, and he was so strong, why did he let her hold him? He was clearly taking revenge for the time she had touched his butt!

“I’ll call Assistant Fu over,” Su Yuan replied.

Su Yuan turned around and ran.

“I don’t need him,” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan opened the door.
“You’re too fat.
I can’t help you up.”

Mo Ting pursed his lips.
“If you can’t help me up, you can take your time and we can walk slowly.”

“If you fall again, I won’t be able to take responsibility.” Su Yuan already had one foot out of the house.

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“The kidnapping case is not closed yet.
There might be problems at any time.” Mo Ting said as he stared at the girl’s back.

Su Nuan stopped moving when she heard this.
After standing still for a few seconds, she suddenly turned around and returned to her room, slamming the door behind her.
Mo Ting, you’re actually so petty!

Did she not just touch his butt? To be precise, it was not even touching.
She just touched him with her finger.
Was there a need to take revenge on her like this?

“So, are you going to help me or not?” The man asked playfully.

Su Yuan was extremely frustrated and swore to herself, ‘You little petty man, just you wait! I’ll definitely buy the evidence of your affair and earn 2 billion!’

From the moment Su Yuan touched Mo Ting, the man’s entire body weight was on top of her.
Her thin body was bearing a weight that she should not have.
The two of them walked slower than snails.
The main reason was because of Mo Ting.
He was obviously doing this on purpose.
After every two steps, he would complain that his leg hurt and refuse to take another step.
He simply wanted to rest on the spot.
How could he rest? Of course, he would take the risk of being pushed down the stairs by Su Yuan and rest on her body!

Mo Ting was very tall, at least 188 cm.
Even though his legs were not in good condition and his back was bent, he was still a head taller than Su Yuan.
His arm was like an iron rod as it pressed down heavily on Su Yuan’s shoulder.

Su Yuan’s shoulder was numb from the pressure.
Luckily, his hands were more honest and only leaned on her shoulder, not touching her body.

Otherwise, Su Yuan would definitely let him experience the thrill of walking down the stairs without using his feet.

Mo Ting leaned against the wall for a while before forcing himself to take two more steps.
After taking two steps, he continued to rest.
After half an hour, they finally reached the first floor.

Su Yuan felt that she was running out of patience.

As soon as the two arrived, footsteps were heard in the corridor.
After a while, Fu Wen came over and saw the two of them.
He asked in surprise, “President Mo, Madam, why are you guys downstairs?”

After speaking, he subconsciously walked over to help Mo Ting up.
But, before his hand could even touch Mo Ting’s body, he was warned by his stern gaze and quickly pulled his hand back.

Seeing Fu Wen, Su Yuan felt like she had seen her savior.
She lowered her shoulders and Mo Ting’s iron-like arm slid down.
But, Fu Wen pulled his hand back.

Su Yuan said, “What are you doing?” Was he playing with her?

“Haha, President Mo, Madam, lunch is ready.
You can eat now.” Fu Wen smiled awkwardly, especially when he saw Su Yuan’s resentful eyes.
He felt guilty and had to pretend to be calm.

Su Yuan replied, “You’re so silly.”

“Lead the way,” Mo Ting said.

Just as Su Yuan was about to say something, Mo Ting cut her off.
She felt a weight on her shoulder and a heavy arm wrapped around her shoulder like he was saying, ‘You still want to run? In your dreams!’

Although Mo Ting lived in a luxurious mansion, the restaurant was well-decorated and did not have the luxury of a rich family.
There were no exaggeratedly long tables, nor were there any exquisite but impractical candle stands.
There was only a simple but well-designed wooden round table with four dishes and soup on it.
It was very appetizing.
Such a down-to-earth life made Su Yuan look at Mo Ting in a different light.
It seemed like other than his messy private life, Big Boss Mo was not bad in other aspects.
But, this good impression did not last for more than a minute before it was destroyed by Mo Ting.

He insisted that Su Yuan send him to his seat.
After they finally settled down, Su Yuan lowered her head and saw that the red dress was now as crumpled as used toilet paper.
Her face darkened immediately.
She used her small hands to pull at her skirt for a long time, but the wrinkles that had been pressed by the ink-stinky man were not even pulled out.
Her brows were tightly furrowed, and she was in a very bad mood!

Girls were all like that.
If they wore beautiful clothes out, their mood would be twice as good, but if they were accidentally dirtied by someone, their mood for the whole day would be affected.


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