98 Did Z Agree Today?

At that time, whenever the people in the group went online, they would ask, “Did Z agree to accept Moon as his disciple today?”

Then, after everyone’s hard work, or rather, harassment, Z finally agreed to take Su Yuan as her disciple.

After that, the people in the group had secretly told her that she was the only apprentice Z had.

Among all the hackers, there were only a few that were more famous.
Su Yuan only respected and acknowledged one person, and that was Z.
In Su Yuan’s eyes, Z was a good teacher and a good friend.
Even though they had never met before, her hacking skills were basically taught by Z.
In this world, the only person who could break her program and implant a virus in her in a short time was…

Su Yuan immediately thought of Z! Could it be that the person who had been secretly helping her was Z? In her previous life, she and Z met two years later.
The website protected the privacy of its members and there was no real name verification at all.
A person who could get so many hackers to serve him would not need such fake real name verification.
She and Z were master and disciple, good friends, but she knew nothing about Z.
She did not even know their gender, nationality, age, and other information.

There was a period of time when she was very curious and even tracked Z’s IP but got 289 answers.
These answers were all over the world.
Because her skills were not good enough, she was even discovered by Z.
She had to coax Z for a long time before Z forgave her.

Who was Z? Su Yuan’s heart itched as if it had been scratched by a cat.
She leaned back in her chair and thought for a moment.
Then, she walked out of the room to look for Mo Ting.
She saw a notebook in his study room this morning.
He knocked on the door three times, but there was no response.

Su Yuan said, “Uncle, are you there? I’m going in.” After she finished speaking, she pushed the door.

Locked? This lunatic even locked his own door? Su Yuan had no choice but to go downstairs to see if there was a computer.

The butler, Aunt Du, had just hung up Fu Wen’s phone call and ordered the servants to say that sir was already on his way home.
She also instructed the others to start cooking.

Seeing Su Yuan coming down, Aunt Du hurriedly went up to her.
“Madam, you’re awake?”

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Su Yuan had a good impression of Aunt Du, so she asked with a smile, “Aunt Du, do you have a computer at home? can you lend it to me?”

“Don’t you have a computer in your bedroom?” Aunt Du asked.

“One isn’t enough, I want to borrow another one.” Su Yuan was a little embarrassed.

Aunt Du was stunned for a moment.
She did not think about why it was not enough and just wanted to help sir take care of his wife.
Since Madam had said that she would satisfy whatever she could, she would find a way to satisfy whatever she could not.

Aunt Du immediately said, “Please wait a moment.
There’s a computer in my room.
Sir gave it to me before.
I don’t really know how to use it.
I just use it to play small games and watch dramas.
It’s usually idle there.”

Not long after, Aunt Du brought Su Yuan’s laptop from the room.

Su Yuan took a look, and a look of surprise flashed across her eyes.
Aunt Du actually used the alien’s highest configuration to play small games and watch dramas.

The kitchen could not be empty, so Aunt Du poured Su Yuan a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice and went back to the kitchen to get busy.

Su Yuan sat in the living room, concentrating on typing lines of code.

In the helicopter.

Mo Ting was almost done with his documents and left the remaining work to Fu Wen.

Fu Wen just took it, but before his hand touched the computer, the screen suddenly flashed, and then a dialog box full of English popped up.

“Master Mo, this?” Fu Wen asked.

Before Mo Ting could say anything, the mouse on the screen moved on its own and slid to the ‘OK’ box.

He drew circles around ‘OK’ without clicking it.
It was a complete provocation.

Mo Ting squinted his eyes as the ‘OK’ box instantly turned black.
The computer screen also turned black.

“W-what’s going on? I didn’t touch anything!”

Fu Wen’s face turned pale.
The information on the computer was necessary for tomorrow’s inauguration ceremony! How did it disappear? He did not even think and turned on his phone immediately.

However, the boot screen did not appear.
Instead, a curly-haired, smoking, coding piglet in tights suddenly appeared on the screen! The pig’s expression was serious and very serious.
Its claws were unusually flexible as it quickly typed on the keyboard.
Then, a string of English words appeared on the screen.
[The person who hacked the computer was this pig!]

Seeing this, Mo Ting’s originally cold and gloomy face revealed a smile.

Su Yuan, who was in the room, picked up her fruit juice and took a sip.
This was a taste of her own medicine.

Just like in her previous life, after every mission, she would report the good news to Z and say to herself, “Master, I’m amazing, right? praise me.”


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